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   Chapter 109 Memory Recovery 1

Romantic Troubles: She Is Mr. Charming By Yixi Yuhuan Characters: 6537

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It was snow-white around. Lucy glanced around and wondered where she was? Nothing! Hearing the faint scream, Lucy slowly walked towards it. Suddenly, a light flashed in front of her eyes, which was somewhat dazzling. She shaded her eyes from it with her hands, frowned slightly, and whispered, "Where on earth is this place?"

The light in front of her gradually dimmed, and she slowly put down her hand. A large group of fans appeared in front of her, screaming excitedly, as if they were shouting, "EXO!" The scene became clearer and clearer. Lucy walked to the center of the road and turned around. Looking at the scene in front of her, she suddenly felt dizzy. She shook her head and said softly, "Where am I? What a familiar scene! "

"EXO! !"

'EXO? It is them!'

As soon as she turned around, she saw all members of EXO walking towards her. They were all handsome, as beautiful as angels. There were gentle smiles on their handsome faces, and their deep eyes seemed to have the power to attract people with a blink. They were all gorgeous men! Many scenes flashed through Lucy's mind. She felt a slight headache. Biting her lips, she forced a smile and said softly, "Chanyeol, SeHun!"

When she was about to touch Chanyeol, her hand was transparent and passed through his body. She was stunned and stood still. When Kris came over, she raised her head slightly and said softly, "Kris" With a faint expression on his face, Kris walked through her. Lucy looking at her almost transparent body, her eyes widened slightly and the corners of her mouth twitched slightly. "What's going on? What happened to my body?"

"This guy's skin is good. SeHun, his skin is even better than yours." Hearing the voice of Luhan, Lucy shook her head, forced a smile and said in a low voice, "It's senior!" Lucy turned around and saw that all members of EXO crowd around. She walked over curiously and saw someone lying in Kris's arms. A trace of doubt flashed th

the window. She slowly approached the window, gently bent over it and whispered, "Am I really--" Dead? Lucy's voice was a little choked. Looking at Luhan who was studying Korean carefully, a drop of tear fell from the corner of her eyes. She couldn't see them anymore, could she? Pressing the window with her hands, Lucy looked at Luhan's handsome and perfect face. With bitter tears at the corners of her mouth, she smiled and said, "Now I realize how important they are. I don't want to leave them!"

When the bell rang, Luhan stood up. Following him, Lucy suddenly saw herself and Mandy standing at the door of the classroom. Lucy walked up to Mandy and tried to hold her, but her hand pierced through her body. She sighed and said, "Am I a ghost? Then who is the one looks like me? It's me! But I don't seem to remember these images!"

As soon as she approached the other one of herself and was about to say something, the other one of herself bumped into Luhan. Standing aside, she was a little stunned. She felt it so familiar, but she couldn't remember it! Ah! ! ! Lucy shook her head desperately. In an instant, all the scenes in front of her disappeared without a trace. Tears were oozing from the corners of her eyes. She shook her head out of control and finally fell to the white ground.

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