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   Chapter 35 Insensible Lucy

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When SeHun turned around and walked out of the garden, Lucy looked up at the sky alone, with a happy smile on her face. When Lydia came out of the bathroom and entered the garden, she saw Lucy who has an ambiguous smile on her face. She asked softly, "Foam, Why are you here?" When she came to her senses and saw Lydia, she immediately bowed and apologized, "Senior, I'm really sorry for bumping into you just now."

The smile on Lydia's face widened. She helped Lucy up and said with a smile, "It's okay! I didn't take it to heart." Lucy nodded slightly. Lydia smiled and asked, "Why are you here? Shouldn't you be with that guy?" Lucy was confused. 'That guy? Who does she mean?' "Who are you talking about, Senior?" asked Lucy curiously.

At the thought of the arrogant look of SeHun, Lydia was furious. She clenched her fists and showed an expression of disgust in her eyes. Seeing that Lydia's furious face, the scene that SeHun ignored Lydia flashed through her mind. She said to Lydia awkwardly, "Senior, the members of EXO are still waiting for me. I'm leaving now."

Lydia was still in a state of anger and didn't hear what Lucy said at all. When her anger gradually subsided, she said softly, "it's SeHun in your team." Lydia turned around, but didn't see her. She shouted, "Are the people in EXO so impolite? How could she leave without saying goodbye to me? Damn it! Foam, you are just a new member, but you are so arrogant. It seems that I have to teach you a lesson in the future, or you won't take me seriously. Ah!" Lydia screamed madly.

When SeHun returned to the room, he found that everyone was basically sleepy and lying on the bed. He glanced at the figure of Luhan who was curling up in the corner, and felt sorry for him. He ran to him and hugged him tightly. At this time, Luhan was sleeping soundly. He didn't notice that SeHun was holding him. He just lay in SeHun's arms. There was a hint of sadness in SeHun's eyes. He closed his eyes and felt happy.

When SeHun was about to fall asleep, Lucy's face flashed through his mind. He suddenly opened his eyes, looked at Luhan in his arms, and shook his head. Was he too tired? How could he think of her? He held Luhan even tighter and fell asleep.

As soon as Lucy opened the door and saw the scene in front of her, she was stunned. All the people was lying together and fell asleep quietly. She looked at them quietly. They were really cute. They were like angels, and their faces were so handsome that no one dared to touch them easily. As soon as they touched them, they slowly dissipated like fog. There were twelve perfect illusory faces.

Kitty and Mandy were sleeping on the sofa. Lucy picked up the coats scattered all over the ground and covered them, and then helped everyone with the coats. Lucy yawned slightly and felt a little sleepy. But looking around, she found that Kitty and Mandy were sleeping on sofas separately. There was no more sofa. All the members of EXO were lying on the carpet

le in an instant. Was it because he had just smashed her head, but it was not from a high place, and she should be fine! But she was a girl and it must be hard for her the bear it. How could he forget it when he was angry!

Hearing Kris's words, LAY's face turned cold all of a sudden. He gently picked up Lucy, gave a cold look at SeHun and said, "If anything happens to her, I will let you pay the price." All the people in the EXO group were stunned when they heard that. Why did LAY have such a great sense of indifference to SeHun? LAY had always been gentle and calm. How could he be so interested in the matter of Lucy?

Hearing LAY's words, Mandy trembled slightly and stared at LAY. She wondered why his tone and way of protecting Lucy were so similar to a person. She only knew that person was in Korea, but she didn't know him at all. It had been five years, but she still didn't have any clue until now. That person had such a big family background, and he should have a company in Korea! The expression on her face gradually darkened when she looked at LAY.

At this moment, SeHun lowered his head and looked pale. When Luhan slowly pushed the door open and saw the scene in front of him, he was stunned. LAY held the sleeping ALucy in his arms and everyone was surrounding them. But why did he look so depressed? Luhan asked in a low voice, "What happened?"

"Kris, send her to the hospital right now. Let's drive." LAY said anxiously. Kris nodded and went out with the car key. When Luhan heard that they were going to send Lucy to the hospital, he asked, "What's wrong with him?" In a bad mood, Chanyeol said, "When SeHun woke up and saw Lucy lying on his legs, he stood up all of a sudden. As a result, he smashed her head. LAY couldn't wake her up no matter how hard he tried. He said he was going to the hospital."

LAY walked past Lucy, holding him in his arms. Luhan was overwhelmed by sadness and hurried to follow him. He didn't want anything to happen to her.

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