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   Chapter 20 Foam Is Followed by Paparazzi

Romantic Troubles: She Is Mr. Charming By Yixi Yuhuan Characters: 6732

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Looking at the messy classroom, Lucy realized that they had recognized her. She ran out of the classroom with Mandy and Kitty while saying, "Why is it so troublesome to be a star?"

With a gloating smile, Kitty said, "Who said that she would do anything for EXO?"

Lucy was speechless. Did this have anything to do with her current situation?

The fans behind her almost ran madly towards her. Her expression gradually cooled down. These people were so annoying.

If she caused the chaos of Yonsei University, it would have a negative impact on EXO.

"Foam, I'm your fan. Please sign for me!" All of a sudden, a plump girl blocked the way of Lucy, Mandy and Kitty. In a high spirit, she put a notebook and a pen in front of Lucy. Looking at the lovely girl in front of her, Lucy noticed that this girl's eyes were full of expectation and were glittering. She was on the verge of crying, and her voice seemed a little hoarse.

Lucy looked at her carefully. She was wearing a ring with the divine Phoenix logo that had just been released, a delicate bracelet with the divine Phoenix on her wrist, and a Marian necklace with the divine Phoenix around her neck. The official logo of EXO was on her chest, and there was a number ornament of EXO on her long hair. The schoolbag on her back was also the latest release of EXO. A flash of disbelief flashed through Lucy's eyes. How much did a girl like EXO? How could she turn everything she had into EXO? Lucy slowly raised her hand, took the girl's pen, and signed her name on her notebook. By the way, she drew a smile on the side, and then handed the notebook to the girl. She smiled slightly, pulled Mandy and Kitty and left.

As more and more fans surrounded her, Lucy was protected by Mandy and Kitty, ready to break out of the school. When Lucy turned her head and saw the girl, she jumped up happily and ran wildly on the playground, shouting and crying. There seemed to be tears in the corners of her eyes, and her expression gradually faded. If they kne

ile. "Your request is impossible. You'd better not say it casually, because there will be paparazzi following you at any time. Don't leave any news about your as a new member in EXO on the entertainment newspaper. It will do a great harm to the image of EXO, understand? " The agent said, looking at Lucy.

Lucy's eyes darkened and nodded slightly. 'How could I do something harmful to EXO?

No matter what big trouble EXO will face in the future, I will always be with them and never leave. I will bear all their pain alone.'

The agent looked at Lucy's gloomy face and said lightly, "Although you can't live together, you can live close to each other. There is a villa next to the dormitory of EXO. That villa is empty and no one lives there. Because all the gifts of EXO's fans are placed in that villa, the rooms in that villa are empty. You can let your sisters live there."

Hearing the agent's words, Lucy thought she had heard it wrong. She rubbed her ears and asked Kitty, "What did he say just now?"

With a big smile on her face, Kitty covered her mouth and said, "He asked us to live next door to you, and the environment is good! And it's a villa!"

With a gleam shining in her eyes, Lucy turned to look at Mandy and said with a smile, "Mandy, you can live with me now..."

Mandy nodded slightly and smiled happily.

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