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   Chapter 107 I Don't Want to Lose You

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All of a sudden, everyone panicked. Seeing that Lucy was soaked in the water, everyone was shouting her name. Lydia fell to the ground, pretending to be afraid, and said worriedly, "Sorry, I didn't mean it. The ground is full of water. I slipped accidentally with my high heel shoes. I'm sorry."


The twelve people by the water had already jumped into the water. Lydia's eyes were full of shock. 'It is just a new member falling into the water, but all members of EXO jumped into the water to save him! Is there anything hidden in this Foam?'

As the water remained still, the twelve figures had disappeared. When Mandy ran to the edge of the water and saw the quiet surface, her eyes were full of worry. Kitty glanced coldly at Lydia's complacent face, pulled the corner of her clothes and said softly, "Mandy, I saw clearly just now. Lydia deliberately pushed Lucy into the water."

"I know. If anything happens to Lucy, I will let her pay the price." Hearing that, Kitty nodded slightly and stared at Lydia with hatred. Seeing the smile on Lydia's face, she became more and more angry. She pulled the corners of her mouth and said in a low voice, "The same to me. If anything happens to Lucy, I will make you pay back thousands of times, regardless who you are!"

Surrounded by the cold sea water, that memory in Lucy's mind lingered. In the cold water, her snow-white dress was swirling, but the water was still calm. No one came to save her. Like an abandoned Princess Mermaid, she was falling. She gave up the will to live gradually. She slowly closed her eyes, opened her hands and floated in the water, her hands and feet were getting colder and colder. Her whole body was soaked in the cold water and felt nothing! The stars that night were very dazzling, but could no longer be seen!

The dazzling sunlight pierced through the water into Lucy's eyes, but it was subtle. It seemed that it was not a star, but the sun. She slowly opened her eyes and saw twelve figures swimming towards her. Through the reflection of the sun, she slowly saw the faces of them. The corners of her mouth slightly raised, and her lips slightly opened. The cold water all went into her mouth, and she couldn't feel any oxygen. The smile at the corners of her mouth slowly disappeared, and she couldn't see the twelve perfect faces any more. Her eyes tightly closed, and finally she kept spitting bubbles. Her body kept falling in the water. Seeing her sad and beautiful face, SeHun felt his heart seized and sped up to swim to her. He gently held her hand and pulled her into his arms. Seeing that she had lost her breath, he kissed her and gave all the oxygen in his mouth to her. Feeling the heat of her lips, Lucy slowly opened her eyes and saw the enlarged handsome face of SeHun. Her eyes were full of surprise. She

to SeHun!"

"Of course I know it. But do you know how she did it?"

"Of course! Mouth to mouth! ! !" When she came to her senses, Mandy let out a loud shout. The people around her were staring at her. Kitty laughed gloatingly, covering her mouth. Embarrassed, Mandy coughed.

"SeHun, is Lucy okay?" Chanyeol looked at Lucy worriedly. SeHun shook his head and said in a low voice, "He is fine and needs some rest! He went into the water two times in a row. Although it's not winter now, the water temperature is low and it's easy to catch a cold."

"The agent has discussed with the director about shooting tomorrow. After all, our clothes are all wet, so we can't continue to shoot the promotional film. How about going to a hot spring at night? Then we won't catch a cold. When Lucy wakes up, we will go together." The corners of SuHo's mouth were wearing a gentle smile, and the water on its hair was still dripping.

"No way!" Both of SeHun and LAY blurted out at the same time, and all eyes were fixed on them. SeHun coughed slightly and said, "Lucy's body is still cold. What if he gets cold after bathing in a hot spring?" Chanyeol said softly, "Don't worry! The hot spring is indoor and he won't catch a cold. It's said that the hot spring has the function of recuperation. Now, Lucy needs to bath in the hot spring. In that case, he will recover soon."

"He, he, he! It is unsure that when he will wake up at night! You'd better go with others! I'll stay with him." SeHun knew that hot spring is good for health, but Lucy was a girl. How could she take a bath in hot spring with them!

"Don't worry! He will definitely wake up. I promise!" Chanyeol said happily. LAY said lightly, "Even if Lucy wakes up, he won't go with us."

"Why?" LAY coughed and said, "If you don't believe me, you can ask him when he wakes up. After all, we can't enjoy the hot spring together without his consent."

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