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   Chapter 18 Please Don't Frame Me

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Hearing that, Anne was slightly stunned. Was Rose's enthusiasm a trap?

Wow, what a shrew ploy.

And that magic. She didn't practice it at all yesterday. In order to find the missing earring, she had almost forgotten the magic taught in the daytime. She didn't expect that the teacher would check her homework today!

"Miss Rose, I haven't been proficient in magic last night, so it's not good for me to show it for you." Anne said to the magic teacher, Rose, in embarrassment, with her fingers tightly entangled.

Originally, she knew little about magic. No matter how hard she practiced, her power seemed to be languishing at the lowest level.

"Miss Rose, Anne was not feeling well last night, so she didn't practice. How about letting me give a demonstration to you and my classmates?" Standing up, Hurst said to Rose with a smile.

"Okay! Hurst will show us. Welcome!" Rose smiled, pushed her glasses upward a little and looked at Hurst awkwardly.

"Okay!" Hurst then stood up and walked slowly towards the platform...

While in the bottom of Anne's heart, she was slightly relieved. Fortunately, her brother was there, or she would be in trouble for sure.

Anne complained in her heart. If she had known that there would be so much trouble and embarrassment when she came here, she shouldn't have come here for those handsome men.

She had only seen a few handsome men, to be exact, there were several handsome men here. But she shouldn't give up her freedom for them. She was not familiar with this place, and she had to face the danger of being eaten at any time.

It was so horrible here. She wanted to go home. At least, no one would eat her up at home, but she might starve to death.

'Forget it, forget it. For the sake of Hurst and the breakfast he made for me, I'll stay here!'

At the worst, she could practice magic diligently in the future and not cause any trouble to Hurst. That should be enough.

While Hurst was performing on the stage, her mind had been wandering for a long time.

Not long after, the performance of Hurst was over, and there was a round of applause from the audience.

"Well, now that the magic performance of Hurst is over, we have an important thing to do today, which is to thoroughly check your original magic ability. Of course, it is also a test for you.

I believe that since you have already entered the school, you must have overcome the difficult tests from the foot to the top of the mountain. Of course, it is a stroke of luck for some of you to be in this school. So, please abide by the school rules!"

Rose smiled at the students behind her.

Anne sat on her se

oor was out of whack, it was impossible at all. But now, there was no magic level showed on her pillar. What was going on?

Rose wanted to know how Anne climbed from the jungle to the top of the mountain. If she overcame the obstacles with the help of Hurst, it might be possible.

After all, among this year's new intake of students, the magic of Hurst should be regarded as the most gifted one in the school, which seemed to be a great contrast with Anne's performance!

But there was no problem with this pillar at all.

Rose was confused. Of course, even though in the magic pillar, there was no magic level showed on Anne's pillar, since she could easily open the magic glass door, which could also be regarded as an amazing magic skill in the test.

At least she was the first human who had been able to easily enter this space.

After inspecting all the students, Rose found that except for Anne who had the lowest magic index, all the other students were fine. There was almost no possibility for them to cheat to enter the school. But as for Anne, Rose still had to carefully study with the headmaster and figure out where the problem was.

"Well, now, you can come out." Rose stood in the middle with a smile and said to a microphone.

Therefore, to Rose's surprise, Anne still easily opened the door and walked out comfortably, no messing.

Anne then walked slowly towards Hurst...

"Hurst, come out! Why are you dawdling inside?" Anne pouted and looked at Hurst unhappily.

Didn't the teacher say that they could come out now?

Why were they still like some statues in the room? Can't they hear what the teacher said?

Of course, Hurst also wanted to get out of the magic room, but she had to gather the magic power to open it.

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