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   Chapter 23 Go To The Class Of The Day Department

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"Well, what's wrong with me?" Brice held a glass full of blood, but he had no interest in tasting it.

"You seem to be absent-minded recently. What are you thinking about? Did the little woman you brought back last time ignore you?"

"What are you talking about, Dent?" Frey became interested when he heard the words "little woman"! He looked at Dent excitedly and was looking forward to his answer.

"It's just that little woman brought back by Brice half a month ago. It's very cute, especially her big adorable eyes, which can stir people's sympathy."

"What? Really? Why didn't you tell me earlier?" Frey complained, with a hint of dissatisfaction in his heart.

"Brice, did you scare her last time?" Ennis sat on the sofa and shook the glass full of blood in his hand.

"What? Even Ennis know about that and I'm the one in the dark. No, I have to see what that little woman looks like."

Frey looked at his friends discontentedly and pouted.

"Ha-ha. She is such a lovely little woman. But I think we guessed it right judging from Brice's expression." Dent turned to look at Brice, who remained silent. However, judging from his indifferent face, they knew that their guess was right.

"A lovely little woman? How cute is she? Which department she is in? The Night Department?" Frey was a little dissatisfied with these guys. He thought they were good friends. He was perturbed that Brice had been absent-minded all day long. He didn't expect that these guys all knew about what had happened but didn't tell him about it.

"I guess she is in the Day Department!" Dent frowned and smiled.

Brice was still holding the glass of red blood, not interested in tasting it at all.

"The Day Department!" Frey lowered his voice, and his excitement disappeared quickly.

"Yes, I guessed. But this little woman hasn't appeared for a long time. I think Brice is lovesick." Dent continued. But it was the first time that he had seen that Brice didn't want to eat or drink for a girl in the Day Department.

Brice's ex-girlfriends were mostly in the Day Department, but he had never seen a girl like that little woman who would be able to make Brice so depressed and dejected.

"I agree with you. That little girl is really cute. What are you going to do, Brice?" Ennis drank a mouthful of blood and asked with a smile.

He believed that if that little woman didn't show up again, Brice would probably come to find her in person.

But after being intimidated by Brice, how could she come to him so easily?

Otherwise, she would be the prey being sucked by vampires.

"I don't know what to do." Brice's eyes glint. Actually, he didn't know what to do.

His thoughts were muddled.

If that little woman didn't come, he would probably sneak into the Day Department to catch her.

However, there was a clear rule in the Day Department and the Night Department that no one was allowed to cross the boundary between the two departments.

"Brice, when did you fall in love with a woman? You are the most handsome Vampire Lord in the whole Royal Magic School. There is no woman who doesn't have a crush on you. As long as Brice slightly winked at them, those girls would definitely throw themselves to you." Frey was slightly stunned, feeling that it was a simple problem.

"Really? But I think that girl might be frightened by Brice. Now, she seems to avoid him when she sees him." Ennis smiled.

"How did you notice that, Ennis?" Both Dent and Frey looked at Ennis curiously.

"Oh, when I came back from the library last time, I happened to see that little woman and Carrie. The two of them bickered with each other. At that time, Carrie used magic to trap that little woman. Coincidentally, I passed by and saved that little woman. By the way, she also told me her name."

Ennis said, frowning and thinking for a while.

"Her name seems to be Anne Gu! It's a lovely name." Ennis said casually.

"Ennis, what did you just say? Did Carrie trap her with magic?" Hearing Ennis's words, Brice was slightly stunned. It seemed that he had grasped the importance of the topic.

"Yes, but fortunately, nothing serious happened. Otherwise, that little woman would have turned into roasted meat." Ennis said casually.

"Carrie?" A hint of coldness flashed through Brice's eyes as he pondered over the name in a low voice. Since she dared to offend his woman, then she had offended him.

"Brice, nothing serious happened. You don't need to take it seriously at all." Ennis was slightly stunned. It seemed that a hint of coldness flashed through Brice's eyes.

'Damn it! I seemed to have accidentally

gotten an innocent woman into trouble. I didn't expect that Brice would really care about that little girl so much.

I'm afraid...' Ennis thought.

Brice didn't say anything, but the coldness in his eyes deepened.

"Well, let's stop talking about it now. What do you want us to do here today?" Ennis quickly changed the topic, fearing that Brice would lose his temper. He perturbed that Carrie, that girl he mentioned just now, would lose her life soon.

"Brice, maybe it's just a fight between women. Maybe it's a good thing. From Carrie's behavior, we could draw an inference that the two women both care about you, so they were just fighting for you." Frey, who was standing aside, noticed that the atmosphere had turned sour and hurriedly reminded him.

When Brice had this kind of expression on his face, it usually meant that someone was about to suffer.

"Yes! By the way, I remember that half a month ago, the woman named Carrie seemed to be threatened? And the identity of other party remains unknown. Now Carrie almost doesn't dare to go to class." Speaking of Carrie, Dent seemed to think of something.

Because she was an insignificant woman, he didn't care.

"Dent, you just said that Carrie was intimidated?" Frey was a little surprised to hear that. How could it be possible? In the past, only the four of them had the right to threaten others.

But this time, this matter just came to his knowledge. He was afraid things were not that simple.

"Dent, it is true?" Brice was also a little stunned. If Ennis hadn't mentioned it just now, he would never know about this accident.

Frey also told him that the reason why the two women bickered with each other was that the they were fighting for him.

Carrie, the woman who was willing to provide him with blood in the past, so Brice was familiar with her, but that little woman...

It was hard for Brice to imagine that the little girl fell in love with him instead of being scared after seeing him that night?

At the thought of the cute eyes of that little girl, Brice felt like his heart was filled with something.

Besides, it seemed that he rarely saw that girl today. Or, it could be said that she always avoided him, which made him a little depressed.

"Yes, it's true. It seems that it happened half a month ago, on the third day I saw that little woman in your room last time, Carrie was intimidated. Now, basically, Carrie doesn't dare to appear in front of everyone." Dent nodded slightly and said seriously.

"Oh, then who did it?" Brice's handsome eyes flashed a trace of doubt. Who else would be interested in that woman?

Was it the man named Hurst who had been with her all the time?

That night, someone could take his prey away in an instant. It happened in the blink of an eye, so Brice did not feel that someone had broken into his dormitory. It seemed that that man could not be underestimated.

"I don't know. I'm afraid only Carrie knows about it." Dent shook his head slightly.

"Well, now that Carrie was threatened by someone, you don't have to hold her accountable." Ennis breathed a sigh of relief.

"Okay." Brice nodded slightly. Fortunately, the prey that took his fancy was fine. If anything happened to his woman, he would not spare Carrie.

"Well, Brice, tell me, why did you ask us to come here today? Is it just for us to taste the delicious blood?" After saying that, Dent took a sip of the fresh blood leisurely.

The blood was specially made in the Imperial Palace. It was especially taken from some beautiful women, so it tasted very delicious. It was difficult for ordinary vampires to taste it.

This was the highest grade of blood in the Imperial Palace. Only the royal family could drink this blood. Of course, it was a gift of Brice.

"I think the courses of the Night Department are a little boring." Brice shook the glass of blood in his hand and took a sip, but he had no appetite.

Maybe his mind was full of that little woman.

"Brice, do you want to..." The three looked at Brice in surprise.

"Yes, I want to go to the Day Department to attend class." Brice nodded slightly. He didn't there was a problem to have classes in the Night Department before. Those women all threw themselves to him, but now, the prey he liked was hiding from him.

What was more, there was a powerful and handsome man beside her. Maybe the two would fall in love with each other over time.

He would never allow his prey to fall in love with another man.

"Brice, are you sure? Go to the Day Department?" Frey was the first one to come to his senses and looked at Brice worriedly.

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