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   Chapter 12 The First Volume of EXO Newcomers

Romantic Troubles: She Is Mr. Charming By Yixi Yuhuan Characters: 6768

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Sitting in her seat, Lucy quietly studied Korean. A week had passed, and it was obvious that her Korean learning had made some progress. She knew simple sentences and could also communicate with each other for one or two sentences. Therefore, she became more active in her study. For everyone in EXO, she had to study Korean well, so that they could communicate well.

Luhan kept glancing at Lucy. She looked like an angel who was isolated from the world. Her dark red short hair made her face more white, tender and delicate. The faint smile on her face made him absent-minded for a moment.

When the class was over, Lucy bent over the table and sighed. She was so tired that as soon as she closed her eyes, her phone suddenly rang, which startled her. She took out her phone in a hurry. The screen showed "EXO agent", with her eyes wide open. She pressed the button and quickly answered the phone.


An anxious voice came through the phone, "Foam, hurry up. Come back to company with Luhan. It's emergency..."

"What's the matter?"

"Come back soon."

"Okay." Lucy answered in grievance and hung up the phone. What an annoying agent! He was so fierce.

Thinking of the emergency mentioned by her agent on the phone, she turned around and was about to tell Luhan, but she didn't expect that he had been staring at her. Lucy's face flushed slightly. "Um... Senior, the agent said there was an emergency and asked us to go back as soon as possible. "

"An emergency? Well, let's go! " Luhan immediately stood up, and Lucy followed him. When he got into the car, Lucy was hesitating whether she should get in or not. Luhan opened the window and said, "Get in..."

Lucy nodded and got in the car. She looked at Luhan and asked, "Senior, is there any emergency in the company?"

While driving, Luhan was thinking about what kind of emergency could happen in the company. Recently, there was no EXO activity. At the thought of this, he suddenly remembered that Lucy had a press conference in the middle of the day, hadn't she? It must have something to do with this! Thinking of this, he smiled.

Seeing the smile on Luhan's face, Lucy asked in a low voice, "Senior, have you thought of something?"

"It's okay. We'll know when we arrive."

Lucy nodded. Luhan glanced at her with a hint of joy on his face, but she didn't notice it. She lay quietly on the chair and closed her eyes. The cold wind blew on her tender face, and her skin was as smooth as water. The crimson hair fell on her shoulders, giving off a charming aura. She looked like a super enchantress, perfect and flawless. Her perfection was beyond description.

When they arrive at the company, Lucy and Luhan entered the guest elevator. Seeing that Luhan's forehead was gradually sweating, she stretched out her hand and held his hand tightly. Luhan's body trembled. Looking at the warm smile on Lucy's face, he slowly relaxed his body. Seeing that Luhan's nerves were no longer tense, she breathed a sigh of relief. Fortunately, Luhan didn't say anything about her.

Luhan's eyes fell on her tightly clenched hands. Just like last time, this fool grabbed his hands to warm him up and make him no longer afraid. Luhan didn't expect that he would experience the same experience with him again. 'It would be great if he were a girl. Maybe I could fall in love with her.'

Lucy took L

uhan's hand and walked out of the elevator. Luhan obviously relaxed a lot. Lucy let go of her hand and smiled at him.

"Brother Lu... Why are you together all day long? " SeHun came over with jealousy.

Hearing that, Lucy smiled in a low voice with a different look in her eyes. She wondered why the relationship between SeHun and Luhan was so ambiguous. She had felt it from the first day. However, both of them were angels from the sky, and they were indeed a perfect match. Forgive me for thinking too much!

Seeing SeHun's angry face, Luhan walked up to him and coaxed him, "We have classes together every day. How can we not be together?"

When Luhan touched SeHun's back, the anger on SeHun's face disappeared. When Luhan whispered something in his ear, SeHun immediately nodded happily. It seemed that he was talking about something like milk tea.

"Foam, you're back. Hurry up. Go to the dressing room and ask the stylist to design the style for you. And change the clothes. Prepare to go to the press conference of EXO..." The agent ran from the hall and said hurriedly.

"Today's press conference? I'm not ready yet. "

The agent was so busy that he didn't even hear what Lucy said. He just sat on the sofa quietly.

The press conference meant her identity of a member of EXO, "Foam", would be announced to the world. At that time, everyone would know her, but she didn't know if she could be liked by everyone. Why did she suddenly feel tired and her face slowly darkened.

Seeing how distressed Lucy was, Luhan walked up to her and said, "Come on, Lucy. You represent EXO. I believe you can do it."

Luhan held Lucy in his arms. Lucy looked up at her with tears in her eyes.

"Thank you for your support. I will work hard. Come on!" Lucy's excited voice attracted the attention of all the members of EXO. She smiled innocently and sat next to Luhan. LAY leaned against the window, playing with the thousand grass leaves. He glanced at Lucy and smiled faintly.

"Brother Lu, let's go!" SeHun pulled Luhan away from Lucy like a spoiled child. Lucy couldn't help but cover her mouth and laugh. He was so cute, even more adorable than girls.

Kris, who was reading aside, put down the book and accidentally saw Lucy sitting opposite to him. Her smile seemed to be so infectious that it could attract everyone. Kris couldn't take his eyes off her. The beautiful smile at that moment.

"Foam, hurry up. Let Lena help you with the clothes. Go change your clothes..." The agent came out of nowhere and startled Lucy. She calmed down and walked towards the fitting room. As soon as she entered, she saw a very sexy woman with heavy makeup approaching her with the clothes in her hand.

"Ah!" Then she sat on the ground. All the members of EXO quickly ran into the fitting room and saw that Lucy was squatting on the ground with sweat on her forehead. Lena was standing opposite her and looking at her lustfully. The agent rushed in and shouted angrily, "Lena, it's not the time to joke!"

"Ok, ok! I know! " After saying that, Lena's expression immediately became very sincere. She stared at Lucy and said, "Foam, let me help you change your clothes! Okay? " Sitting on the ground, Lucy looked at the woman in front of her. How wild she was! She couldn't accept it.

Gasping for breath, Lucy touched her chest. Her identity was almost exposed.

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