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   Chapter 14 The First Volume of EXO Newcomers

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Lucy's angel face attracted everyone's attention. When the agent saw this scene, he smiled with satisfaction. He walked to her, held her arm and began to walk into the hall. All the members of EXO followed him, and their eyes flashed with surprise. This guy could be dressed so handsome.

"Ah! ! !" After EXO entered, the fans were completely crazy and screamed even louder. They rushed to the hall, which was once again in a mess. All the security guards stood in front of the door of the hall, and some of them were close to crying. They shouted, "Foam! ! Foam! ! Foam! !"

Looking at the scene outside the door, Lucy was really shocked by their actions. These were the fans who liked EXO. It was so huge. If she was only a small fan of it, would they never know her for the rest of her life? She could only be an ordinary fan who supported them. Thank God for letting her meet them and become their team member. She was really happy.

Looking at all the EXO members in front of her, a smile bloomed on Lucy's face. Her smile was like a blooming fragrant lily, which was exceedingly beautiful....

"Foam, go to the backstage dressing room and get ready. Don't stay there." The agent shouted anxiously.

Lucy answered in a low voice. She went to the dressing room with other members of EXO. She looked at herself in the mirror. She didn't look like herself with makeup at all. Instead, she looked like an illusory person. With a slight touch, she might disappear....

Looking at each of them through the mirror in silence, Lucy found that they had changed a lot after they formally dressed up today. They looked more handsome, which made people's heart beat faster. Girls would be infatuated with such a group of handsome men every day, not to mention those who liked them. She smiled faintly.

"Foam, you are so handsome today!" Luhan walked to the back of Lucy. His perfect handsome face was still wearing his charming angel smile.

Looking at the beautiful face of Luhan, Lucy smiled obsessively. "Thank you for your praise, but it's my first time on the show. I'm a little nervous."

"Why are you so nervous? I've told you that you represent the entire EXO, understand? " Luhan patted her head to encourage her.

Tears flashed through Lucy's starry eyes and she nodded slightly.

"Well, kids, get ready to go to the stage. Don't be nervous, especially Foam. It's your first time to be on the stage, and you are the only protagonist today. Try to be relaxed, okay?" The agent persuaded Lucy.

Lucy took a deep breath and looked around at the EXO, her eyes full of determination.

Seeing the look in her eyes, LAY smiled meaningfully.

All the people of EXO came out of the dressing room and walked to the stage. The reporters on the opposite began to take photos. Seeing the flashlight on the opposite, Lucy felt a little dizzy and more and more people were taking photos. Cold sweat gradually seeped from her forehead, and her feet felt weak. She fell to the side. Seeing that something was wrong, SeHun, who was standing beside, quickly held her and she opened her eyes. Seeing that SeHun's young face was so close to hers, she realized something was wrong and stood up in a hurry. The EXO beside them were all walking towards the stage, so no one saw it. She breathed a sigh of relief and walked onto the stage.

SeHun snorted angrily. "What's wrong with this guy? He doesn't even know how to thank me for helping him, you hateful guy."

Lucy found a chair with her name on it and sat down. She breathed a sigh of relief. When she was about to

gasp for breath, she was shocked by the person sitting next to her.

Without looking at her, SeHun turned his head to look at the big screen.

Lucy coughed and thought, 'what's wrong with SeHun? He doesn't seem to want to talk to me. Is it because I fainted and fell on him just now?'? I'm sorry! Lucy looked at SeHun and thanked him. SeHun glanced at her and ignored her apology.

Lucy pouted and turned her head away from him. Seeing they flirting with each other, Luhan felt depressed and clenched his fist.

"Welcome to watch the news report of this entertainment star magazine. This time the entertainment star is EXO which ranks the top in the music list. EXO is a group of 12 men officially launched by Korea S.M.Entertainment in 2012. Today's EXO news conference is to show the newcomers who just joins the EXO, Foam. Let's watch." The host pointed at the big screen, on which the publicity photos taken in advance by Lucy gradually appeared. The big screen began to introduce the information about her.

EXO newcomer

Stage name: Foam

Nationality: Chinese

Chinese Name: Lucy

Experience: being selected by the EXO agent to join EXO in the Yonsei University of Korea

Height: 168cm

B.O.D.: 1996.08.19

Consternation: Leo

Blood type: B

Zodiac: Mouse

Specialty: dancing, painting, (learning dancing from an early age, level eight of dance)

University: Yonsei University. (she is now studying in the Korean Education School of Yonsei University.)

Hometown: Beijing, China

Lucy stared at the big screen in a daze. She didn't say anything, but why did this big screen reveal so many secrets? Suddenly, she felt SeHun's indifference. She turned her head and saw him staring at the big screen. For the first time, she felt that SeHun was a little scary. What did she do to offend him again? It should not be!

"SeHun, I didn't expect Foam to be two years younger than you. Now Foam is the youngest EXO! You are not the Baby anymore. Now is Foam. " Chanyeol was in the back row and joined in a lively discussion.

It turned out that it was because of this that he was so cold.

Lucy was shivering. She looked at SeHun and was about to say something.

To her surprise—

"Let's welcome the new member Foam to sing a song for us, so that we can witness the true strength of him."

Hearing the host's words, all the people were stunned. Lucy hadn't learned to sing at all. How could she sing? Her agent hadn't told her about singing before!

Everyone looked at the agent off the stage, who was sweating. He gesticulated with his hands, "It's not what I said at all. It's the host's whim."

All the members of EXO looked at the host. Did she want Foam to make a fool of herself in the press conference?

"Captain, the host wants to embarrass Foam!" CHEN looked at SUHO and asked. SUHO smiled and said, "The host must be jealous that Foam's skin is better than hers! That's why she want to embarrass Foam. "

TAO laughed and said, "Jealous of him? How could it be possible? No matter how good his skin was, he was a man. The host was jealous of a man? I don't think it's reasonable! "

BAEKHYUN shook his head slightly and said, "Not necessarily. Foam's skin is very good and... He has put on makeup now which make his skin more delicate. He looks like a girl. Haven't you noticed that? So maybe the host is jealous of a woman! "

XIUMIN chuckled and nodded. "I think it's because Foam does look like a girl now. "

LAY stared at Lucy and became nervous. Her voice was good, so she must be good at singing!

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