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   Chapter 110 Memory Recovery 2

Romantic Troubles: She Is Mr. Charming By Yixi Yuhuan Characters: 9783

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Lucy knelt on the ground, tears welling up in her eyes. Looking at the snow-white anvironment around her, she put her hands on the ground and sobbed, "I really leave them forever! Or...those scenes are all the memories happened in South Korea that I have lost? But why can't I remember anything? Why? They are familiar to me, but I can't remember!"

Tears gradually dropped on the snow-white ground, and the snow-white world slowly disappeared. Stunned, Lucy stood up from the ground and glanced around. When she turned around, she saw a luxurious hotel. With a flicker of doubt in her eyes, she said softly, "It doesn't seem to be the resort hotel where we take the promotional film. Where is it?"

[W Hotel, Wark Villa, Seoul]

'I seem to have heard of this hotel's name somewhere?'

When she was hesitating whether she should go in or not, a silver nanny van stopped at the door of the hotel. Glancing at it, a glimmer of joy flashed through her eyes. She smiled and said, "It's company's car! The exclusive nanny van for EXO!" Lucy ran to the door of the car and waited for them to get off. Seeing that Luhan and another girl who looks like her got out of the car, she was a little stunned, with a faint sadness in her eyes. She said softly, "Is this a dream or reality?"

Tao and LAY got out of the car one after another. Lucy glanced at the empty nanny van and asked curiously, "Why are there only three of them? Where are the others?" Lucy came back to her senses and saw the four people walking into the hotel. She quickly followed them, and her body passed through the glass door in a transparent way. Looking at her transparent body helplessly, she pulled the corners of her mouth and said with a bitter smile, "Have I really become a ghost?"

Following the four of them, Lucy walked into the elevator. Leaning against the glass alone, she looked out of the window at the beautiful Seoul. With a faint smile at the corners of her mouth, she said, "What a beautiful scenery." Lucy was enjoying the scenery quietly. The other one of her seemed to have seen the scenery outside the window. He said happily, "Senior, look, Seoul, South Korea. It's so beautiful. I can see it clearly from here."

Lucy took a slight glance at Luhan. His eyes were closed and his forehead was sweating, some scenes flashing through Lucy's mind.

Sitting on the pirate ship, Lucy could vaguely see Luhan standing below. She asked curiously, "Why don't you play? Are you boatsick?" Chanyeol smiled and said, "Luhan has acrophobia. He won't play any games off the ground." Lucy shook her head slightly and looked at Luhan whose eyes were closed. She said softly, "It turns out that you don't dare to open your eyes because you are afraid of heights."

As soon as she finished her words, she was shocked. 'How do I know that he has acrophobia? What are those fragments?' Lucy looked at Luhan in a daze and asked in a low voice, "What

a space filled with starry memories.

A flicker of neon light flashed through Lucy's eyes, and the lively scene appeared. Seeing that SeHun was sitting on the sofa in a bad mood, she felt painful. His face was pale, but he was still drinking with a glass of wine in his hand. Feeling a little sorry for him, she was about to go over and grab the glass from his hand, while the other one of herself took the glass from his hand. Lucy was a little stunned. Her sub-consciousness seemed to be the same as the other one.

"That's enough. Don't drink any more. You are drunk." The other one roared in a low voice, seeming to have suppressed a lot of anger in her heart. SeHun kept shaking and looked up at the other one, whose eyes were full of disgust. Lucy was stunned as his eyes were so hurtful. Sure enough, the other one was stunned, and her body was a little stiff. She held the glass in midair.

"I'm not drunk. It's none of your business. Go away." SeHun's eyes were full of hatred. He stared at the other one of herself, which made Lucy's heart hurt a little. She touched her chest and said lightly, "How could this be? Why does the hatred in his eyes make me feel so depressed and a little painful?' Lucy didn't know that her eyes were filled with tears.

"You are drunk." The other one's voice trailed away. She lowered her head slowly, unable to see the expression on her face. A faint sadness flashed through Lucy's eyes. 'He hurts her heart. Although it is not a heart wrenching pain, there is a sense of loss and sadness.

"It's none of your business." SeHun's roar woke Lucy up. She was a little stunned, and tears came out from the corner of her eyes. Seeing that he grabbed the glass in the other hand and continued to drink, the other one kept silent and took Kitty's hand to the elevator. Lucy wiped the tears on her face and said lightly, "He seems to have a great impact on me, much more than I thought. His moods affect me."

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