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   Chapter 25 Little woman, Nice To See You Again

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That horrible devil almost ate her up. Of course she was not willing to see the devil again.

"Hey, little woman, are you so surprised to see me?" With a faint smile on his face, Brice leaned his body towards her.

"Don't come over. Hurst!" Anne swallowed hard and almost choked on her own saliva. She couldn't help but ask Hurst for help.

"Mr. Brice, I think you are a student of the Night Department. As far as I know, students of the Night Department are not allowed to break into the classroom of the Day Department without permission, so Mr. Brice, please..." Hurst stood up and naturally stood beside Anne.

Only he could bully his sister. If anyone else wanted to bully his sister, they had to ask him first.

Besides, looking at the frightened expression on Anne's face, Hurst knew that it was obvious that Brice came to look for Anne.

But what had Anne done to offend Brice?

Was it that accident happened in half a month before when the new semester began?

That night, Hurst lost his memory after twelve o'clock in the middle of the night. On the second day, he and Anne were safe in the dormitory. He clearly remembered that Anne had been out for a long time and hadn't come back.

Did she inadvertently offend this guy named Brice?

He remembered that since that day, Anne had been very obedient. She seldom went out and didn't make any trouble for him. At that time, he was gratified that he didn't need to clean up the mess for her.

"I'm sorry, Hurst. From now on, we'll shift to the Day Department. We are classmates now, and we probably be roommates in the future. Nice to meet you. My name is Brice Luo. I hope we can get along with each other." Brice greeted Hurst, who was blocking in front of him, with a smile as his handsome eyes darkened.

It seemed that this man was very important to his prey.

Hearing that, Hurst was slightly stunned. Classmates and roommates? Did they transfer to the class of the Day Department? But there was a question that confused Hurst. They were Vampire Lord and belonged to Night Department. Why did they suddenly voluntarily transfer to the class of the Day Department?

Did he do it for Anne?

Looking at Brice, who seemed to be possessive of Anne, Hurst was a little stunned.

And when Anne heard the news, she was shocked. In the same classroom with her? And they would become classmates and roommates?


She didn't want this devil to be her roommate. He would eat her up.

Hearing Brice's answer, the others were also slightly shocked, especially those boys who regarded Anne as their goddess. They looked at Brice with jealousy. Of course, they only dared to hide their jealousy deep in their hearts and did not dare to show it.

Because they all knew that the Vampire Lord was not someone to be trifle with. If he was irritated, they would not only be sucked up, but also become the food of the low-level vampires.

Those female fans, of course, were very excited. Oh my God, the four handsome men of the Night Department were going to transfer to the Day Department. What a grand event!

On the other hand, Ennis, who was standing aside, smiled and read a magic spell casually. In an instant, three more seats appeared in the last row of the classroom.

Ignoring the excited expressions of the girls, he glanced at Dent and Frey and then walked towards the last row of the classroom...

Of course, there was no need for Ennis to worry about Brice's seat. Moreover, since Brice came for that little woman, he would naturally choose his own seat. Therefore, it was not appropriate for Ennis to interfere in Brice's matter.

Besides, they didn't ask Brice how he got the permission. They only knew that Brice seemed to be serious this time.

They really didn't know what was so special about this little woman, who could make Brice so obsessed with her. For half a month, Brice had been mooning over her all the time. He had even come to the classroom of the Day Department at all costs.

But they didn't care that much. As long as they were with Brice, they would definitely have delicious blood for dinner. Therefore, it didn't matter whether they would have classes in the Night Department or the Day Department, or if they would learn those low-level magic with a group of new disciples. All they needed was the delicious blood.

The corners of Hurst's mouth twitched, but he could not say anything.

Anne looked at Brice in horror! No, she didn't want to have classes with this devil.

At this moment, the bell rang, and it echoed in everyone's heart.

For a mom

ent, almost everyone began to look for their seats and then sat down.

However, Brice and Hurst were still in a stalemate!

Rose soon appeared in the classroom and watched the fight between the two handsome men!

She pushed her glasses upward a little in surprise.

"Brice, Hurst, could you please resume your seat?" Rose smiled awkwardly. She was stunned for a long time when she got the information from the principal this morning about the sudden transfer of the four school handsome boys of the Night Department to the Day Department.

Unexpectedly, as soon as she entered the classroom, she found that two students seemed to be confronting each other.

"Okay, Miss." With a slight smile on his face, Brice looked at the seat behind Anne.

The student who had been sitting behind Anne looked into Brice's eyes. He then seemed to understand the implications in Brice's eyes at once.

Immediately, he disappeared behind Anne with his desk and chair. When he appeared again, that person had already been at the rear of the classroom.

With a satisfied smile, Brice uttered a spell. Suddenly, a chair appeared behind Anne. He slowly walked towards the chair and sat down.

He then looked at Hurst with a smile.

The latter was slightly shocked, but at present, it was impossible to change the seat with 同 Anne, so he had to slowly sit in his own seat.

Rose was relieved to see that there was no conflict. Brice and the other three school handsome men were suddenly transferred from the Night Department to the Day Department, and also wen to the classroom of this year's new disciples. Not only Rose was surprised, but even the headmaster was a little confused.

When the principle promised Brice and the other three Vampire Lords to enter the classroom in the Day Department, he also asked Rose to find out the reason.

Rose felt that this task seemed to be important, but it seemed to be bad news since Hurst and Brice were in a fight when she entered the classroom.

Therefore, Rose had to keep an eye on Brice and the other three Vampire Lords.

Rose didn't walk to the platform until the two of them sat down on their own seats.

She then walked towards the platform.

"Well, everyone, today we should welcome several students from the Night Department to our Day Department classroom!" Rose said with a smile on the platform.

Then there was a round of applause.

But Anne felt a little uncomfortable. It seemed that she had gotten goose bumps as she sensed Brice's attentive gazes.

She couldn't help but think of the hidden fangs of Brice and the feeling of him licking her body with the tip of his tongue. A feeling of limpness, numbness and fear rushed all over her body.

She shuddered with fear.

However, this kind of tremble only lasted for a minute. It seemed that her whole body was relaxed. Those bad memories seemed to be slowly wiped out from her mind.

Gradually, Anne calmed down, but there was no fear or avoidance in her eyes in the face of Brice's gazes.

At the same time, a faint smile appeared at the corners of Brice's mouth. When he saw this little woman whose body was trembling, it seemed that he had gone too far last time. So she would unconsciously feel scared when she saw him.

So he had just used magic to erase her bad memories, so that she might not be so afraid of him and hide from him.

However, there was a powerful competitor beside this little woman. How could he take this woman away from that man?

Thinking of this, Brice couldn't help but look at Hurst...

At the same time, Hurst was also afraid. Brice came to the Day Department for Anne. But why Anne? When did Mandy offend Brice?

Thinking of this, Hurst felt that these things seemed to be a little complicated. For a time, it seemed difficult to figure out what on earth had Anne offended Brice.

And what happened that night?

Why didn't he remember anything?

It was as if his memory about that night disappeared without a trace.

Rose was still giving instructions about the use of magic on the platform. Anne didn't seem to be so nervous now, so she began to listen carefully.

Of course, except for the four newcomers, almost everyone in the class was listening to Rose's course attentively. Only the four seemed to think it was a boring thing have class in the classroom that was full of new disciples.

They waited for a long time before the class dismissed. Frey and Dent looked at Brice, who was sitting not far away but staring at the girl in front of him. They looked at each other and smiled slightly.

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