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   Chapter 13 The First Volume of EXO Newcomers

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Looking at the sexy and enchanting Lena in front of her, Lucy said nervously, "no, thanks. I can change myself."

Lucy slowly got up from the ground, took the clothes from Lena's hand and walked to the fitting room. Lena raised her eyebrows. This delicate little boy was quite cute! She wanted to tease Lucy again, so she grabbed the clothes from her hand. With her eyes wide open, she looked at Lena.

"What are you doing?"

With a snicker on Lena's face, Lucy was too embarrassed to think about it anymore. What if she found out that she was a girl!

Seeing that Lucy's face was a little red, Lena smiled and said gently, "Foam, let me help you change your clothes, okay?"

The way Lena acted like a spoiled child made Lucy very uncomfortable. She couldn't say a word for a long time. Seeing that she was molested, Luhan felt very uncomfortable. He walked over, grabbed the clothes in Lena's hand and shouted, "Lena, it's not the time for you to play."

Everyone in EXO saw the angry look on Luhan's face. They were all stunned. In Lucy's heart, Luhan was a very gentle boy with a faint smile on his face. She had never seen him lose his temper since she knew him. His angry look was so intimidating that it could frighten anyone.

LAY's eyes were full of different colors as he stared at Luhan.

There seemed to be someone in his heart, and what he was worried about finally happened. Damn it.

"Lulu, why are you yelling at me? I'm just playing with Foam? Why are you so angry? " Tears welled up in Lena's eyes.

Luhan couldn't understand what he had done just now. He was unhappy to see that Lucy was molested. Was it just because he wanted to protect him? Luhan stood still.

A trace of sadness flashed through SeHun's eyes. He walked to the side of Luhan, held his hand and said, "Brother Lu, you must be tired. Let's go out and breathe some fresh air. You will feel better."

Without saying anything, SeHun's eyes gradually turned gray. He glanced coldly at Lucy. Lucy's body trembled slightly. When she saw SeHun's eyes, she was stunned. His eyes were covered with a layer of gray, as if she couldn't see the color of his eyes. It was just that the coldness of SeHun directly attacked her. There were faint tears in the corners. Lucy was stupefied that SeHun cried! !

Looking at SeHun and Luhan who were leaving, Lucy had an indescribable feeling. Did SeHun cry because of Luhan? His back looked so sad.

Her heart ached inexplicably.

Lucy shook her head. Was it her illusion? Maybe it was just that SeHun hated her! That was why she looked at herself like that. After thinking it over, Lucy smiled faintly and turned to the fitting room.

When the members of EXO were resting in the activity room, their agent told them to go downstairs to prepare for the press conference. They all went downstairs together. Kris looked at the whole team and found that the figure of that guy was missing. He asked curiously, "Agent, what about Foam?"

The agent smiled and said, "It's the first time that Foam has put on makeup, so Rick is designing a makeup suitable for him. He still need some time. Let's go to the press conference first. They will go there as soon as they finish. Let's go."

The agent patted on Kris's shoulder. Krisnodded slightly. TAO walked to Kris with a smile and said, "Kris, that guy is so small that he can't hold on with clothes. He is so good without makeup. Who believes

that! What do you think? "

"TAO, you are speaking ill of Foam again." SUHO walked to TAO and said.

TAO answered confidently, "No, I'm just judging a person!"

SUHO smiled softly and said, "It's not your turn to comment on Foam! He was now the fifth boy who represents the appearance of EXO! After the press conference, he may have more fans than you. So, don't judge him so early. "

TAO was not convinced and looked at the SUHO. "Are you helping an outsider or me?"

"Of course my son! ha-ha! Let's go! "

"Foam, the fifth appearance representative? Interesting! "LAY smiled faintly.

Luhan and SeHun didn't look well. SeHun's eyes were always gray, and it was hard to see what he was thinking. With a faint expression on his face, the people sitting in the car were stunned when they saw SeHun and Luhan who came in last.

"What's wrong with Little Lu?" Chanyeol asked KAI in a low voice. KAI looked at Luhan and SeHun and said indifferently, "They quarreled."

"What?" Chanyeol opened his mouth wide in surprise, and then asked CHEN, who was sitting next to him. CHEN smiled and said, "maybe it's because of the quarrel between Luhan and Lena just now!"

Chanyeol nodded. He leaned against the back of the chair silently.

When they arrived at the press conference, the fans of EXO quickly came and surrounded the whole EXO group. As the screams gradually increased, the whole strength of the fans squeezed out all the security guards. After that, they asked for autographs and sent gifts for everyone. The scene was in a mess. The agent paniced. He shouted at the side, "Security, hurry up. The EXO group is surrounded by fans. Call more security guards. Hurry up. They will get hurt ... " The agent looked at the mess with sweat all over his head and felt a little dizzy.

"Please step back. Everyone, please step back and keep order in case of injury..." More than 10 minutes later, more than 30 security guards came to dredge the order. But as the number of people increased and the fans were in a high mood, the messy scene was totally out of control. The agent stood aside and broke down completely.

"New members are coming..." Someone said, and the whole hall instantly quieted down. Everyone looked at the slowly coming car, and all the members of EXO also focused their eyes on the car, looking forward to the person in it.

As Lucy slowly walked out of the car, everyone held their breath. Standing in front of them, her dark red hair was flying in the air, her forehead was slightly trembling, and her long eyelashes were slightly trembling like a flying butterfly pouncing gently. Her handsome face was naturally made, and the corners of her mouth were like the moon. Her smile was so charming that it seemed to integrate people with it forever…

Lucy was dressed in white casual clothes, black Yates in the top, and a necklace of super capable planet symbol belonging to EXO around her neck, which looked very dazzling. The right pocket of Harem trousers was decorated with thirteen pieces of love chains, which were respectively the representative of everyone in EXO and the representative of Foam, and she was wearing a pair of high-heeled fashion boots with divine wind patterns. At a glance, it seemed that she was a prince of the illusion who came out of the comic book, everyone in the hall was dumbfounded.


The divine Phoenix was born...

The divine being...

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