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   Chapter 28 A Long Story 1

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After saying that, the corners of Lucy's eyes wetted. SeHun was stunned, but then he nodded and said, "If your story is touching, I will let you stay. But you must behave yourself. If your story is made up, please go to explain everything to all the media and fans." Lucy answered with a smile.

She was recalling the memory segments!

"Lucy, let's go to Morsino today, okay?" Clark Yin rubbed her hair dotingly and asked, "Where is Morsino?" "Morsino is a very interesting place. Let's go together!" asked Lucy curiously! I really want to take you there. " Lucy's silky long hair scratched her face. She felt a little itchy. She gently nodded and shook her hair. Her smooth and soft hair was a little messy. Clark smiled gently and gently smoothed her hair. Lucy smiled happily. The corners of Clark's mouth curved into a perfect arc, which looked charming. Lucy stood up from the chair and reached out her hand to hold Clark's hand. They walked out of the back garden hand in hand.

"Young master, where are you taking Miss Lucy? The director Mo is coming to pick her up soon." Nancy stopped Clark and Lucy who were about to go out. Clark said in a soft voice, "Nancy, I'll take Lucy to the opposite street of the villa. We'll be back soon." Nancy asked anxiously, "Young master, are you going to buy something for Miss Lucy from Morsino?" Clark was a little impatient. He took her hand and went out.

Nancy hurriedly ran to the living room and dialed Bob Yin's number. She said anxiously, "Chairman, the young master has taken Miss Lucy to Morsino. I can't stop him!" "What? Morsino? Go and pull Lucy back. Don't let her go to Morsino. " A roar came from the phone. Nancy dropped the phone receiver in a hurry and ran out. "

Clark held Lucy's hand and ran to Morsino happily. Nancy kept shouting, but Clark and Lucy didn't hear. When they arrived at Morsino, a luxurious sect appeared in front of her. Lucy jumped up excitedly, "Wow! What a beautiful place! Come! I want to see what's inside! " As soon as she finished her words, she ran into Morsino, leaving Clark behind her. Seeing the happy look on her face, Clark smiled helplessly. 'This girl is the one I will cherish with my life, no matter what? I want her to live a happier life than anyone else in the world, Lucy Mo.'

As soon as she broke into Morsino, the monitor in the diagonally upward flashed. The flashlight recorded her appearance, but she didn't notice it. She just walked into happily. The building was so harmonious with the Chinese and Western styles. The basic charm of the Chinese style and the western style of the construction symbols and details complement each other. Not only was it full of aesthetic pleasure, but more importantly, it made the whole shop cozy nature. The dark green wallpaper looked natural, and the whole room decorated with strange things was of European style.

"Clark, it's so beautiful here. I've never seen such a beautiful place before. And these things are interesting. I have never seen them before. " Lucy was curious about those old-fashioned and quirky things, either touching or poking. Then she was frightened and burst into laughter. When Clark saw the happy look on her face, a perfect smile appeared at the corners of his mouth.

They ran back and forth in the shop, making fun of each other. Laughter spread all over the shop. Just a moment later, a group of men in suits and sunglasses came out of the inner room and surrounded Clark and Lucy. Lucy was immediately scared. Clark kept her behind and shouted at the people around, "You guys, if you want to fight, just find me. Don't hurt her. She is innocent." Hearing Clark's words, Lucy felt warm in her heart. She held him hard. He kept her behind stared coldly at these cold men.

Suddenly, a man came out and handed a file to Clark. "Young master Clark, this is the confidential document that our young master gave you. I hope you read it alone. This lady is not allowed to be known. Please think carefully about what to do. Please reply our young master tomorrow." Out of curiosity, she tried to grab the document from Clark's hand. Clark held it tightly in his hand, because what that man said made him sensitive. He was afraid that something bad would happen to her and he didn't want her to be hurt at all. Looking at Clark's tightly held hands, she sighed slightly.

"Young master Clark, you can go back now. Please give an answer tomorrow." When the man spoke again, Clark's mood became heavy, and Lucy's mood became bad. She pursed her lips and quietly followed Clark. He was still holding the documents in his hands tightly. When they arrived at the Clark's house, he forced a smile and said, "Lucy, your father will pick you up later. You go back first! I'll take you to play tomorrow. "

"Okay! I'm leaving now. " Lucy waved at Clark to say goodbye. Sitting in the car, Sean Mo stared at the document in Clark's hand with a deeper expression. The words in the corner were indeed Morsino. 'Did the child go there? Did he ask to give up Lucy again?' Lucy ran to Sean happily. After getting in the car, she hugged her father happily and said, "Dad, I want to tell

you one thing! Today, Clark took me to an interesting place. The name is also very cool. It's Morsino. " When Sean heard the word Morsino, his body tightened, but he pretended to be calm and said, "Oh? Really? Is there anything strange happening?"

"Something strange? Yes! Yes! A group of men in suits and sunglasses came out. They looked like gangsters. I was scared to death, but! In order to protect me, Clark stood before me and told those people not to hurt me! I'm so happy." Lucy was so happy that she didn't notice that Sean's face darkened.

'Who is the young master of Morsino? Why does he hurt Lucy again and again! Let all the people who loves her leave her! Is it because I made an agreement with the chairman of Morsino when I was young? If our children are a man and a woman, then they will be engaged. It was just a joke at that time. The chairman of Morsino doesn't take it seriously, but his son takes it serious. He doesn't allow anyone to get close to Lucy. As long as it is more than a month, he must make a declaration. In this way, how can Lucy take it. Gradually, she loses confidence in love. Is this what the young master wants? I have to find out this young master of Morsino. Why does he hurt my daughter? Why doesn't he show up to confess his love to my daughter directly? Or does he have other purposes.'

After returning home, Lucy turned on her phone to call Clark. "Hello, the number you dialed is powered off. Please redial later." The phone kept ringing, and the echo of the phone was the same mechanical sound. The smile on her face gradually turned pale, and the nightmare seemed to begin again. She sat up from the bed and shouted, "You guys are all bad. Big bad guys. Why did you dump me after a month? Why? Why do you always hurt me like this? What did I do wrong?" As she spoke, there was no more sound. At this time, Lucy's face was covered with tears and pale. She dialed the number again, but it was still the annoying mechanical sound. Lucy slammed her phone on the ground.

"I want to find you. I want to find you. I want to know why. I want the answer. You can't leave me. You can't disappear from my life. I don't allow it." Crying, Lucy rushed out of the room, ran out of the door and ran to the Yin family. It was dark all the way, and there was no one on the street. Her long smooth hair flying in her wake, and tears kept welling up. At this time, she was completely collapsed.

As soon as she broke into the Yin family's house, she almost lost control and shouted, "Clark, come out! Come out!" It was not until then that she realized that the whole room was empty without sofa and TV. All of a sudden, something occurred to her. She ran to Clark's room on the second floor and opened the door. The room was empty, with only a lot of white papers left. In an instant, the eyes of Lucy were blank and terrible. She lowered herself and squatted on the ground.

"Why? Why? I thought your existence dispelled my nightmare. But I didn't know that you were the extension of my nightmare, and it was so painful that my heart was about to rot." With her arms supporting her body, Lucy stood up. Her beautiful face looked even paler with tears all over her face. She turned around and walked slowly on the stairs. The white paper in Clark's room was blown by the wind. The room seemed snowing, and the words indistinctly appeared, "Lucy, I'm sorry!"

Lucy didn't notice the flying white paper behind her. She just tried her best to support herself not to fall down. When she walked out of the Yin family's house, it was raining. Lucy looked at the sky and forced a bitter smile. The rain was getting heavier and heavier. She walked in the rain to embrace it. At this moment, it was hard to tell whether the water on her face was tears or rain. As the rain became heavier, Lucy began to shake violently. When she walked to a dazzling shop in a daze, she raised her head slightly and saw the word Morsino. She couldn't hold on any longer and fell to the ground in the rain. Her long hair was scattered in the rain, seeping the smell of rain. Her eyelids felt heavy. She lost consciousness.

"Poor girl, my lucy, wake up quickly! Don't make mom worry about you, okay? " Lucy vaguely felt some noise and sobs in her ears. She just felt that her eyelids were so heavy that she couldn't open them. But that was her mother, and she had to wake up. Lucy slowly opened her eyes. The dazzling sunshine shone into her eyes, and she blocked it with her hands. When she saw Molly who was laughing beside her, she moved her mouth and said softly, "Mom, I'm sorry to make you worried."

"Silly girl, it's good that you are fine. I was so scared." After saying that, Molly cried again. Feeling sorry for her, Lucy wiped her tears and comforted her, "All right! Mom, I'm fine. Please don't cry." "Okay. You must be hungry. I'll bring you dinner. " Molly said and was about to go out. However, Lucy held her hand and said, "Mom, I want eat outside. You don't have to bring it in."

"Come, let me help you!" Molly help her up apprehensively. Lucy smiled and said, "Mom, I'm fine. Don't worry. Let's go to have dinner."

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