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   Chapter 21 Waiting For The Prey

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After the two of them finished their meal, as expected, Anne followed him obediently and learned magic in the open space outside the dormitory.

However, with so many people coming and going, Mandy felt a little embarrassed. She had better beg Hurst to practice it in the dormitory.

Considering that Anne was too shy, Hurst didn't say anything.

He had promised to learn it at the dorm, and he only chose a simple magic for her to practice.

However, it took her a long time to learn the magic of moving an object in an instant, which made Hurst completely lose confidence in her.

After practicing for the whole afternoon, Anne had only made a little progress, which made Hurst wonder how she could easily open the magic glass door at that time.

Was she lucky? Or was it because she didn't know that she should use magic to open the door and just enter the room like usual?

That was impossible. In the magic school, it was impossible to open the door without using the magic.

Therefore, this became an unsolved mystery in his heart

In the dorm of the Night Department.

At night, it should be the time when the students of the Night Department began to have classes, but in a room, the lights were still on.

"Brice, it's time for class." When Dent opened the door and came in, he saw that Brice was standing at the door in a daze, and there was an earring in his hand.

"Eh..." Brice had been standing in front of the window since he woke up with the earring in his hands. He seemed to be waiting for someone. Being disturbed by Dent's voice, he came to his senses.

He slowly put the earring into his palm. It seemed that that little woman would not come tonight.

"Brice, what are you looking at?" Dent asked curiously.

"Nothing. Where is Ennis and Frey?" Brice turned around to avoid embarrassment and changed the topic.

"Oh, they must have been ready. They will be here soon." Dent smiled and walked slowly towards Brice...

"Brice, are you looking for us?" At this moment, Frey's lazy voices suddenly reached the ears of the two people in the room.

The next second, Frey's figure gradually appeared on Brice's sofa. He sat quietly on the sofa with his arms crossed.

"Frey, do you know it will frighten people to death?" Dent shuddered.

"Hey, you are not a human. What are you afraid of?" Frey raised his head and gave a mysterious smile to Dent.

"Ha-ha, even if I'm not a human, I'll be scared to death! Please don't come in secretly like this in the future. I want to live a few more years."

"Don't worry. No matter how scare I you, you won't be scared to death!" Frey still bicker

-leveled magic, she had to be careful everywhere. She missed her Mommy and daddy. Most importantly, she missed the rose and wondered if it was still alright and flourish in the garden.

Did it wither because of lack of water?

Thinking of this, she gradually fell asleep...

At twelve o'clock at midnight, not long after, the door of Anne's room was quietly opened...

A tall and handsome figure slowly walked into the room.

He came to the bed, sat down, lifted the quilt and lay down.

He held her petite body in his arms, as if he wanted to warm up her somewhat cold body with his temperature.

His fingers gently stroked her soft hair.

The next second, a black Bloody Eye appeared in his hand.

At the same time, because of Hurst's caress, Anne slowly leaned against his arms, like a contented kitten, and gradually fell asleep...

When she fell asleep, Hurst threw the Bloody Eye on the ground.

The next second, a boy appeared in front of him.

"Master!" The boy immediately knelt down in front of Hurst and said respectfully.

"What happened today?" With doting eyes, Hurst still looked at Anne who looked like a little kitten in his arms. A hint of pity flashed through his eyes.

However, his cold voice was lingering in the room.

"Master, Miss Anne was tied up by a woman called Carrie Ai this morning."

"Oh, really? For what?" Hurst's handsome eyes darkened, and even his voice could not help but show a trace of coldness.

He hated himself for not being able to stay with her and protect her all the time.

"In fact, I think that Carrie is deliberately targeting at Miss Anne. But fortunately, she was saved by the Vampire Lord, Ennis Han."

"Deliberately?" A hint of coldness flashed through Hurst's eyes.

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