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   Chapter 108 Suppressed Feelings

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"Yes, you're right. We'll ask for his opinion when he wakes up! Let's go back to our room now! Otherwise, the shooting of the promotional film will be delayed if he really catches a cold!" SuHo said in a low voice. The agent nodded and said, "SuHo is right. Let's go back to your rooms! It's troublesome if he catches a cold. Now that Lucy is in a coma, let SeHun take care of him!"

"I also want to be with Lucy, agent! I'm a little worried about him!" There was a trace of helplessness in the eyes of Mandy and Kitty. It was obvious that Luhan liked and cared about Lucy, which made them worried. If the identity of Lucy as a girl was exposed, what would happen to Luhan and Kris?

The agent hesitated for a moment and said softly, "Okay! You two take care of him together. After all, he is still weak. He hasn't fully recovered yet, right?"

Taking a cold glance at Lydia who fell to the ground, Mandy said coldly, "Don't you feel cold sitting on the floor all the time? Aren't you ready to get up?" Lydia's body trembled slightly when she met the cold eyes of Mandy. It seemed that she was intimidated by the coldness radiating from Mandy. Lydia's agent ran to her and helped her up.

Looking at Lydia's pretentious look, Mandy snorted and felt disgusted. At the same time, Kitty's sharp eyes made Lydia tremble all over. Biting the corner of her mouth, Lydia clenched her hands and said softly, "I'm really sorry. I didn't mean to do that. I'm sorry."

"You did it on purpose. Don't pretend to be silly!" Kitty's eyes were full of anger, and the corners of Lydia's mouth lifted slightly. A hint of slyness flashed through her eyes. It seemed that the people around Lucy were not easy to deal with!

"Lydia is frightened. We're going back to our room." Lydia's agent held her and said in a calm tone. The agent of EXO smiled and said, "Well, Lydia should have a good rest! She is the only heroine of the promotional film. There can't be any mistakes!"

"I didn't expect that my carelessness will cause Foam to fall into the water. I'm really sorry. I really regret it. Please send my apology to Foam when he wakes up. I will personally apologize to him tomorrow." Lydia pretended to be worried and looked at the members of EXO.

"You are really good at pretending. Damn it!" Kitty clenched her fists, full of anger. When she was about to rush up and unmask Lydia, Mandy held Kitty's hand and said softly, "Well, it's all over now since Lucy is fine. I'll let her pay a heavy price if she sets Lucy up next time."

"But Mandy, if we don't teach her a lesson this time, she will do something bad to Lucy next time. We can't protect her all the time!" Kitty's eyes were full of hatred. Holding Kitty's arm tightly, Mandy shook her head and said, "Don't worry! With EXO by her side, nothing will happen. I've told you! If she does it again, I will make her pay a heavy price."

"Mandy, Kitty! Let's go back to the room

out of control. I go back to my room! Please take care of Lucy." After saying that, he swayed towards the living room. Looking at his shaky body, SeHun clenched his hands, with a hint of worry in his eyes.

SeHun lowered his head slowly. 'Am I too selfish? Because I know that Lucy is a girl, I can love her with ease, care for her and don't have to suppress my feelings. But other members of EXO don't know at all. They all thought that Lucy is a boy, so they suppress their special feelings for her! Ruby had a good relationship with Lucy since she joined EXO. At that time, Ruby must have been attracted by her! So far, the feelings suppressed in his heart should be intensive! I have never tried to suppress the pain, but my brothers are enduring it. I'm too selfish!'

"Bang!" With the sound, SeHun raised his head and saw Luhan falling down in the living room. With his eyes wide open, SeHun rushed to him, held him in his arms, gently shook his body, and said anxiously, "Ruby, Ruby! Wake up! Ruby!" When he saw the tears that were constantly oozing from the corners of Luhan's eyes, he held him in his arms. A drop of tear fell from the corner of SeHun's eye and fell on Luhan's forehead.

"Ruby! I'm sorry! I'm too selfish. I shouldn't have made you so painful! I'm sorry. When you wake up, I'll tell you that Lucy is a girl. You must-! I don't want to lose anyone who is important to me. I won't let you suffer again, Ruby!"

Kris standing at the door of the room, his eyes widened slightly and his eyes were full of shock. His hand, which was about to knock on the door, stiffened in midair. He wanted to see what was going on with Lucy, but when he was about to knock on the door, he heard that Lucy was a girl. He slightly twitched the corners of his mouth and slowly lowered his head. The expression on his face couldn't be seen clearly. The corners of his mouth slightly moved and let out a faint sound, "What the hell is going on?"

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