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   Chapter 15 The True Identity Of Anne

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Anne, you are the princess of the Blood Clan. We all have the mission to avenge our Blood Clan and our parents.

Hurst gently reached out his hand and pinched her cheek. He also remembered that one thousand years ago, the enemies inflicted a fatal attack on their Blood Clan. His parents, including all the other clansmen were all slaughtered overnight.

At that time, he and his sister were hidden under their mother's bed, watching his parents being killed cruelly by the enemy.

Thinking of this, Hurst couldn't help clenching his fist.

Back then, his mother was raped and killed by the enemy in bed. His sister was so scared that she cried under the bed. He had to cover her mouth. However, it seemed that the enemy had found his sister. A tough sharp sword pierced through his mother's chest and into the bed, almost piercing through his sister's heart.

At that time, he sat under the bed, he could only look at his sister in astonishment, and the blood that was constantly coming out of her chest.

He didn't dare to make a sound. He could only hide quietly, because his mother had told him to protect his sister from any danger. His mother also reminded him that he would not come out of the bed until the enemy left.

He had no choice but to stay under the bed, watching his sister bleeding all over the ground. He didn't come out of the bed until those people finally left.

Tears welled up in his eyes as he held his sister's bloody body, looked at his father who was lying aside and his mother who was stabbed by a sword.

In the end, he had no choice but to leave the Blood Clan with his sister. In the past one thousand years, he had been carefully healing his sister. It was not until more than ten years ago that he finally found a place where he and his sister could live a peaceful life without being discovered by others.

That was the human world. When he held his sister and fainted in a manor of a rich family, he took his sister to hide in a rose.

There, he saw a boy about two years old, and a beautiful lady in the manor. At that time, he saw that the beautiful lady was pregnant and came to the garden every day.

She would murmur something to the rose, so Hurst also heard the lady's pray that she hoped to have a beautiful daughter. When he heard these words, he looked at his sister.

When the beautiful lady gave birth to the baby, she had a difficult labor. He stood aside and finally decided to let his sister replace the baby.

The days were a little long when he was waiting his sister to grow up...

He had been hiding in the roses all the time, watching his sister grow up healthily and happily every day. But his sister always came to the roses, seeming to be looking for something.

At that time, he always sat in the roses and looked at his sister's pink face, but he couldn't touch it.

However, his sister seemed to have been watching him all the time. When it was raining, she would come over with an umbrella. She was afraid that the leaves of the roses would fall, and she would talk to herself there alone.

Later, maybe because they were afraid that his sister would get sick, the owner of this house specially made a rain shed and a swing in the garden. His sister could play on the swing in the garden.

Back then, he just sat in the roses and watched his sister growing up happily.

However, the flower could last as long as his sister thought. However, the flower had contained the blood of the Blood Clan, so it naturally bloomed longer than the other flowers. Therefore, he watched his sister grow up day by day...

Finally, when his sister came to the Royal Magic School, he had no choice but to change into Hurst. In the daytime, Hurst was his old self, and in the evening, it was him, the brother of Anne, the prince of the Blood Clan.

The memory seemed to spread slowly as Hurst lost in thoughts...

Gradually, a hint of coldness flashed across his eyes.

At this moment, the sleeping girl murmured in a low voice...

"Brother." Her voice was very light, but very gentle, as if she was acting coquettishly or having a beautiful dream.

The next day, when the door of Anne's room was knocked, she was still immersed in her dream. In her dream, her brother took her to the swing, she sat on the swing, and her brother pushed her behind. The swing become higher and higher, so high that the top of the castle could be seen.

The door was creaked opened.

"Hey, lazy girl, it's time to get up!" Hurst said in a somewhat lazy voice in the room.

"Yes." Hurst didn't know if she was still in her dream. She twitched her lips and answered casually.

"Hey, idiot, if you don't get up now, you will be late for class." Hurst

shook his head in bewilderment. It was well-known that Anne hated to get out of the bed after she woke up since she was a child. At that time, the only way he could do was to threaten her that if she still lay in bed, he would cut off the rose in the garden.

The little girl used to like the blooming roses very much. When she heard his threat, she cried at the beginning, begging him not to cut the rose off. Then she got up quickly, got dressed and had breakfast. And before she went to school, she had to see the roses and was willing to leave until she said her goodbye to the rose.

In fact, it was strange that the rose had been blooming more and more brightly since Anne was born. And it hadn't withered after she grew up.

Therefore, his mother said the rose must have some magic, asking him to take good care of the rose, because it brought him a lovely sister.

At that time, he curled his lips and seemed to be very dissatisfied. However, he knew that his sister always carefully took care of the rose and even went to see it every day and chat with it.

"Brother, let me sleep for a while, okay?" Anne pouted, as if the beautiful dream just now was destroyed by the intrusion of Hurst, and she was somewhat dissatisfied.

"If you don't get up now, I will cut off the rose with scissors." Hurst came to her side and threatened her in a cold voice.

"No." Hearing that Hurst was going to cut off the roses, all the sleepiness ran away and Anne immediately sat up from the bed.

"Ha-ha, are you awake?" Hurst knew that as long as he mentioned the rose, it would definitely jolt her awake.

"Hurst, what time is it now?" Anne rubbed her eyes, half asleep. She knew that she was fooled by Hurst again, but she couldn't ask him why he did that, since she was still afraid that he would really cut off the rose.

The rose had been with her since she was born. Her mother often told her that she had been chatting with the rose when she was pregnant. She said she wanted to have a daughter, and she gave birth to such a beautiful and smart girl.

And that was why Anne had been paying attention to the rose, so that she had great attachments to it now.

She always felt that the rose was like her friend. No, it was her family. She always felt that the rose was also looking at her, watching her grow up slowly.

"It's almost eight o'clock. Get up quickly! Otherwise, if you are late, I won't care about you." After saying that, Hurst pursed and walked out slowly...

"Okay!" Anne nodded and answered in a daze. But she was really sleepy. She didn't go to bed until so late last night. And she had to get up so early today and had a whole day's class...

But why did her brother go to bed so late and get up so early on the second day?

It was unfair.

However, even though Anne was complaining, she had to get up from the bed, get dressed and come to the dining room to finish the breakfast prepared by Hurst.

Then he walked slowly towards the classroom behind Hurst...

On the way, Hurst didn't say anything but walked quietly, while Anne followed him meekly all the time.

She felt that something was wrong with Hurst today. Although he was a little cold in usual, at least he would find a topic to bicker with her.

Thinking of this, she didn't realize that she had slowed down her pace and gradually distanced herself from Hurst.

However, what Anne didn't know was that when she was walking, she ran into a person. No, to be exact, that person was a scholar of the Miracle Realm, because there were only two people who were really human here, she and Hurst.

"Sorry, I'm sorry!" Anne apologized in a hurry, and her eyes wandered around to look for Hurst.

"Hey, don't you have eyes when you walk?" Before Anne could find Hurst, she was scolded by that person.

Only then did she notice that the girl in front of her was a very beautiful woman, but the woman was too arrogant and bad-tempered. Wasn't she just bumped into her by accident? Was it necessary to insult her like that?

Anne was confused for a moment, but she was a little anxious in the bottom of her heart. How could she go to the classroom of the Day Department if Hurst left her here?

Besides, it was said that the class of the Night Department was dismissed now. She didn't want to meet those devils of the Night Department here!

By the way, last night, it seemed that students of the Night Department didn't have to attend class yesterday at night. Wow, it was so wonderful.

"Didn't I say sorry to you just now? Why are you still swearing?" For a moment, Anne was a little angry. 'Damn it! I was just bullied by that devil yesterday. I haven't recovered from my trauma yet, ' Anne thought.

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