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   Chapter 19 Hear-Broken

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Neon lights shone on the dancing floor. After the song was finished, Lucy and LAY looked at each other and smiled. At that moment, it seemed that there were only two of them left in the world, facing each other....

They walked out of the dance floor. The agent hugged lucy with a smile. "Foam, sure enough, I didn't see you wrong. Your singing is marvelous. It seems that there is no problem for the new album of this world tour, ha-ha!"

Lucy felt that she was under a great pressure, and nodded reluctantly. The other EXO members sitting on the sofa all looked at her with different eyes.

'How many secrets does Lucy have? It's obvious that he is just an ordinary college student. He has only learned dancing and has never practiced singing. But he has such a good singing skill and a good voice...'

Kris's face darkened as he looked at Lucy carefully.

A trace of admiration flashed through LAY's eyes, and a faint smile appeared at the corners of his mouth. Her singing was indeed attractive.

D.O. gently stroked his neck. He had always been singing the soprano parts, and the highest pitch was octave. This guy actually reached that level, but it seemed easy for him. He was completely convinced. He thought it was not enough to describe his strength by calling him "genius". D. O. looked at Lucy and raised his thumb with a smile. Looking at his gesture, Lucy smiled faintly.

Luhan just sat quietly on the sofa without saying a word. When lucy saw him, she couldn't see the expression on his face with his head down. He held his hands tightly and stayed alone in a dark corner. When Lucy was about to walk over, she saw Crystal who came to sit beside him. She looked at the worried expression on Crystal's face and seemed to understand something.

She felt a sense of loss....

Lucy then looked at SeHun who was sitting next to Chanyeol. He was drinking wine one by one, and glanced at Luhan from time to time. Looking at the scene in front of her, Lucy sat quietly on the sofa.

"What kind of feeling does he have for Luhan? That feeling drives him do everything for Hannah. Why was he so sad to torment himself?


There was always a faint sadness in SeHun's eyes, and there seemed to be light in his eyes. His face was pale for the time being, and his lips were tightly pressed together. As he drank more and more wine, SeHun's cheeks gradually turned red, and his wet bangs were scattered on his forehead. The wine glass in Lucy's hand slowly tightened. Looking at the somewhat decadent look of SeHun, she felt her heart ache and uncomfortable. She worried about his health from time to time. The other members scattered to drink. Lucy put down the glass and walked to SeHun. She grabbed the glass from him. There was a hint of pity in her eyes, but it flashed by immediately.

"That's enough. Don't drink any more. You are drunk." SeHun stopped shaking and looked up at her with disgust.

Lucy's hand froze in the air with the wine glass in her hand.

"I'm not drunk. It's none of your business. Get out of the way." SeHun stared at her with hatred. At that moment, her heart seemed to be torn apart. It was unbearable, and a light flashed through her eyes.

"You are drunk." Lucy sounded unconfident. She lowered her head, with her dark red hair hanging in front of her face.

SeHun roared, "It's none of your business." He snatched the glass from her hand and continued to drink.

As soon as Lucy turned around, a drop of tear fell from her pink face. It scattered in the air like glittering diamond, pricking her eyes.

Holding Kitty's hand, Lucy walked towards the elevator.

Seeing everything, Kitty looked at Lucy who was depressed in pain. Looking at SeHun, who was sitting opposi

te the elevator, Kitty clenched her hands and held Lucy until the elevator door was closed. She comforted, "Lucy, it's okay! It's okay. It has nothing to do with you if he gets drunk. "

Lucy's body trembled and realized that she had lost her manner. She slowly raised her head and said with a slight smile, "I'm fine! Why did you say that? "

Kitty sighed. 'Why does she always like to hide what she was thinking? If she stays with the twelve people in EXO, she will fall in love with them sooner or later. It is just a matter of time. She disguises herself as a man and joined EXO. If it is exposed, will EXO forgive her? I'm really worried about her!'

"Kitty, let's go back to the dormitory! I'll ask the agent to arrange a room for you and Mandy later. The dormitory is so big. It doesn't matter if you live with me! " Lucy said in a low voice, regaining her composure.

"Okay! Let's go back first! Anyway, you can't drink too much, in case you get drunk and cause a lot of trouble. "

Hearing that, the corners of Lucy's mouth twitched slightly. She smiled awkwardly and said, "I'm a good drinker. What trouble can I cause? Don't underestimate me!"

Seeing that Lucy was still in the mood to explain, Kitty thought that there should be no problem. She smiled and said, "Okay, okay. You can drink a lot. Go back quickly! Aren't you going to pick Mandy up? "

Holding Kitty's hand, Lucy ran towards Yonsei University.

When Lucy arrived at the gate of Yonsei University, she held Kitty's hand and was about to go in. Suddenly, the flashlight made her eyes blank. Kitty quickly stopped her and said, "The press conference has just announced your identity, and naturally someone will recognize you. Try to hide your face. Let's go in to look for Mandy."

It was not until then that Lucy realized that she was a member of the EXO group. She had forgotten about the news conference. She covered her face with her hat and walked towards the Korean Research Institute under the protection of Kitty. Along the way, there were more and more people taking photos with flash light. She said helplessly, "It's so troublesome to be a star!"

Looking at the growing crowds, Kitty took a deep breath, held Lucy's hand and began to run. Lucy's hat slowly slipped down. Her handsome face was revealed. The fans behind her began to call her "Foam" madly.

Lucy and Kitty quickly entered the Korean Academy to look for Mandy. On the platform of a classroom stood Mandy, who was giving a lesson earnestly. Lucy put on her hat. Regardless of whether Mandy was in class or not, she held Kitty's hand and pushed the door open. As soon as she entered, she felt that everyone was looking at her. Someone even whispered, "Why does he look like the Foam of EXO?"

There were more and more whisperings. Pushing her glasses, with her eyes shining, Mandy stared at Lucy coldly and said, "What can I do for you?"

Noticing the unfriendly tone, Lucy swallowed and said softly, "Mandy, I'm looking for you."

Lucy smiled awkwardly, and Mandy's eyes became sharper. Lucy coughed. Although she knew that Mandy didn't like others to disturb her class, she had to break in as there were so many fans outside. With Mandy's sharp eyes fixed on Lucy, she put down the book gently, walked off the platform to grab her hand and walked out of the classroom. As soon as Lucy turned around, a gust of wind swept over, and her hat fell down gracefully. Her white and tender face was revealed. She pursed her red lips slightly, and her deep and divine eyes looked attractive. Immediately, the classroom was in chaos.

"It's the Foam of EXO. It's the Foam. Go and get his signature!"

"He's so handsome!"

"Foam is so handsome. Go and get her signature!"

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