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   Chapter 19 Open The Magic Door Easily

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"Hurst." Anne said coquettishly and wondered whether it was because the stuffy air inside the magic room... That he had even forgotten how to react.

And why were they all deaf? Didn't they hear the teacher's order?

Forget it. She cared about Hurst the most. If Hurst was not here, how could she continue to live in the Royal Magic School in the future?

So, she reached out her hand and opened the magic glass door for Hurst.

Seeing the scene, Hurst was a little stunned and looked at the glass door that was easily opened by Anne.

What was going on?

Wasn't Anne's magic very low-level? How could she open the glass door? Even him had to concentrate his magic for a while to open it.

Of course, Rose also had same question in her heart. Even if there was something wrong with the magic pillar just now...

What Anne had done just now proved that she was not simple girl from the human world. Perhaps she had a stronger identity.


All in all, Anne was surprising. Almost all the people who were still locked in the magic pillar could not help but look at her.

But at this time, Anne was not in the mood to care about other people's strange gazes.

"Hurst, come out quickly! Why are you still standing there? Don't you feel difficult to breathe if you stay inside for a long time?" Anne looked at Hurst, who was still standing in the magic pillar in a daze.

She couldn't help reaching out her hand, standing on tiptoe and shaking it in front of Hurst.

"Okay!" It was not until now that Hurst came back to his senses. He looked at his sister in front of him. No matter what, she should have passed the test just because of this skill.

"Well, everyone, come out!" Rose knew that the students inside the magic pillar must be shocked.

They were not the only ones who were shocked. She was also confused about the situation.

Therefore, a few minutes later, the students opened the magic glass door one after another and came out!

"Well, everyone, today's test is over. It turns out that you have relied on your strength to enter the school. Well, now you line up and I'll transfer you back to the classroom. Today's class is over! After you return to the classroom, class dismissed." After saying that, Rose stretched out the magic stick and began to chant a series of curses.

The students who had been standing in the test room returned to the classroom the next second.

For a moment, almost everyone was curious about the magic of Anne and the magic glass door that could be easily opened by her.

"How did you open the magic glass door, Anne?" Everyone thought that the magic of Anne was ver

romise you that I won't make any trouble for you in the future. Please don't scold me, okay?" Anne looked at him with pitiful eyes and pulled his arm, begging him in a coquettish voice.

"Okay! But you have to write a statement of repentance and a guarantee." Hearing what she said, Hurst didn't want to get to the bottom of it anymore. In a word, it might be him who saved Anne last night. But when did he save her and how did they come back?

It seemed that there was no answer!

He couldn't remember what had happened. What was wrong with him?

Why did he seem to know nothing about last night? And his memory about last night just disappeared like this.

"Hurst, can I not write it? You know, I have never liked to write these things since I was a child. If you don't believe me, I can swear!" Anne raised her hand on purpose and swore.

"Stop swearing. You have made a lot of promises since you were a child, but you still make trouble for me, don't you?" Hearing that, Hurst pursed her lips. It seemed that he didn't care about Anne's words at all.

In fact, Anne had never taken her promises seriously. Moreover, she could swear in front of him, and then caused him a lot of trouble later, waiting for him to clean the mess for her.

So, how could he still believe her promise now?

Anne was very smart. She didn't want to write the guarantee, because she would make trouble again in the future. In fact, even if she wrote it, things would be the same.

Anne would completely forget what she had promised after she finished writing the guarantee.

"I'm sorry, Hurst. It was all my fault. I didn't listen to you before. But I really mean it this time, please trust me." Anne looked at him pitifully, blinking her beautiful eyes innocently.

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