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   Chapter 106 Horrible Memory

Romantic Troubles: She Is Mr. Charming By Yixi Yuhuan Characters: 6936

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The crystal water drops scattered in the air all sprinkled on SeHun's face. He covered his face with his hands, and his right hand was deep immersed in the water, which made him feel refreshing. Lucy filled some water with her hands, looked at the EXO behind her in a daze, and smiled. It was not bad that the theme of the promotional film was for fun. Enjoy yourself while playing.

"Haw-haw!" Lucy smiled and sprinkled all the water in her hands on other members of EXO. They were stunned to see the smile on her face. She said with a smile, "Since we are asked to play with water, let's have fun!"

"Okay! How dare you spill water on us? Let's see how I can fight back!" As Chanyeol spoke, he ran to the edge of the water and stirred up the waves with his hands. The cold water was all sprinkled on Lucy. She kept stepping back, covered her face with her hands and said softly, "Chanyeol!"

"What? This is called counterattack!" There were smiles in Chanyeol's eyes, Xiumin opened his eyes wide and looked at the scene in front of him. He said in a low voice, "It seems to be interesting. I want to join you too!" With these words, Xiumin walked to the back of Lucy and spilled water on her back. As a result, most of her back was wet. Lucy turned around in a hurry, reached into the water and stirred up a wave of water to Xiumin. He was almost soaked. She smiled and said, "Xiumin, this is also a counterattack!"

"The three of them have such a good time. As the team leader, of course I should join them!" As SuHo said, he walked to the edge of the water and played with it. Other members of EXO also gathered around the edge of the water and sprinkled water. The whole picture was like angels in the sunlight. Everyone had a beautiful face and a charming smile. The water was shining with a faint golden light, beautiful, like diamonds scattered in the air.

"Director, I can't believe that the whole EXO can act so natural and pure. The scene is so beautiful!" The female assistant stood beside the director, looking at the scene in front of her, and was immersed

e some terrible memory!" Luhan was a little worried. He gently touched her face and said, "If you feel painful, you can have a rest!" Lucy shook her head and said with a forced smile, "I'm fine. Don't worry, Senior!"

Hearing what Lucy said, Mandy's body froze. Kitty said softly, "Mandy, Lucy seems to have recalled something! And it's the memory of that sorrow love!"

A tinge of coldness gradually appeared in her eyes. Mandy said coldly, "Maybe it's the memory of that night of water!" As she spoke, she looked at Lydia. Kitty said in a low voice, "That night when Lucy drowned!" Lowering her head slowly, Mandy said in a low voice, "Yes, that damn Barry Li!" She clenched her fists.

Lydia walked to Lucy slowly with a sneer on her face, and pressed her lips to Lucy's ear. Feeling the heat exhaled by Lydia's mouth, Lucy trembled slightly. A strange light flashed in Lydia's eyes, she whispered, "Foam! I heard that you can't swim. Is it true or not?" Stunned, Lucy asked in a low voice, "Why do you ask this?"

"Because I want to see you swim!" A hint of cruelty flashed through Lydia's eyes. Before Lucy could react, she pounced on her and pushed her into the pool. The terrible memory flashed through Lucy's mind again, and her face was gradually filled with fear. A sneer appeared at the corners of Lydia's mouth. It seemed that it was true that Lucy couldn't swim.

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