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   Chapter 22 Foam Has a High Fever and Faints

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SeHun gently put Lucy on the sofa. A strange look flashed through his eyes. Looking at her pale face, he had a strange feeling. He thought of pulling her into his arms just now and shouting at the reporters. What was going on? Why did he lose control all of a sudden?

LAY couldn't help but glance at SeHun. Seeing the puzzled expression on him, LAY frowned slightly.

It was really trick to get rid of the trouble!

"Is she okay! Why did she suddenly faint? " TAO said with concern.

With a gentle smile on his face, SUHO said, "TAO, why are you anxious?"

Hearing SUHO's words, TAO realized that he was a little worried about him, but then he said arrogantly, "Am I? I just want to know why this guy suddenly fainted."

Chanyeol clapped his hands and said with a smile, "Now even TAO has accepted Foam!"

The members of the EXO group all looked at TAO with a smile. TAO looked at the others and said, "Why are you looking at me? Look at him and figure out what's wrong with him? "

Kris walked up to Lucy and touched her forehead with his hand. It was a little hot. Kris noticed that her brows were knitted tightly, her bangs were wet and her face became paler. He said lightly, "He has a fever."

"He has a fever?" Luhan asked anxiously.

Everyone's eyes were fixed on Luhan. There was a flash of indifference and sadness in SeHun's eyes. No one noticed that his eyes were filled with tears.

Kris nodded slightly. Luhan walked to Lucy in a hurry and wanted to pick him up. SeHun held Lucy's body tightly. He didn't want Luhan to touch a boy other than him, but when SeHun did it, he touched her chest.

How could it be so soft?

SeHun had been staring at the face of Luhan, but when he felt something was wrong, he turned his head slowly and looked at Lucy. The color of his eyes gradually turned black, and he stared at her as if he was going to swallow her.

She was a girl? ...

"What are you doing, SeHun? I have to take him to the hospital. " Luhan tried his best to lower his voice.

SeHun thought that if Luhan sent Lucy to the hospital, everyone would know that Lucy was a girl. At that time, the news reporters would interview why a female member joined the EXO, which would certainly ruin the image of the EXO. Now, there were so many fans of Lucy. If they knew that she was a woman, perhaps the whole EXO would be involved. 'No, she couldn't be exposed. I'd better wait her to wake up, letting her to answer for the misunderstanding she caused.'

LAY became anxious. If she was sent to the hospital, everyone would know that she was a girl. No, it seemed that they had to play it by ear when they arrived at the hospital later.

SeHun's thoughtful look made Luhan feel strange. He raised his voice and said, "SeHun, let go of him."

SeHun's hand gradually loosened, and his eyes darkened. Luhan picked up Lucy, and looked at him in surprise. How could he be so light?

SeHun slowly stood up. His legs were numb because he had squatted for a long time, and his legs were weak. He suddenly fell on the sofa, and a faint sadness flashed through his eyes, which was unnoticed.

Turning around, Luhan said to Kris, "Kris, go to take the car in the garage and drive him to the hospital."

Kris nodded, picked up the car key from the table and walked to the garage. KAI followed him out with his own key, and the other people of EXO followed one after another. When Luhan was about to go out with Lucy in his arms, SeHun suddenly stopped Luhan and looked at him dejectedly. Seeing the sadness in his eyes, Luhan was stunned and stopped.

"Leave him to me! I'm holding him. I don't want you

to get tired... " SeHun held Lucy in his arms.

Noticing that there was something wrong with SeHun, Luhan asked in a low voice, "Are you okay?"

SeHun said indifferently, "Yes. Let's go!"

When Luhan was about to leave, he realized that Lucy had already been in SeHun's arms. Stunned for a while, SeHun said softly, "Brother Lu, let's go!"

Luhan nodded. He felt sad when seeing that Lucy's face was getting paler. SeHun carried Lucy into his car. Luhan sat in the front seat, looked at Lucy's face through the rearview mirror and frowned. SeHun sat next to Lucy to look after him.

SeHun cast a cold glance at Lucy and decided to keep his identity from being exposed this time. When you wake up, I will ask you about your intention of joining EXO as a man? SeHun pursed his lips and looked out of the window quietly.

When they arrived at the hospital, the whole EXO group got out of the car. Their handsome appearance attracted a lot of fans, screaming. Lucy frowned and slowly opened her eyes. She vaguely saw SeHun's tender face. Gradually, she came to her senses and saw SeHun walking with her in his arms. She wondered where she was going? 'Go back to the dormitory? Why haven't we arrived yet? So slow...'

Lucy turned her head. When she saw the word "hospital", her eyes widened. Go to hospital? What are we going to do in the hospital?'

When Lucy was confused, D.O. said in a magnetic voice, "Do you want Foam to stay in the senior medical ward or the presidential medical suite later?"

XIUMIN said slowly, "of course it's medical suite. Treat the new member well! D.O. ..."

XIUMIN patted D.O. on the shoulder. D.O took a slight glance at XIUMIN and said, "I didn't do anything bad to him. I just asked! It's just a fever. Isn't necessary to be so nervous? We normally take medicine when sick. Who will come to the hospital? "

LAY's palms began to sweat. 'What should I do? Is it going to be exposed today? No matter why she pretended to be a man and joined EXO, I will protect her well and not let her be hurt.'

When Kris was about to enter the hospital, he said, "Put on your hats! In case we disturb others. "

Hearing this, Lucy was completely confused. Did she have a fever? Did they take her to the hospital? But if they found out that she was a girl, she would be doomed.

In a hurry, Lucy struggled out of SeHun's arms, but she lost her balance and leaned forward. SeHun quickly caught her and said coldly, "What are you doing?"

After she steadied herself, she looked down at SeHun and said, "I'm sorry. I didn't mean it."

Before Lucy could react, Luhan pulled her to his side and asked, "You're awake. Are you feeling well?"

Lucy still felt dizzy. But in order not to be hospitalized, she had to pretend to be fine. She shook her head. "I'm fine..."

Luhan grabbed her arm and said, "You can't even keep your feet. How come you say you are fine? Go to see a doctor. Anyway, we are in the hospital."

Lucy took a deep breath. She felt pain in her hand which was held by Luhan, which made her sober.

Seeing this, SeHun angrily pulled Lucy over. She fell into the arms of SeHun. Being pulled back and forth by SeHun and Luhan, she felt more dizzy and confused. Looking at her in his arms, SeHun clenched his fists angrily.

"She's fine... Come with me to the dormitory. " SeHun pulled Lucy who was unconscious to the gate of the hospital, leaving behind a group of EXO members, stunned.

Luhan wondered what was going on?

LAY's eyes darkened. 'SeHun didn't allow Lucy to see a doctor. Did he know that she was a girl?' In that case, the situation would become worse....

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