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   Chapter 24 I Must Go To The Classroom Of The Day Department

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"Yes, Brice. It's a big deal to go to the Day Department. Besides, it's not up to you."

"Yes, Brice. We can't go to the Day Department to have classes without the principal's permission." Ennis was also surprised.

"Are you willing to go with me or stay at the Night Department?" Brice asked instead of replying their questions.

"Of course we will go with you. But we have to get the principal's permission first. You won't offend the principal for a woman, will you?" Of course, Frey was the first one to agree. What's the point of them staying in the Night Department after Brice left?

"I think the headmaster will agree." Brice's handsome eyes turned deep.

"Do you want to take advantage of your father's order?" Dent was a little surprised and asked.

Thinking of the headmaster who didn't show his real body all the time, in fact, no one knew what the headmaster looked like. They could not even describe what he looked like.

The principle was weird. In fact, generally, only the acting principal appeared in front of everyone, but the real principal had never appeared.

"What do you think?" Brice nodded. Without his father's order, they couldn't be able to go to the Day Department as Frey said.

"Then you have to think about how to make your father agree to let us go to the Day Department. But Brice, I don't think you need to go there in person for a prey. You can take her back at night." Ennis joked with a smile.

But what on earth had happened between Anne and Brice that night?

What's more, how could Brice let his prey go?

"Well, I see. Let's call it a day!" Brice nodded slightly. He would think of a way to make his father agree.

"Okay!" Everyone nodded slightly and walked slowly towards their room...

Frey, on the other hand, was looking forward to going to the Day Department. Why? Of course it was because he then would be able to see Brice's prey. Both Dent and Ennis thought that that little woman was very cute. He really wanted to see her.

Two days later, the four of them, the most talented and handsome students of the Night Department, suddenly appeared in the classroom of the Day Department.

For a moment, there was a sensation in the classroom of the Day Department!

Almost everyone was surprised to see the four of them, the most handsome students in the Royal Magic School, enter the class.

All of a sudden, the lively classroom was in an uproar. The female fans came to the front of the four excitedly and admired them one after another. Of course, most of them were Brice's fans.

Of course, one of the reasons was not that Brice was handsome, but his noble and admirable identity.

The female fans all wanted to behave themselves in front of Brice. Maybe one day, they would be able to ascend to the upper class and become the future queen of the Vampire Clan.

Even if they couldn't be the queen, they would be contented with the identity of princess.

After all, the Vampire Clan was the most powerful clan in the Miracle Realm besides the Ogres Clan. Therefore, many people wanted to curry favor with the Vampire Clan, because few ogres come here to learn magic.

Because the Ogres Clan were born to be powerful in both magic and peculiar skills, almost no one dared to provoke them. However, Ogres Clan were said to have become much more stable in the past one thousand years. It was said that one thousand years ago, Ogres Clan had destroyed a clan as powerful as themselves, called the Blood Clan, and annihilated all the people of the Blood Clan at that time. Since then, the Ogres Clan had become the strongest clan in the Miracle Realm.

However, Hurst seemed to turn a blind eye to these people. Instead, he had a strong interest in the little woman in a daze beside him.

At this moment, Anne was not in a daze, but thinking about the magic taught by her teacher yesterday. Hurst was a fast learner in magic, but why did she have to spend half a day on such simple magic? What was wrong with her?

But she didn't put all her thoughts on it. The classroom was already full of enthusiasm because of the arrival of the four vampires. The fans looked at their idol, Brice, who walked away with a smile on his face.

Suddenly, the hearts of the fans were broken into pieces.

Hearing the screams of the fans, Hurst couldn't focus on his magic book quietly. He frowned slightly and found that someone was leaning towards Anne.

When Hurst came to his senses, Brice had already stood in front of Anne and blocked Hurst's sight.

Perhaps feeling that a tall black figure blocked her light, Anne couldn't help but curl her lips. She thought it was because of h

er brother, so she pouted and said without raising her head.

"Hurst, could you please not block my light? If you block it, I can't see it." Anne said with some dissatisfaction. By the way, why there was no bulb in the Miracle Realm? It was a new era now. Bulbs had been invented for many years.

It seemed that the Royal Magic School was still backward, and it was still using candles.

Moreover, the school was on a high mountain. They could see the moon at night and almost catch the stars. However, there was no sun in the day, so they had to rely on candles to survive.

However, after hearing what she said, the person standing next to her still did not follow her order and moved away.

The man's deep and handsome eyes rested directly on Anne, as if he was observing this little woman's every move, and didn't want to miss her every expressions and slight changes.

They hadn't seen each other for half a month. He really missed this little prey.

Brice didn't know why he had such an idea. Moreover, he even dared to come to the classroom of the Day Department at all costs. In order to go here, he even made a promise to his father.

Well, was it because this little woman was too cute? Or because she...

All in all, since that night, he had been morning over her. He had thought about her every day. Not a day had gone by when he hadn't missed her.

Stunned for a while, Hurst looked at the tall figure standing beside him and searched for the memory of this person on his brain.

He looked around the classroom again. The girls were excited, and their jealous gazes were riveted on Anne. There were also three other handsome men suddenly appearing in the classroom.

He knew one of them. Last time, when Anne got lost, he sent her back to the classroom. And tonight, Anne also explained to Hurst that that man had saved her.

But why did they suddenly appear here?

From the excited and admiring eyes of the students, Hurst immediately guessed their identities.

The four men were the most handsome men in the Royal Magic School, students of the Night Department and their specific identities should be the Vampire Lord.

Then the man next to him was likely to be Brice whom Anne had offended before by accident.

Thinking of this, Hurst was indrawn breath!

Why did Brice come to the classroom of the Day Department?

And it seemed that...

At this time, obviously, Anne was not satisfied with the fact that Brice had blocked her light and raised her head with some dissatisfaction.

However, at the sight of Hurst, she was shocked. She had thought that it was Hurst, but now Brice was standing in front of her. She shuddered and frozen.

She was stunned for dozens of seconds before she came to her senses.

However, dozens of seconds later, when she came back to her senses, she didn't screamed with fear, but rubbed her beautiful eyes in disbelief.

Was it because she had practiced too much magic that she had an illusion?


Otherwise, how could that devil who bullied her, no, to be exactly, that vampire, appear in front of her?

No, it's impossible!

She rubbed her eyes and looked at Brice again.

She found that Brice was still standing in front of her, looking at her like a statue, and what was in his eyes?

It seemed that there was an indescribable look in his eyes.

No, it must be her illusion, or she had practiced so much magic that she spiraled into madness. Otherwise, how could she meet this fiend here?

Anne blinked her beautiful eyes again. When she was sure that the person in front of her was really that devil who bullied her two days ago, she was shocked on the spot.

No! Did that devil come to her for revenge for what happened before? Or...

All of a sudden, her mind went blank, and all her thoughts were instantly muddled.

"Hey, little woman, we meet again." Brice looked at the little girl in front of him with satisfaction.

Sometimes she was adorable, sometimes cute, sometimes seemed unbelievable, and then there was a trace of fear appeared on her face.

Brice greeted his prey after tasting the expressions on her face.

He didn't expect that his words would completely stunned her.

Oh my god. That demon not only appeared in front of her, but also greeted her. Was it true? Or she was in her dream?

'Oh my gosh! Help, Hurst! I want to see this devil! This demon would eat me!' Anne thought with shudder.

For a moment, her eyes were full of fear, and even a little trembling. All she could think about was the last time he caught her in his room, and then she was almost eaten up by him.

No, no. She didn't want to see him!

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