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   Chapter 23 SeHun Takes Care of Foam

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SeHun held Lucy's hand and rushed to the car. Lucy felt that her hand was held tightly by SeHun. Feeling a little pain, she shook off his hand and said, "What are you doing! It hurts." Lucy couldn't help but shake.

SeHun stood in front of her. The way she rubbed her hands and the way she looked at him made him look like a woman. He stared at her coldly and said, "How dare you ask me? You are a woman, aren't you?"

Lucy didn't understand what SeHun meant. She smoothed her messy hair and asked awkwardly, "What do you mean by that?"

SeHun thought that Lucy was pretending not to know it, so the anger suppressed in the bottom of his heart surged up. He grabbed her hand and pulled her in front of him, almost touching his lips. He stared at her.

"Don't pretend that you know nothing. Tell me, what's your purpose? Why did you disguise as a man and sneak into EXO?"

Looking at SeHun's handsome and charming face, Lucy pulled her hands. Her face was a little red, and her heart beat faster and faster. Her pink face became redder, exuding a fatal charm.

But when she saw SeHun's face when he was questioning her, she became furious. How could he talk to her in such a tone? 'Forget it. I don't know what he means in Korean anyway. I'll ask Mandy later.'

The stubbornness in Lucy's eyes met SeHun's. Their eyes were full of sparks, as if they could see the blue lightning in the air, full of power.

When the EXO group walked out of the hospital and saw the scene in front of them, they were all stunned. Luhan walked to the side of Lucy and pulled her into his arms with one hand. Lucy's hand slipped out from SeHun's hand. Seeing the indifference in Luhan's eyes, SeHun stopped his hand in midair.

"I don't know what happened between you two. Can you solve it after you go back? Take him to see a doctor now. " Luhan took Lucy's hand as he spoke and walked towards the hospital. Lucy struggled to get rid of his hand and a faint smile appeared on her pale face.

"Senior, I'm fine. Let's go home."

Lucy tried her best to keep her body from shaking. She managed to get in Hannah's car. The other members of EXO looked at Lucy helplessly and then went to drive their own cars. Luhan opened the door and got in the car and started the car. He looked back at Lucy with concern and asked, "Are you sure everything is okay?"

Lucy nodded and didn't say anything. She looked out of the window dejectedly. SeHun opened the front door and sat in the front seat. Luhan glanced at SeHun.

"Why don't you sit back to take care of Lucy?"

SeHun said coldly, "He's fine. He doesn't need to be cared for. Brother Lu, let's go back to dormitory!"

Along the way, the dark yellow light shone on Lucy's face through the window, making her face even paler and her eyes look absent-minded. Her brain gradually went blank, and her eyelids became heavier and heavier. She was so sleepy.

Leaning against the window quietly in the breeze, she looked sad and beautiful.

"Lucy, Foam, wake up." Luhan gently shook Lucy who was asleep in the car. She slowly opened her eyes. Luhan;s handsome face appeared in front of her. Lucy stared at him blankly. Such a person was like a prince created in a comic book, dreamy and real, and it was really easy to be fascinated. After being stunned for a while, she shook her head and got out of the car. She saw all members of the EXO stood in a row before her and chuckled.

Looking at the 12 men with different charm in front of her, Lucy smiled bitterly. How could she like them so much?! What if she couldn't live without them! What should she do?

"Foam, let's go inside! You must be very tired." Chanyeol grinned and hugged Lucy, and she smiled blankly and then nodded. She followed him into the dormitory, and the others walked after her slowly.

Standing in the garden, SeHun's eyes never moved away from Lucy. A trace of indifference gradually appeared on his white and tender face. 'What's your purpose to join EXO!'

"Foam, it's late now. Go to bed! You must be fed up with those reporters today! You are sure to be exhausted. " SUHO smiled gently.

Clenching her aching head, Lucy nodded and walked towards her room in silence. After entering her room, she closed the door gently.

BAEKHYUN looked at Lucy and said helplessly, "Foam has a serious fever. It's obvious that he is holding on. Why doesn't he go to see a doctor when he wakes up?"

CHEN smiled and said, "Maybe he has his own difficulties!"

TAO teased, "Perhaps he's afraid of injection or infusion?"

Kris said lightly, "Well, let's stop talking about it. It's not wise to leave Foam in this way. His fever will be aggravated. Who will watch him at night?"

Hearing this, Luhan immediately said, "I'll take care of him."

Everyone's eyes were fixed on Luhan. SeHun smiled bitterly and stared at Luhan blankly.

'If Brother Lur knows that Lucy is a woman, will he like her more? Then I will be abandoned by him. No, I can't let him have any

contact with any girl.' SeHun suppressed the pain in his chest and said in a low voice, "I'll take care of him!"

Everyone's eyes shifted from Luhan to SeHun. Luhan's eyes were full of curiosity and wonder, and there was a faint worry deep in his eyes.

SeHun said slowly, "Lucy is about my age. I can take care of him. You don't need to worry about him. You can go to bed! Brother! "

D. O. asked curiously, "What does it have to do with age?"

SUHO smiled and said, "Since the Maknae insists to caring for Foam, just let him go! It would improve the relationship between them! Let's go to rest! "

"Okay! Finally, we can have a rest. I'm so annoyed by those reporters today. Let's go. Kris, go to take a shower." TAO happily stretched himself and put his arm on Kris's shoulder.

Kris panicked. "TAO, you'd better go by yourself! I have something else to do. I haven't finished my song score yet. I'm going back to my room! "

With a smile, TAO hooked Luhan's body and said, "Luhan, we are good friends. Let's go together!"

"I'm not in the mood. I'm going to bed," said Luhan in a low voice. Luhan went upstairs slowly.

TAO said angrily, "What's wrong with you two? You don't even want to take a shower! Are you still my brother?"

SUHO said gently, "Son, I'll go with you."

TAO was touched by SUHO's words. He nodded with a smile and dragged SUHO upstairs.

Holding BAEKHYUN's hand, Chanyeol went upstairs. CHEN smiled at XIUMIN and said, "Well, let's go to bed too!"

XIUMIN nodded, looked at KAI and SeHun, who were still sitting on the sofa, and said, "SeHun, why don't you go to accompany Foam? And KAI, why don't you go to bed?"

"Oh! I know. I'm waiting for D.O.! He and LAY go to the kitchen to get some drinks. We'll go upstairs together later."

When KAI saw D.O. and LAY coming out of the kitchen, he stood up from the sofa, held their necks, and went upstairs with a smile. However, SeHun didn't say anything, but the coldness on his face became stronger. He walked to the door of Lucy's room, and his hand, which was about to knock, stopped in midair. He wanted to knock, but he couldn't. Finally, he made up his mind and knocked at the door.

Exhausted, Lucy opened the door. SeHun saw that her face was a little red, and there was sweat on her forehead. Her hair was obviously wet, and her eyes were dull, almost without any color. SeHun was stunned by her appearance instinctively, and felt a little sorry for her. When he was about to say something, she pounced on him. SeHun reacted quickly to hold her and felt that her body was hot. He quickly picked her up, walked into the room, gently put her on the bed, and covered her with the quilt.

Lucy's eyebrows were still tightly wrinkled, and the sweat on her forehead was constantly seeping out. The quilt was almost wet with sweat, and her deep red hair was scattered on the pillow, which made her attractive.

Looking at her, SeHun's look became odd. He said helplessly, "You are a woman who disguised as a man but still don't know how to take care of your own. If something happens to you then what to do? You are so stupid. Now you need me to take care of you. You are so troublesome. Brother Lu has been paying attention to her since the first day she came. He has ignored me. She has caused me trouble on the first day of the press conference. Since then, trouble came on after another. How ridiculous! How could this guy get through till now? "

SeHun raised his fist to hit her head with hatred. When he was about to touch her forehead, Lucy began to murmur. "Water! Water!"

SeHun's clenched fist slowly loosened. He walked out of the room, went to the kitchen, poured a glass of water, and took some milk from the fridge. He slowly walked into the room, put the milk on the table, and supported Lucy's body with his arm. He moved the glass to her mouth and fed her slowly. She drank in a hurry, and her pale lips were stained with water. After drinking up the water, SeHun put the glass on the table and breathed a sigh of relief when he saw that she became quiet.

"Why did you disguise as a man and join EXO! Does the agent know your real gender! It's so annoying. It's better to ask you face to face when you wake up. If you want to get close to Brother Lu by pretending to be a man, I will never allow you to do so. You'd better give me a reasonable explanation, or you expose all the truth to the media, and then withdraw from EXO... "

SeHun leaned his head against the edge of the bed and gently closed his eyes. His good-looking eyelashes were closed, and his tender lips were pressed together. His white temporarily handsome face, long hair scattered on his forehead. The light in the room reflected on them, making them look more harmonious. The beautiful people got along with each other, adding more charm to the whole room.

Everything was not destined to happen, but a destined encounter. They were bound to tangle with each other for a lifetime....

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