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   Chapter 21 Reporters Interview Foam

Romantic Troubles: She Is Mr. Charming By Yixi Yuhuan Characters: 10176

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The agent's expression slowly relaxed. He sighed, "Well, get in the car! There are paparazzi nearby. It's not good to let them take pictures... "

Hearing that, Lucy was stunned. She looked around and found that there were flashlight in the side door of Yonsei University, which was very hard to notice. She nodded and took the hands of Mandy and Kitty to get in the car. Sitting in the car, Lucy looked at the agent sitting in the front seat with a helpless face and said, "Agent, I'm sorry. I have caused so much trouble. I won't leave the group of EXO to act alone in the future"

Lucy' sounded trembling. If the entertainment front page was really like what her agent had said, it would do a great harm to EXO when the news that new members were excluded from EXO spread! What did she do? How could she hurt them? She was so stupid. She should be careful in the future and follow the organization. The entertainment circle was so dangerous.

The agent sitting in the front seat didn't say anything or look back. Thinking that the agent was still angry and had no mood to talk to her, Lucy looked out of the window quietly with an apologetic look on her face. However, she didn't know that the agent's mouth slightly curled up, and his eyes were shining with an unusually dazzling light. He even secretly looked at the innocent face through the rearview mirror. He was smiling more happily in his heart and thought he had to teach Foam a lesson, or Foam would create more troubles in the future!

"Wow! Is this a house for man? It's so high-end and classy! " As soon as Kitty got off the car, she saw the luxurious villa in front of her and couldn't help but marvel.

Lucy was also satisfied with it and smiled, which was romantic and solemn. The tall hall and magnificent gate, and the green lawn around the house was decorated with some white plastic steel round tables, making people feel fresh and pleasant.

Walking into the lawn, Mandy smelled the Tillandsia hanging on the vines and smiled. The agent looked at the reactions of them and chuckled.

"Foam, from now on, the villa belongs to your sisters. There are a lot of things in it. I'll ask the cleaner to clean it later. You can sit in the yard and have a rest."

Lucy quietly observed the outside of the villa. Hearing the agent's words, she slowly reacted and quickly refused. "No, thanks. We can clean it ourselves."

The agent was a little surprised. He stared at Lucy thoughtfully and said, "It's fine. I call them come first."

"No need, please. I'm very grateful that you can let them live with me. I shouldn't bother you. Besides, they are willing to clean themselves." Lucy looked at Kitty who was excited with a smile.

Looking at the agent happily, Kitty said, "Well, agent, thank you for finding someone for us! But we are used to cleaning by ourselves, not to mention it's fun. "

The agent was still in shock. He burst into laughter.

"All right! Since you want to clean it yourself, you can do it! I just want to remind you that there are a lot of

oday." Lucy almost roared out the last sentence, and the camera and notebook in the hands of the reporters at the scene slowly dropped down.

All the members of EXO stared at the petite man in front of them in surprise.

Just for a moment...

The next minute, all the reporters came and surrounded her, and a lot of questions reach to her ears.

"Then why did you go to the Yonsei University?"

"And why are your fans crazy in the Yonsei University? Why are you crying? Is it because you don't have an autograph? "

"Who is the woman you held going out of the Yonsei University? Is she your girlfriend or something? Don't you already have one by your side? Who is the girl beside you? "

The noise in Lucy's ears grew. She gradually felt dizzy and her steps became unstable. As the reporters came to her one by one, she felt like she lost the control of her body.

"Enough!" With a childish voice, SeHun pulled Lucy into his arms. He raised his head slightly. It was him...

Lucy gradually lost consciousness. SeHun supported her with his arms and stood there. His eyes were full of anger, staring coldly at the group of reporters in front of him.

The agent hurried to stand in front of EXO and said, "Everyone, Foam has explained the reason for the matter just now, so please don't ask any other irrelevant paparazzi news. Please go back!"

All the reporters turned around unhappily. The whole EXO group quickly surrounded Lucy. In the arms of SeHun, Lucy had completely fainted. A trace of pity flashed through Luhan's eyes. He wanted to take her from SeHun, but SeHun carried her horizontally and walked into the dormitory. The others followed them.

LAY clenched his fists tightly. 'How could this guy be so dangerous? Whoever had contact with her all finds her attractive. He has really caused me a lot of trouble!'

Luhan shook his head....

'What was I thinking about? Why did I feel depressed when I saw him like that? It seemed that there is a different feeling.

Lucy, what is magic power?'

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