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   Chapter 25 Mandy‘s Translation

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Lucy turned to Kitty and asked, "Where is Mandy? I have something to talk to her. I need her to translate some sentences." Kitty held her arms angrily and said, "Mandy went to buy breakfast." Lucy nodded slightly, stared at Kitty and asked, "Where did you go since you weren't in the house just now?" Kitty shook the sweat on her forehead and snorted, "Don't you see that I'm soaked with sweat? I went for a morning run." Lucy smiled awkwardly and wiped the sweat off her forehead. Looking at the dolls in front of her, she sighed helplessly and said, "Well, don't be angry, Kitty. I'll help you get all of them back to this room. Honey, don't be mad!" Lucy coaxed Kitty softly, grabbed the dolls on the ground and threw them into the room one by one.

As the number of dolls decreased, Lucy glanced at other rooms and sighed, "There are so many rooms. Why do you put all of them in this small room?" Kitty cast a cold glance at Lucy and said, "The other rooms are either the laundry room, the big wardrobe where the clothes are stored, the luxurious bathroom, the study, or the luxurious shoe cabinet. All of them are in use. The rest are Mandy's and mine. There are bathroom, wardrobe, shoe cabinet, and a large garden balcony in our room. Only this room can used to store the dolls in the second floor."

The corners of Lucy's mouth twitched. She didn't expect that there were a few rooms in the big villa, and those bathroom were all made for enjoyment. If all members of EXO lived in such a villa, they would probably have to make their beds on the floor of the hall! "It's time for breakfast, Kitty," said Mandy from downstairs. Kitty replied anxiously, "Oh, I'm coming." Seeing that Lucy was absent-minded, Kitty shouted in her ear, "Mandy is back." Lucy was shocked. She rubbed her ears and looked up at Kitty who was gloating. She threw the doll at Kitty and said, "You're courting death! Do you want a good thrashing?"

Kitty caught the doll and said with a smile, "You're distracted. If you don't work hard, you deserve it. Ha-ha!" Lucy picked up a lot of dolls and threw them at Kitty again. Kitty dodged all of the dolls and made a face happily. Lucy rushed to Kitty. Kitty ran downstairs quickly. Lucy followed her closely and shouted, "Stop, stop! If I catch you, I will make you suffer. Stop!" Kitty turned her head with a smile and said, "Stop? I'm not stupid."

Seeing them running downstairs, Mandy smiled faintly. After she prepared all the tableware, she said with a smile, "Well, you two, stop making trouble. Sit down and have breakfast quickly." Lucy stopped in a hurry, pulled out a chair and sat down, out of breath. She picked up the milk on the table and drank it up. After drinking it, she wiped her mouth with a napkin. Ignoring Kitty, she picked up the bread on the plate and began to eat. When she was enjoying the food, she suddenly thought of what SeHun had said to her. She turned her head and asked, "Mandy, I had a fever last night. They took me to the hospital. Fortunately, I woke up and didn't receive any medical examination. Otherwise, they would find out that I am a girl. And! SeHun helped me out inexplicably. He also said some Korean words that I don't understand. Could you interpret for me? " "What is it?"

"그 걸 왜 나한 테 물 어? 너 여자 지? 너 는 나 에 게 아무것도 모 르 는 척 하지 마라. 무슨 속셈 인지 말 해 봐. 남자 인 척 엑 소 합류 목적 은?" Lucy spoke out the words SeHun said to her in Korean seriously. The cup in Mandy's hand trembled, and the look in her eyes became deeper and deeper.

"The meaning of these two sentences are how dare you ask me what's wrong!" said Mandy in a low voice. "You are a woman, a

ren't you?" And the other one is that don't pretend to know nothing. Tell me, what's your purpose on earth? Why did you disguise as a man and sneak into EXO?" Hearing what Mandy said, both Lucy and Kitty were stunned. The bread in Lucy's hand fell into the plate, and her eyes were full of disappointment. Her hands began to tremble unconsciously. At this time, her mind was blank, but the words kept repeating in her mind that you were a woman, right?

"Lucy, how did SeHun know that you are a woman? Did he see through?" Kitty asked anxiously. Lucy shook her head uncontrollably. With her hand gently stroking her back, Mandy frowned, but suddenly thought of something and said softly, "Don't worry, Lucy. Even if SeHun knows that you are a woman, he didn't tell anyone else, did he? You don't have to be afraid." Still shaking her head, Lucy didn't say a word. Her face turned pale. With a smile on her face, Mandy said, "Think about it. Last night when they sent you to the hospital, SeHun helped you out. He didn't want others to know that you were a girl. You are such a fool. Why don't you understand? From yesterday till today, has SeHun told anyone that you are a girl? He just simply questioned you last night! "

Lucy realized something and slowly raised her head. She looked at Mandy and said, "Mandy, he didn't tell the other members of the EXO because he didn't want my identity to be exposed and ruin the EXO. He must want me to explain everything to everyone by myself, because only in this way won't hurt the EXO, but mer." Hearing what Lucy said, Kitty's anger rose. She shouted, "Lucy, how could SeHun do this to you? I thought he was very handsome and hoped you two could be together. I didn't expect that he would let you destroy yourself in order to protect EXO."

Hearing that, Lucy was stunned and her expression gradually faded. Mandy touched Kitty and told her not to say anything more. Seeing that, Kitty couldn't help but feel heartbroken. At this moment, Lucy's heart was painful. She didn't expect that she would be seen through in just a few days, and it was also done by that innocent boy. Sure enough, it was a question that she was two years older than him. They were about the same age, and he was also a teenager. Naturally, he was very sensitive to girls at this stage. If she had known it earlier, she should have been far away from him.

"Instantly, Heart Attack (Ah). I can't move (Oh). My world collapses and I am indulged in the Heart Attack you give me! I almost lost my breath when you are so close to me. Instantly, Heart Attack (Ah). I can't move (Oh)." Suddenly, Lucy's mobile phone rang. Listening to the song's lyrics, her heart seemed to be so painful that she almost lost her breath. She really couldn't move. Her perfect world was about to be destroyed, and then she slowly fell asleep because of heartache. The face of SeHun flashed through her mind.

"Hello?" Lucy answered the phone feebly. Then she heard the voice of SeHun, "Lucy, I have something to talk to you. You'd better bring your translator with you in case that you don't understand what I say. Don't look for anyone else. There are only three of us. Listen, I'll wait for you at YD. See you at two o'clock in the afternoon." Hearing the sound of beep, Lucy's eyes widened all of a sudden, and cold sweat seeped out. After a long time, she slowly put down her hand holding the phone and sat at the table in a daze. Mandy quietly looked at Lucy, and when she saw the expression on her face, she knew that it must be SeHun.

Kitty saw that the screen of Lucy's phone showed SeHun. Kitty's eyes darkened.

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