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   Chapter 22 Don't Contact With Anyone

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"Well, it seems that Miss Anne bumped against Carrie when she was absent-minded, so Carrie made trouble for her."

"Just because of such a trifle?"

"Yes, master."

"Okay, I see. What else happened?"

"There is one more thing. Miss Anne went to the magic test classroom today. And..."

The boy hesitated for a moment, wondering if he should tell his master.

"What?" Hurst's voice was a little cold and impatient, as if he was dissatisfied with the Bloody Eye's answer.

"And Miss Anne could easily open the magic glass door, but her magic level didn't show in the magic test room. Besides, she has practiced the magic for the whole afternoon, but it doesn't work at all." Curiosity was written all over the boy's face.

"Okay, I see. You can go back first!" Hurst nodded slightly. He couldn't tell anyone about the identity of Anne now. Anne had been carefully protect by him and he didn't allow anyone to hurt her.

Therefore, since that woman named Carrie dared to offend Anne, he could only let her disappear from this school completely

Thinking of this, Hurst clenched his fists tightly. When he opened his eyes again, he saw something similar to a toy in his hand.

Hurst threw the toy on the ground, and then a white wolf appeared in front of him. The wolf's whole body was white as snow, and it was exuding a noble aura.

"Master." Then wolf knelt down in front of Hurst.

"Go and check the woman named Carrie and find out what kind of creature she is!" Hurst ordered in a low voice.

"Yes, master!" The white wolf nodded slightly and then disappeared in a flash.

After the white wolf left, Hurst looked at the sleeping girl in his arms again.

"Anne, I won't let the person who hurt you live a good life. Of course, you don't have any magic now, but your power is sealed. Soon, you will turn sixteen. At that time, your potential will be developed.

At that time, I'm sure that no one dares to hurt you again, but I'm afraid that your energy will bring you unnecessary trouble, but as long as you listen to me and stay obediently by the side of Hurst, you will be fine." He gently stroked Anne's soft hair, lowered his head and kissed her on her forehead.

'Anne, although I'm your brother, I can't occupy Hurst's body, because I know you don't want me to do that, right?

But I want to be with you, only in this way can I get so close to you and feel your existence so close, ' Hurst thought.

Hurst slowly expressed his unwillingness in the bottom of his heart. 'Anne, you are the princess of the Blood Clan. If the Blood Clan was not exterminated at that time, it is very likely that you have already been my wife, ' Hurst thought.

The Blood Clan was powerful, but in order to ask for the purest heir of the Blood Clan, the siblings would usually get married. So they were consanguineous marriage. Therefore, if the whole Blood Clan hadn't perished back then, Anne would have become his wife, and they had already had their own children.

'Anne, you are my woman, ' he thought bitterly.

The silent pain spread from the bottom of his heart.

It was already morning when the courses of the Night Department were over.

The people of the Night Department came out one after another and then returned to their dormitory. In the school, magic was not allowed to be used unless there was something urgent. Moreover, the school also stipulated that no conflict was allowed between the students of the Day Department and the Night Department. Once there was a conflict, the students in connection with the accident would be expelled from the school together after the investigation of the school.

Therefore, when Night Department's classes were finished, it was time for the students of the Day Department to attend class.

After a good sleep last night, Anne was even more refreshed today. After finishing the breakfast made by Hurst, she followed behind him. Of course, she didn't dare to get lost again, so she tightly held his arm, fearing that she would be left behind.

The two of them were walking in the spacious school. The people who approaching opposite them were the students of the Night Department. Of course, each of them went their own way. Almost no one spoke, and no students of the two departments could chat with each other.

But yesterday, Anne suddenly opened the glass door of the magic test classroom, which naturally became the topic of conversation among the first grade freshmen.

Therefore, even if Anne wanted to take it down a notch, she had become famous because of that matter.


or a moment, when the students of the Day Department in the same classroom with Anne saw the two of them, they couldn't help but come over and greet the two.

Almost all the boys regarded Anne as their goddess.

There were few people in the world who could easily open the magic glass door, and the only one who could do that was their classmate, Anne, who looked very cute. It was an incomparably proud thing.

"Good morning, Anne, Hurst!" Therefore, for a moment, Anne and Hurst were surrounded by their classmates.

"Good morning!" Hurst held his arm tightly and said in a cute voice. 'Wow, what's this in front of me?

Her skin is white and looked like a fairy, but she had a pair of strange ears, ' Anne thought.

"Good morning! Sorry, we are leaving now." Hurst gritted his teeth. He had just let Anne hold his arm, but finally he simply grabbed her hand and quickly disappeared from everyone's sight.

Those scholars who came to different Miracle Realm had to blankly watch the two of them leave. When they saw Anne leave, a touch of jealousy inevitably appeared in their hearts. They were jealous that Hurst was able to stand beside Anne.

However, Brice was also in a daze for the whole night. His mind was occupied by Anne. The cute expression was almost made him absent-minded in the whole class.

However, the scene that everyone was chasing after the Anne just now was also caught by Brice's handsome eyes.

Didn't he warn that little woman not to contact with any man?

It seemed that the she didn't take his words seriously at all.

But what were they talking about just now? Brice couldn't help but listen carefully.

"Anne is a genius in the magic world!"

"Yes! What happened yesterday was enough to shock everyone."

"Yes! God! She is the only one who can easily open the magic test door!"

"That's right. By the way, Miss Rose was a little surprised to see it at that time."

Anne? Was it the name of that little woman?

It was a good name.

"Brice, what are you looking at?" Standing next to Brice, Dent couldn't help patting him on the shoulder when he noticed that Brice didn't hear him at all.

"Ah, nothing." Shaking his head slightly, Brice continued to walk forward slowly...

Both Dent and Frey were slightly stunned, while Ennis's eyes fell on the figure that had quietly disappeared.

Wasn't that girl the one he had saved by accident?

"Ennis, let's go!" When Ennis was in a daze, Frey, who had already gone far, found that he did not follow up. Ennis could not help but remind Ennis who was in a daze not far away.

"Okay! I'll catch up with you." Ennis came to his senses and quickly walked towards Frey and the others...

"Hey, Ennis, what were you looking at just now? I believe that the one who made you lost in your thoughts is not simple. To tell you the truth, which beauty have you fall in love with?" Frey teased, putting his arm around Ennis's shoulder.

"What are you talking about? It is Nothing." Ennis turned to look at Brice who was not that far away with a smile.

Brice smiled as if he was thinking about something interesting

Half a month later...

Anne had totally forgotten about the earring. The earrings were originally used to contact with Hurst. Now she stayed with Hurst almost all day long. In fact, they just had classes everyday together.

Although during this period of time, the magic of Anne was still so low-level, and there was still no progress.

However, after the incident that she was caught by Brice last time, she had become much more well-behaved than before.

At least she wouldn't go out to make trouble. Maybe she was scared by Brice.

Brice, on the other hand, was looking forward to seeing Night Department in the dormitory of the Night Department again every day, because only in this way could he win her back again.

However, to his surprise, Anne didn't want to look for the earrings again. So Brice waited for her, but was almost disappointed every day. Therefore, he stared at the earring in a daze almost during this period of time.

Dent, Ennis and Frey and the others were surprised at his strange behavior today. Since Brice was either in a daze or staring at the earring carefully.

What's more, the little woman they saw last time hasn't shown up for half a month. Was Brice missing that girl?

Therefore, as the three of them gathered in Brice's room and drank the delicious blood, they felt that he seemed to be absent-minded all the time.

"Brice, something is wrong with you recently." Dent said with a smile.

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