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   Chapter 17 The First Volume of EXO Newcomers

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The afterglow poured in through the window. The night was dim. The setting sun was in round shape at the moment and it seemed that it was inlaid with gold. Its bright light made eyes dazzling, creating an unreal feeling. The last ray of setting sun hit the ground, shining golden light, and a warm feeling flowed between Chanyeol and Kitty.

"Chanyeol, BAEKHYUN, Foam, get ready to the celebration party..." Dressed in black casual clothes, Kris walked into Lucy's room. When he saw the scene in front of him, he stared at Kitty in confusion.

"Foam, why is there a girl in your room?"

Lucy gradually got used to lying. She rubbed her hair and said with a smile, "This is my cousin, Kitty."

Kris replied and looked at Chanyeol. "Let's go! Take your sister with you. " Kris said lightly.

Hearing that, Lucy was stunned and nodded. Then, Kris turned around and left. Holding BAEKHYUN's hand, Chanyeol said with a smile "Foam, and Kitty, we'll wait for you in the living room."


Lucy breathed a sigh of relief when she saw them walk out.

"I was scared to death. Fortunately, the secret was not exposed."

Kitty was still immersed in the moment she got along with Chanyeol, so she didn't hear what Lucy said. Lucy turned her head and looked at the anthomaniac girl, scratching her head strangely.

"Kitty, are you ok?"

Kitty still didn't say anything. Lucy waved her hand in front of her, but she still didn't respond. Lucy shouted at her ear, "Kitty."


When she came to her senses, she was shocked. Rubbing her ears, she shouted, "Lucy, what are you doing? I'm almost deaf. "

Lucy shrugged helplessly. "You ignored me. You deserve it."

Kitty raised her fist and tried to hit Lucy. While running, Lucy said, "Kitty, your punch could hurt me. Put it down quickly!"

With a smug smile, she said, "Who let you offend me?"

Lucy ran to the door and stopped at once. She said gently, "Stop it. It will be troublesome if they hear it later. Let's go to the living room! They are still waiting! "

Kitty tiptoed to the door. Lucy made a gesture of "hush". Kitty nodded, "OK!" Lucy walked slowly to the living room, followed by Kitty.

"Can we leave now?" Lucy walked to the living room and spoke in simple Korean. Everyone turned their heads to look at them. Kitty lowered her head awkwardly and put her arm against Lucy. Lucy looked at all the people of EXO helplessly and introduced, "She is my sister, Kitty!"

"See! So cute! Am I right? " Chanyeol looked at everyone with a big smile on his face.

This woman really looked like Lucy.


Looking up at the scene in front of her, Kitty tugged at Lucy's clothes and asked, "Lucy, what did he mean?" Lucy was stumped, because she didn't understand either. As expected, before she did well in Korean, Mandy was an indispensable translator.

SUHO smiled and said, "Well, it's about time. Let's go! If we are late, your agent should scold us. " Hearing SUHO's words, all the people who were sitting on the sofa idly got up. They walked out of the sofa with their hands on each other's shoulders. Lucy held Kitty's hand and followed them.

When they arrived at the W hotel of the Wark villa in Seoul, they all went upstairs. Lucy was so absorbed in the conversation with Kitty that she completely forgot that Luhan was afraid of height. Luhan stood in the middle, with a sense of loss in his eyes. Looking at the back of Lucy, he clenched her hands, bit his lips and slowly closed his eyes. SeHun stood behind Luhan

and gently hugged him, Luhan trembled slightly. SeHun whispered in his ear, "I will always be with you, Brother Lu."

A pale smile appeared on the corner of Luhan's pale lips. A trace of heartache flashed through SeHun's eyes, and then disappeared.

As soon as the elevator door opened, Lucy held Kitty's hand and rushed to the hall. The others in the EXO room walked out slowly. SeHun held Luhan's hand and walked out. Luhan breathed a long sigh of relief. When he saw Lucy who was eating, his heart trembled slightly. Luhan touched his chest, shook his wet hair, and his eyes were full of darkness.

SeHun felt depressed. Seeing the sad look on Luhan's face, he held him to the sofa and asked, "Brother Lu, would you like some milk tea?"

"Ha-ha, SeHun only knows milk tea." Luhan said in a low voice with a faint smile on his face.

SeHun frowned slightly and forced a smile. His heart ached and his eyes were full of sadness.

"Yes! Let's drink together. "

Luhan pinched his forehead and smiled at SeHun, "Okay, I'll drink with you." Luhan rubbing SeHun's hair dotingly, SeHunfelt flattered and smiled at the disappearing pain on Luhan's face.

"Brother." Following the sweet voice, all the members of EXO, as well as Lucy and Kitty, looked at the young girl running out of the elevator. The girl ran to the sofa where Kris was sitting and suddenly fell on him, smiling happily.

Astonishment clouded over Kris's face. "Crystal, why are you here?"

Crystal pouted and acted like a spoiled child, "It's all your fault! When parents went abroad, you left me alone in Canada. I was so lonely. I missed you too! Do you miss me? "

Looking at Crystal's pink and round face, Kris said helplessly, "You can call me if you miss me. Why do you come to Korea? If anything happens, how can I explain it to parents? You naughty girl. "

Crystal sat beside Kris with a smile. "Brother, don't worry! Your sister is not that stupid. "

Seeing them catching up on each other after a long separation, Lucy forced a smile.

''Dad, Mom, how were you doing when I was away?'

Noticing that Lucy seemed to be absent-minded, Kitty took a deep breath beside her ear. Instantly, Lucy became sensitive. She turned her head and stared at Kitty. "You did it on purpose, didn't you? You're looking for a fight! "

Lowering her head in grievance, Kitty said, "I just wanted to blow on air when I saw you absent-minded!"

Lucy stared at her with disbelief. "Really?"

"Of course! Otherwise, I have nothing to do! " Kitty shook her hand boringly.

"Lulu!" Crystal ran to Luhan and called him in a low voice. SeHun stood in front of Luhan and asked, "What are you doing?"

Crystal pouted and said, "Baby, get out of my way. I want to talk to Lulu. Don't stand in his way!" Crystal pulled away SeHun's hand hard. Squatting in front of Luhan, Crystal asked with a smile, "Lulu, do you miss me?"

Luhan smiled and rubbed Crystal's curly hair. "Why are you here?"

"Lulu, I've been here for a while, but you didn't notice me! Crystal is very angry! " Crystal pretended to be angry.

With a soft smile, Luhan said in a low voice, "I know."

Hearing what she said, Crystal became happy in an instant. She held Luhan's hand and walked to the dance floor. Unexpectedly, he didn't move at all on the sofa. Crystal turned around and looked at the sad look on his face. Crystal was stunned, and her hand holding his stiffened in an instant.

Why did my heart hurt? Why did he come into my heart? Why?


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