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   Chapter 17 Meet The Prince In My Heart

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"Eh? What's wrong?" Ennis was a little stunned. He thought something was going to happen around him.

He held his breath and sensed the surrounding environment, but she confirmed that everything was normal.

"Handsome, I just want to know your name. Don't be nervous." Sensing Ennis's nervousness, Anne said awkwardly. It seemed that her action was a little inappropriate.

"Well, I see. My name is Ennis Han. What about you?" Ennis smiled gently and glanced at her wrist which was grasping his.

'What a bold girl! She just hold my arm and didn't fear being seen by others, ' Ennis thought to himself. Of course, he was referring to Brice.

"My name is Anne Gu. Can I call you Ennis from now on?" Anne looked at Ennis with a smile, trying to get an answer from him.

"Of course." Ennis paused for a second and smiled.

"Really? Do you have a girlfriend, Ennis?" Perhaps it was because she was recognized by the other party that she quickly began to ask Ennis's private questions.

"Girlfriend? Not yet." For a moment, Ennis seemed not to be able to adapt to the sudden change of the situation.

What did she want to do?

"Really? That's great." Anne was so excited that she ginned ear to ear.

"You..." Ennis couldn't help but hesitate as he was curious about what was on her mind.

"Nothing. I'm just..." Anne wanted to find a reason casually and muddled through...

At this moment, a voice mixed with coldness and anger seemed to be heard not far away...

Hearing this voice, Anne was shocked and almost froze on the spot.

Then she saw an angry figure slowly approaching them.

"Hurst." Anne said in a low voice. Looking at Hurst's eyes, a hint of fear flashed through Anne's eyes unconsciously. If she had known it earlier, she would not have come here...

'Mommy, brother is so angry. It seems that he wants to skin me alive, ' Anne thought with fear.

Perhaps it was because Ennis felt the excited girl next to him suddenly froze, his handsome eyes glinted a little, and then looked at the boy who was slowly walking towards him.

"Hurst, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to get lost. I was just provoked by a girl just now." Subconsciously putting her hand on Ennis's arm, Anne explained innocently.

OMG! She hoped that Hurst could calm down as soon as possible. Otherwise, she would buy a fire extinguisher to put out his fire.

"Do you know what time it is now?" Hurst was so angry that he stared straight at her.

"I know. I'm going to be late, but I've tried my best to come here."

Why did Hurst yell at her? Anne looked at Hurst innocently. This hateful guy only bullied her. Humph!

If he bullied her again, she would ignore him in the future.

"Are you an idiot? You could even get lost when you followed behind me. I'm impressed." When Hurst was angry, he grabbed Anne's wrist and walked towards the classroom...

"Hurst, wait!" Anne tried to get rid of his hand, but she was held tightly by Hurst, so she had to follow him and walked towards the classroom...

She didn't even have the chance to say hello to the handsome man, Ennis.

Then she was thrown to the chair behind the desk.

"Hurst, can you be gentle?" Anne couldn't help rubbing her injured buttocks and said with dissatisfaction.

"You are the one to be blame. You get lost and now you are almost late for class." Hurst sat down beside her and glared at her.

"I..." Anne was so aggrieved that she bite her tongue and didn't dare to retort.

Looking at her aggrieved look, Hurst could not help feeling sorry for her. Forget it, he did not want to argue with her.

Why did he bring such a small trouble here? He should have thought of this when he brought her here.

She was so slow to reaction. He would be glad if she didn't make trouble for him.

"Well, I won't hold you accountable for what happened today." A trace of pity flashed through the bottom of Hurst's heart. Anyway, she was his sister, and it was normal for him to worry about this stupid sister.

Although Anne had good grades since she was a child, her magic grades were still mediocre, or affects her overall performance in study. Therefore, when she was lost, he was most worried that she would be eaten up by others.

After all, this was not the human world. The talents and scholars here were not easy to deal with. In addition, there were blood sucking Vampire Lords in the Night De

partment. Moreover, according to the rules of the school, the people from the Day Department who broke into the Night Department, and even if they were eaten up by the people of the Night Department, school had no right to do anything.

Therefore, the school set up two departments, which were the Day Department and the Night Department, and separate them from each other.

As expected, after hearing what Hurst said, there was a flash of light in Anne's eyes, and all her grievance and depression was gone. Wow, it was great that Hurst didn't angry with her anymore.

She looked at Hurst with excitement.

"But you have to explain what happened last night to me after class." Hurst's voice was full of threats.

"Ah!" For a moment, Anne lowered her eyes, dejected. Didn't he plan to let go of what happened last night? Why did he mention it today?

"Do you know how much I worried about you last night?" Hurst's angry voice echoed in her ears.

"I'm sorry! Hurst, I made you worried last night." Anne felt a little aggrieved and nodded.

She was screwed. She was so screwed. Hurst was even more angrier than before when she got lost.

"That's good. When you go back tonight, you'd better write a statement of repentance and a guarantee, or I will never care about you again." In fact, Hurst was also worried that this little girl would make some big trouble.

Last night, when he cleaned up the bowls and chopsticks and went out to look for her, he found that she had disappeared. Then he had searched every corner of the dormitory of the Day Department. He even went to the teaching building and other places to look for her, but Anne was nowhere to be found.

Later, he came to the dormitory of the Night Department, but he was hesitating whether he should go in, because once he entered, the consequences would be unimaginable. He was likely to face not only the vampire, but also a whole building of them.

Moreover, the school rules clearly stipulated that people in the Day Department were not allowed to go to the dormitory of the Night Department. Of course, people in the dormitory of the Night Department were also not allowed to come to the dormitory of the Day Department. This was also to prevent unexpected casualties.

Of course, there was also a rule that if you broke into other's dormitory without permission, you would bear the consequences.

Therefore, when Hurst was hesitating, his head suddenly sank, as if something unknown was controlling his brain!

Gradually, he lost consciousness.

Then the second day when he woke up, he was already lying on his own big bed. When Hurst knocked on the door of Anne's room, he heard the voice of Anne, which made him nervous and slightly calm down.


When he walked to the teaching building with Anne just now, he had been thinking about how Anne went back to the dormitory yesterday and how he had found Anne?

When did he come back? And how did he bring her back?

"Okay, I know!" Anne nodded. In fact, she didn't dare to do something wrong in the future. She didn't dare to experience what happened last night. It was not easy for her to escape from the embrace of that devil. Thinking of that scene, she was still a little scared now.

"Well, calm down and get ready for class!" Hurst didn't want to blame her anymore. After all, saying too much would irritate her more. In fact, it was also his fault. He didn't take good care of her.

"Okay!" Anne nodded slightly and answered. Then she forced herself to bear the grievance.

Before long, the bell rang. But this time, the teacher didn't show up in the classroom in an instant, but walked in slowly from the outside.

"Hello, everyone. Nice to meet you again." Rose slowly walked in with a magic stick in her hand.

As she walked, she greeted the students in the classroom. Especially when she came in, she looked at the unhappy little girl, Anne, not far away.

"What's wrong, Anne? Are you unhappy?" Rose approached her with a gentle smile and said softly.

"Ah, I'm fine. I'm fine." Anne didn't expect that her action had attracted the teacher's attention.

'Miss Rose. Please don't be so enthusiastic.

I can bear it!' Anne thought.

"Well, I see. What about the magic practice I taught yesterday? Why don't we ask Anne to give a demonstration to everyone?" Rose smiled awkwardly and invited kindly.

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