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   Chapter 30 A Long Story 3 (Part One)

Romantic Troubles: She Is Mr. Charming By Yixi Yuhuan Characters: 5811

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At the sight of the wretched Clark, a complicated look flashed through Night's eyes. He waved his hand gently, and all the people who was beating Clark scattered away. Standing in front of Clark, he looked at the red blood on his face and the bruises on his body. He shook his head helplessly and said, "Young master Clark, I'm really happy for my young master to have someone who loves Miss Lucy so much, but Miss Lucy is the girl that my young master has looked after since she was a child. He doesn't allow anyone to hurt her and get close to her. I'm sorry. We only protect Miss Lucy for his infatuation and sincerity. So, please give up! Besides, your father has already signed the declaration, hasn't he? "

When Night mentioned the declaration, there was a flash of disappointment in Clark's eyes. He lowered his head gradually, and his hair fell on his face, without any expression on his face. But people were sensitive to know that he was depressed at the moment. Night patted Clark on the shoulder helplessly and took away the documents that had been loosened from Clark's hands. Night glanced at the damaged document, shaking his head. He led the rest of his men into Morsino. Clark lay quietly on the ground, with blood flowing out of his body. A bitter smile appeared at the corners of his mouth, and tears welled up from the corners of his eyes.

After taking everyone in, Night dispersed everyone and dialed the number of Jeff. "Hello! Jeff, where are you now? Have you left with the medical team? " "Yes! I'm on my way to the central hospital. Just now, Elsa told me that young master had come back. " Hearing that, Night immediately widened his eyes and shouted out of control, "What? Young master has come back? Hurry up and inform Elsa to check young master's schedule. Don't let him know that Miss Lucy is in hospital, okay? " "Okay," Jeff answered nervously and hung up the phone. Holding the phone in his hand, Night rushed to his room to get the car key. Then he rushed out of Morsino and drove to the central hospital.

"Night, I have found out young master's schedule." Elsa said with a smile as she walked to Night. After taking the documents from her hand and reading them carefully, he took a deep breath and said, "Thanks god. Young master's schedule is full and he won't come back."

Elsa stared at Night with her cold eyes and said, "Not necessarily. Young master loves Miss Lucy very much. It's not easy for him to come back to China, so he must try every means to see her! Young master had told you to take good care of Miss Lucy before he went abroad. I didn't expect that you were so unlucky to make her in trouble when young master returned home. You are almost doomed. " After saying that, Elsa looked at Night Hearing what she said, Nights bright face suddenly turned gloomy!

"Night, Miss Lucy is sent to the ward." Jeff came over out of breath. Night ask

ed anxiously, "How is it going? Is Miss Lucy badly ill?" Seeing Night's nervous look, Elsa smiled and said, "Night, why are you so anxious? Miss Lucy is not your fiancee." Hearing what Elsa said, Jeff burst into laughter and stopped when Night glance at him coldly. Jeff said, "Miss Lucy seems to be all right now. I heard that she caught a heavy cold in the rain the night before yesterday, and she had a stomachache when she got up in the morning. Henry examined her carefully and said that she had a gastro spasm which is not serious. It caused by her cold and lack of appetite." Night nodded and took a deep breath. There was still a smile at the corners of Elsa's mouth and Night explained helplessly.

"I'm just worried about something might happen to Miss Lucy. In that case, young master will fly into rage and it's horrible." Night said carefully. Elsa and Jeff smile awkwardly. Elsa complained, "Young master is madly concerned about Miss Lucy. No boy is allowed to get close to Miss Lucy. If she has a male friend who has been with her for more than ten days, young master must separate them. I really don't understand the young master. Can't Miss Lucy has romantic relationship with other boys simply because he fancies her? Miss Lucy was born beautiful. How could she not be chased by boys? Young master even doesn't allow anyone to get in touch with her. This is too cruel. If Miss Lucy knows the truth, I'm afraid that the pain that young master brings to her is huge. "

"Elsa, stop! Young master never scolds you, but you are too bold to speak ill of him behind his back. " Pulling Jeff's clothes, Jeff said in a low voice. After casting a haughty glance at her, Elsa turned around and left. Night shouted, "Where are you going?" Elsa waved her hand and said, "Keep an eye on young master. Call me if you have any news." Night shook his head with a smile. Jeff shrugged his shoulders. 'What an unpredictable woman!' Jeff thought.

In the ward of Lucy, Mrs. Molly was taking care of her in front of the bed. Lucy opened her eyes and pursed her lips. When she was about to get up to drink some water, she touched her stomach and bit her red lips in pain. Mrs. Molly helped her up and said to Lucy with concern, "Lucy, you scared me to death just now. Dad went to the company after seeing you just now. Please excuse him for not being with you. "

Lucy frowned slightly. "It's okay. I don't blame Dad. I know he is so busy in the company. Mom, what's wrong with my stomach?" Lucy said in a low voice. Lucy could still feel a dull pain in her stomach, and she didn't even have the strength to speak. Mrs. Molly looked at her tiredly and said, "There is no big problem. It's just that the cold is aggravated, and the gastric spasm is caused by the rain." Touching her stomach, Lucy sighed helplessly. She lay on the bed quietly and looked out of the window without saying anything.

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