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   Chapter 18 The First Volume of EXO Newcomers

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The shining neon lights flashed through Luhan's body. When Crystal saw his delicate face, she showed a helpless and disappointed expression. Crystal gently touched her face and slowly crouched down, with a distressed look in her eyes. Crystal smiled and said, "Lulu, no matter what happens, tell me, okay? I'll always be with you."

The heat of Crystal's hand touched the skin of Luhan. Luhan raised his head, held Crystal's hand and stood up. Without saying anything, he took her hand and entered the exciting dancing floor. Crystal followed him into the dancing floor in a daze.

When SeHun saw the absent-minded look of Luhan, a hint of unwillingness flashed through his eyes. He stared at Lucy coldly. Feeling the cold gaze, Lucy trembled and turned her head. When she met SeHun's eyes, she looked at SeHun quietly. There were jealousy and hatred in his eyes.

There was a flash of surprise in Lucy's eyes. 'How did I provoke him again? I don't think so! Why do I always feel that I'm innocent?'

SeHun saw the grievance on Lucy's face, and felt that he looked adorable with his pink lips pouted under his white skin!

SeHun was attracted for a moment. Why was there always a strange power on him that could allude everyone's attention!

SeHun shook his head and turned to look at Luhan. SeHun didn't understand why he was absent-minded for a moment. Didn't he hate him very much!

"Lucy, the man has been staring at you just now." Pointing at SeHun, who was sitting on another sofa, Kitty snickered.

Taking a look at SeHun, Lucy said helplessly, "Tell you one thing. SeHun has been against me since I first came here. I don't know why he is always cold to me."

With her arm against Lucy's head, Kitty said with a smile, "In fact, I think that man named SeHun is good and handsome. You can be together with him!"

Hearing what she said, Lucy quickly covered her mouth and made a gesture of "Shh" with her hand. Kitty nodded, and Lucy said softly, "I'm a man now. Please watch your mouth! Walls have ears! "

Kitty snorted with disdain. "The music on the dance floor is so loud that only ghosts can hear it!"

Lucy looked around and found that The sound of the dancing floor rang the whole hall.

"Anyway, be careful." Lucy said. Kitty nodded her head impatiently and said, "Yes, sir!"

"Now the atmosphere is inactive. Let's ask Foam to sing a piece of music for us, okay?" The agent looked at her with a microphone in high spirits.

Hardly had Lucy drank the ice coke before she spat out. Kitty laughed gloatingly. Lucy glared at Kitty, who sat aside with a faint smile and no longer looked at her. Lucy said to the agent awkwardly, "Agent, spare me?"

The agent had already walked up to her and put his arm on her body. She shrank nervously. This small action did not escape Kris's eyes. Kris looked at Lucy thoughtfully.

"Foam! Today's celebration party is prepared for you! How could you not sing a song for us? Besides, your voice is so beautiful. It doesn't matter if we appreciate it a few more times! We are all family. "

The agent had been patting on her shoulder excitedly while speaking. Biting her lips in pain, Lucy smiled faintly. LAY, who was sitting next to her, stood up and hugged her all of a sudden. Before she could react, she was already beside LAY, and she looked at him in a daze.

"Agent, how about letting Foam sing with me to cheer everyone up?"

Lucy looked at LAY blankly. S

ince she joined EXO, he had always been indifferent to her and didn't talk much to her. In her eyes, he had always been a silent person. Today, he even helped her. Could it be that he felt how painful she had been patted?

"Okay!" The agent clapped his hands, and the rest of the EXO staff also clapped their hands, as well as the other staff working for EXO.

At first, Lucy didn't want to sing, but she didn't expect that she had to sing now. If she refused, others would think that she was arrogant. She nodded politely and said to LAY, "I'll sing before you, okay?"

LAY made a gesture of "please" to welcome her, and Lucy smiled faintly.

The music on the dance floor was getting softer, and the light was slowly changing. The spotlight was focused on LAY and Lucy. Looking at the subdued light, Lucy slowly got into the music. She closed her eyes and opened her mouth slightly. A beautiful voice came from the corner of her mouth.

"She is as innocent as a child who knows nothing. At the beautiful moment of rebirth, she closes her eyes and open them again. She is afraid that all this is just a dream. I, who miss you so much, sincerely stand in front of you and want to get your sight. I just want to walk with you in the same pace, and one is enough. When I rode the wind and land in your world, the white wind surrounded you. You asked me where I came from. I answered it was a secret with smile. As long as you walk with me, heaven will always be with us wherever we go. " The corners of Lucy's mouth twitched slightly, and her pink lips kept moving. Soft music rang in the hall.

LAY smiled, which made him look gentler.

LAY sang softly to the microphone, "To me, you are more dazzling than an angel. If anyone dares to hurt you, I will not allow it. It's as if the first time I entered the garden when I felt uneasy and uneasy, making me look at you every day and think about you all the time. I won't let those small dust and grit get close to you, and I will protect you forever. I will protect you. I'me, tern, ally, love! As your guardian, I will always be there for you, even the world is cold. Every time you feel painful or wronged, I will wipe away your tears. If we are together, heaven will always be with us wherever we go. " When she listened carefully, a deep feeling immediately occupied her heart as if all the noise had gone, and only the sound of heaven could be heard. Lucy looked at LAY with her big eyes. She didn't expect that his voice was so perfect.

With a sweet smile on her face, Lucy took a look at LAY. He slightly moved the corners of his mouth, and they opened their mouths at the same time.

"I have no place to turn back since I fell in love with you. Wing no longer has an eternal life. Oh, no! But I still feel happy for the only reason, because my eternity is you from the moment, eternally, love! When I rode the wind and landed in your world, the white wind surrounded you! You asked me where I came from. I answered it was a secret with smile. As long as you walk with me, heaven will always be with us wherever we go. "

When the main song of EXO "Your world" ended, the voices of them had infected everyone! This beautiful song, flew into everyone's heart tenderly, and the members of EXO were also shocked. LAY's voice together with the somewhat childish voice of Lucy was indeed the undeniable sounds of nature.

LAY thought to himself, 'This is for the beloved you.'

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