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   Chapter 20 Write A Statement Of Assurance And Repentance

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"No, you have to write not only a guarantee, but also the statement of repentance. Otherwise, you won't remember it at all." It seemed that Hurst didn't want to let go of her so easily.

In the past, he was too kind to her. He always thought that she was a little girl who knew nothing and grew up with his and parents' care. But now, he was afraid that if he didn't teach her a lesson. He didn't know what trouble she would make in the future.

What's more, this was the Miracle Realm, not a human society. He didn't know if he could protect her well. If she became someone else's prey by accident, he probably wouldn't be able to explain it to his parents.

"No, I won't write it. I swear this time that I won't get into mischief and make trouble for you." In fact, Anne was also frightened by what happened yesterday. In the past, she could almost do everything she wanted at will, since Hurst would clean up the mess for her.

Now she finally understood that this was the Royal Magic School. The students here were all coming to the Miracle Realm, not the human world. Therefore, her life could be in danger at any time.

For example, yesterday she was attacked by that devil and this morning, she was bound by a girl with magic for no reason. Of course, if it weren't for the help of Ennis, she would have been dead meat.

"Anne, what happened last night?" Looking at the fear in her eyes that had never been seen before, Hurst thought that although her magic was not good enough... She had the guts to make trouble for him all the time. However, it was the first time that he had seen fear in her eyes. What was going on?

It had never occurred to him that Anne would also be afraid sometimes. Who provoked her? Or who did she provoke?

"Hurst, if you were late last night, I'm afraid I would have become the dinner of the Vampire Lord." Speaking of yesterday, a trace of tears appeared in Anne's fearful beautiful eyes.

"The dinner of the Vampire Lord?" Hearing that, Hurst was slightly stunned. Did Anne really go to the dormitory of the Night Department last night?

"Yes, I almost became the dinner of Vampire Lord. But later, you saved me, so I was lucky enough to escape! So I'd better stay with you and let you protect me!" The corners of Anne's mouth moved upward slightly. She looked at Hurst in front of her with a cute expression.

"You went to the dorm of the Night Department again last night. Didn't I tell you not to go there?" Hurst raised his voice ten times in an instant. Oh my God? She didn't listen to him and went to the dormitory of the Night Department again. Did she know that there were vampires living there?

Any random vampire would probably drink up all her blood and made her become a corpse as long as they smelled her scent.

"I just..."

Stunned for a while, Anne didn't know what to say. But she shuddered at the strong aura of Hurst, and her beautiful eyes were full of tears.

She lowered her beautiful eyes, feeling aggrieved and pitiful. Her fingers were tightly held together.

Should she explain the situation to her brother?

If her brother knew that she had lost one of the earrings that she used to contact him, he would definitely say that she was a fool.

No, she couldn't let Hurst know that she had lost an earring, absolutely not. Otherwise, Hurst would be angry and ignore her.

"Well, that's enough. Now that you can come back safe and sound, it's already a blessing. I don't want to get the bottom of it anymore. Well, you have a rest first. I'll go to cook dinner." After saying that, Hurst stood up and walked out of the room slowly...

"Okay!" Looking at Hurst's receding figure, with beautiful eyes, Anne watched him leave in a daze...

As soon as the figure of Hurst disappeared from the door, Anne wiped the tears in her eyes immediately.

Oh god, she must be ugly when she cried. She was an invincible cute and beautiful girl. How could she cry like that?

Now she didn't need to write a guarantee or a statement of repentance. Yeah, that was great.

But where was the earring?

She thought about it for a long time, but she couldn't figure out where the earring was.

Was it picked up by Brice?

Thinking of this, Anne's heart sank in despair. 'I'm so screwed. If I ask Brice for the earring, I will be in danger and can't return here alive, ' she thought.

So she couldn't go there. But what about the earring?

It was horrible for Hurst to lose his temper, but she was still scared when she recalled what happened last night.

No, she couldn't take any risk. As for the earring... She could only tall for time before Hurst could find out about it.

At the same time, while cooking in the kitchen, Hurst shook his head, desperately trying to recall what happened last night

. However, no matter how he tried, he could not remember, as if the memory was automatically deleted!

After a long time, maybe because Anne had been waiting for the meal for a long time and become a little impatient, she slowly walked to the kitchen and saw Hurst who was in a daze.

"Hurst, is dinner ready?" Anne walked in and wandered beside him. Then she picked up a glass of milk and took a sip.

She had been busy all morning and didn't drink any water. She was really thirsty.

"Anne, why did you come out?" Hearing that, Hurst was a little stunned, and then came to his senses. He stared blankly at Anne who had broken into the kitchen.

"Ha-ha. I'm a little hungry, so I come to see if you have finished cooking." Anne looked at the pot with a smile, only to find that there was nothing in it. Eh? Hurst had been here for so long, but he had done nothing?

So Hurst had been in a daze since he came in the kitchen?

"Well, I'll do it right away. You go out first and wait for me." It was not until now that Hurst came to his senses. He had cooked nothing since he came in here, so he had to smile awkwardly and then urged Anne to go out.

"Hurst, what are you thinking about? Are you still thinking about what happened last night?" Anne was a little stunned. When she left, she jumped to the side of Hurst. Her big beautiful eyes were full of doubts.

"No, when did you become so gossipy? Go out and wait for me." Hurst gently touched the tip of her nose, and then slowly pushed her out of the kitchen.

In a daze, Anne looked at the action of Hurst, and then the closed door blocked her sight.

What was Hurst thinking about?

She had never seen him in a daze before.

Was it because of what happened to her last night?

However, she found that in the past two days, as long as it passed the twelve o'clock in the middle of the night, Hurst would become a gentle brother, and he would accompany her and coax her to sleep gently.

If Anne had made a choice between this two types of brothers at this time, she would definitely choose the gentle Hurst, because no matter what she had done wrong, the gentle Hurst would not do anything to her.

And he would dote on her.

Not long after, the door of the kitchen was opened, and then the figure of Hurst appeared in front of her.

"Anne, why are you standing at the door in a daze?" When Hurst opened the door and saw Anne standing at the door, he was a little stunned and hesitated.

"Nothing. Is dinner ready?" When Anne asked, her eyes were fixed on the dinner in Hurst's hand.

And her beautiful eyes were shining with excitement.


It seemed that the magic of Hurst was beyond her imagination since he could make lunch in such a short time.

Of course, this was beyond her reach.

Although she had been practicing magic all the time, it would take her a few more years to achieve the same level of magic as Hurst who could use magic to make meals without cooking it in person.

Alas, thinking of this, she was very depressed. Hurst was a genius. He was a fast learner, but she was different. For example, she needed to practice many times to grasp the magic, and could only master a little.

Therefore, she felt that God was unfair to her!

Why did God give Hurst great appearance and high intelligence, but give her a beautiful and cute face, but a stupid head?

It was unfair.

Why Hurst had everything, but she had nothing but a pretty face.

Fine! She admitted that Hurst had inherited their father's high IQ, but she inherited her mother's low IQ...

That's why she was so stupid! It was not her fault. After all, she didn't inherit her father's great genes.

"Hey, idiot, what are you thinking about?" When Anne was in a trance again, Hurst scolded her with dissatisfaction.

"Well, nothing." Anne immediately waved her hand in grievance.

"Well, let's eat! I'll take you to practice magic after dinner." Hurst didn't want to look into what was on her mind anymore.

All in all, except for some messy thoughts, she had never been worried about her magic in her mind.

"Okay!" Anne nodded excitedly and began to eat.

Well, the food cooked by Hurst was delicious and she couldn't have enough.

As she looked at Hurst, she found that he and father were alike. By the way, did Hurst really inherit all of her father's genes?

Hurst was good at both cooking and really smart.

Fine. She admitted defeated and she could only admire Hurst.

The more she thought about it, the more unfair she felt. However, she could only eat more to dissipate the depression in her heart. After all, she didn't need to cook the meal by herself, and she just needed to wait for Hurst to cook. Therefore, the little bit of imbalance in her heart was slightly resolved.

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