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   Chapter 16 The Little Woman Burst Out

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If Anne didn't say something, others would really think that she was a woman to be trifle with.

Now that Hurst was not by her side, she could only rely on herself.

"What did you say? You hit me just now, and my book fell to the ground. Don't you help me pick up the books? Do you still wait for me to pick them up?" Standing in front of Anne, the cold and arrogant woman, with her arms crossed, looked up at Anne and said coldly.

"Well, the book is yours, not mine. Besides, I have apologized, so I'm sorry." As Anne spoke, she was about to leave in front of the beautiful woman.

"It's not that easy to leave. Do you think you can leave after hitting me?" Obviously, Carrie Ai didn't want to let go of Anne so easily.

She raised her eyebrows slightly. It seemed that Anne couldn't just get away with it.

"Then what do you want?" Hearing that, Anne was also angry for a moment. What did she mean by saying that? What did this women have against her?

"Apologize to me and promise me a few things." Seeing that Anne finally compromised, Carrie Ai sneered in her heart. This girl came from the human world, but after she came here only one day, she was able to make her prince, Brice, abandon her...

"Hey, what's wrong with you? And, did you just come out of the psychiatric hospital?" Anne was completely speechless. Was this woman out of her mind?

What? She just bumped into her by accident, and she had already said sorry. Why did she have to promise this woman a few more conditions after she had apologized?

Damn it! It was just a bump. She didn't inflict any damage to this woman.

Besides, this woman was not hit by a car, why did she have to compensate this woman?

Although Anne admitted that she was absent-minded just now... She now really doubted if this woman appeared here and ran into her on purpose.

"What did you say?" Carrie Ai was slightly stunned. What did she mean by saying that she ran out of a psychiatric hospital?

"I mean, are you out of your mind? If there is something wrong with your brain, I recommend you to see a doctor. Don't come out to harm a good citizen like me, okay?" Now that the woman asked her to say it out loud, she would tell the woman what she meant. Besides, it was this woman who asked an explanation. It was not her fault!

"Do you mean there is something wrong with my brain?" Carrie Ai was completely irritated by her and couldn't help but shout angrily. At the same time, a flame gradually rose from her body.

"Hey, it is you who been pestering me, and you asked me to explain it. I'm just telling the truth. You don't need to be like that. Otherwise, you would scare the kid." Anne seemed to be relaxed and at ease. It

he classroom at all! 'I'm screwed, ' Anne thought.

"Then hurry up!" Ennis looked at the girl in front of him in confusion. She said she was late for class, but she didn't move at all. What happened to this girl?

"Handsome boy, can you..." Anne looked at Ennis with pitiful eyes again and asked.

"Well..." Ennis was slightly stunned. What happened to her?

"Can you walk me to the classroom?" She looked at Ennis with pleading eyes.

"Well, are you afraid of meeting Carrie again? Don't worry! She would not do anything to you." Ennis smiled and said softly.

"Well, actually I..." Anne put her fingers in front of her chest and rubbed them nervously. She said with hesitation and looked at Ennis's face pitifully.

"What's wrong?" Ennis was slightly stunned. WOW! The little girl's expression was so adorable.

He didn't expect that the girl Brice had chosen yesterday had such a cute face. Anyone who saw her would be attracted by her.

"I just want to say that I don't know how to go to the classroom. Can you walk me there?" Anne looked at Ennis with innocent and cute eyes, and a hint of pleading gradually appeared in her beautiful eyes.

"Oh, I see! All right. What a coincidence! I'm on a loose end now. I can company you to the classroom." Ennis smiled and thought, 'This little woman is really interesting.'

"Really? That's great. Thank you, handsome!" Anne said gratefully, looking at Ennis gratefully.

"You are welcome. Let's go!" Ennis smiled and walked towards the classroom slowly...

"Well, thank you!" Anne followed Ennis excitedly. 'Wow, this handsome man is so gentle and considerate.

And he was so kind-hearted, ' Anne thought.

While they walked towards the classroom...

suddenly, something occurred to Anne. She grabbed Ennis's wrist excitedly.

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