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   Chapter 29 A Long Story 2

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Lucy put on her slippers and followed Mrs. Molly downstairs. She was still in a daze and was shaking. Seeing that, Mrs. Molly felt sorry for her and held her in a hurry. Her palm gradually sweated. She shook her head and walked to the table, with all her weight on her arms. She pulled a chair and sat down. She felt difficult to breathe. Sweat slowly seeped from her forehead, her face became paler, and her lips were blue. Mrs. Molly came out of the kitchen to bring some food. Seeing that Lucy was sad, she put the food on the table in a hurry, walked to her side and gently stroked her back. She asked anxiously, "Lucy, let's go to the hospital! I feel pain seeing you like this."

"Mom, it's okay. I'll feel better after a rest. I don't want to go to the hospital." Lucy stretched out her arm and put the dish in front of her. She said with a smile, "Mom, it's time to eat. I'm starving." As she spoke, Lucy moved her chopsticks with a sad and beautiful smile on her face. A trace of pity flashed through Mrs. Molly's eyes, and her hands clenched tightly.

However, there was still no expression in Lucy's eyes, which looked a little scary. She was chewing the food cooked by her mother, but couldn't taste anything, just like a white bun without any taste, which was hard to swallow. While eating, Lucy felt pain in her stomach. Her forehead was tightly wrinkled, and more and more sweat was oozing from her forehead. Her beautiful face looked sad and beautiful, and her pale lips made people tremble. Molly quickly stood up from the chair and ran to her side, asking nervously, "Lucy, what's wrong with you?"

"Mom! I'm fine. I'm really fine. " Lucy bit her lips and pretended to be calm. At this time, her stomach was painful, and her face was so pale that it was beyond her mother's imagination. Molly quickly took out her mobile phone and dialed 120. She said sadly, "Is it the central hospital? The Mos' home on the High Street. Something is wrong with my daughter. Come here quickly. " After being told some emergency measures, Molly hung up the phone and threw the phone on the table. She helped Lucy up and walked out of the door. At this time, Lucy's stomach was so painful that she almost lost consciousness. Her face was pale without any blood. She bit her bleeding lips slightly red, and she just felt that her consciousness gradually blurred and her hands and feet began weak.

The emergency car quickly stopped at the gate of the Mos' house with a light on. Mrs. Molly gently put Lucy on the stretcher. As the medical staff carried Lucy to the ambulance, she followed them. The emergency car rushed to the hospital. Mrs. Molly tightly held Lucy's hand all the way. When she saw her broken lips, she felt heartbroken and shed tears. Even if Lucy had fainted, however, the sweat on her forehead was still pouring down. Mrs. Molly picked up a medical towel and wiped off the sweat on Lucy's forehead. Seeing that Lucy's face was getting paler, she couldn't help crying.

When they arrived at the hospital, Lucy was pushed into the emergency room in a hurry. Mrs. Molly was pacing anxiously outside the door. Suddenly, she thought of something and was about to take out her phone to call Sean. Touching the empty pocket, she remembered that she threw the phone on the table and forgot to take it. She rushed to the front desk and asked, "Miss, may I borrow your phone?" The nurse smiled and said, "Sure." Mrs. Molly nodded and picked up the phone from the table to call Sean.

"Hello!" Mrs. Molly held back her tears and covered her mouth, saying, "Sean, something happened to Lucy. She had breakfast this morning, but she suddenly felt pain in her stomachache and passed out. C

ome. We are in the emergency room of the central hospital now." Mrs. Molly's tears kept rolling in her eyes as she spoke. Sean asked anxiously, "What? Lucy is in the emergency room. I'll be there soon. Wait for me." "Okay, hurry up." After saying that, Mrs. Molly hung up the phone. She covered her mouth and leaned against the wall, crying. She prayed in her heart that Lucy would be fine.

While Lucy was in the emergency room, Clark stood at the door of Morsino with a tattered document in his hand. His handsome face was full of arrogance and coldness, and his soft lips were tightly pressed together, with a strong hatred in his eyes. The door of Morsino's mansion was gradually opened, and a group of men in suits came out. Clark said coldly, "Where is your young master? Let him out."

"Young master Clark, our young master said that you just need to give this document to him." The man in the middle walked out and stretched out his hands. Clark's eyes were instantly filled with killing intent. He shouted, "Ask your young master to come out. Don't let me repeat it. Ask him to get out. I want to make it clear to him face to face." The man standing in front of Clark showed a mocking look. He looked at Clark contemptuously and said, "Our young master won't see you. You just need to give this document to him. I don't need to tell you his request again." Clark clenched his fists more tightly. It was obvious that this man was against him. Clark sneered, "What if I don't hand it over to him?"

"Then please excuse me." The man winked at the man in suit next to him. The men around Clark rolled up their sleeves and were ready to fight. Clark's cold eyes became colder, and the coldness on his body spread to everyone. Clark] glanced around coldly and said, "You'd better fight together. Today I'm in a bad mood, and I happened to find someone to vent my anger. You can come together." Clark clenched his fists more tightly, and the documents in his hands were almost broken into pieces.

All the men around began to run towards Clark. Clark jumped up and kicked the two men who were attacking him head-on to one side. His arms clamped on one of the men's necks, and his fist heavily hit the man's back. The man spit out blood from his mouth. Clark sneered and threw him aside. His feet quickly swept past everyone's knees before they could react. Before he came over, he punched the chest of the two people closest to him, with his arms on the shoulder of one of them, and kicked a man away with one foot. Then he turned around and punched the face of the other man, and the man's nose immediately bled. Clark clapped his hands and coldly glanced at the man who was knocked down by him.

While Clark was fighting with all his strength, he heard a man's nervous voice, "Night, I heard from Elsa Huo that Miss Lucy was sent to the central hospital and she is still in the emergency room." With a nervous look in his eyes, the man called Night said worriedly, "Go in Morsino quickly. Ask the high-end medical team of the United States to the central hospital to pick up Miss Lucy. Don't tell young master about it. Hurry up."

Hearing that Lucy was in the emergency room, Clark stopped. He felt heartbroken. He loved her most and swore to protect her for the rest of her life, but now he was the one who hurt her the most. How ridiculous. A bitter smile appeared on Clark's face. When the men around saw that Clark had stopped fighting, they all rushed up and pushed him to the ground, beating him hard. Clark ignored the pain on his body, because the pain on his body was not as heartbreaking as the pain in hisheart. A drop of tear gradually dropped from the corner of his eyes.

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