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   Chapter 6 The First Volume of EXO Newcomers

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Luhan took Lucy to get on a cool nanny van. As soon as she was on, she heard a boy's voice.

"Gee! Luhan, why did you bring this boy here? "

Lucy looked up and found it was TAO.... His skin was smooth, tender and white, making people want to pinch it, and there was a lovely smile on the corner of his mouth.

Lucy didn't know how to explain it. She looked at Luhan, who said with a smile, "It was agent who asked me to bring him with me. I don't know the reason, either."

LAY's eyes darkened when he saw it was Lucy.

"The agent asked you to take him there? What is he up to? "

Seeing that LAY's eyes had been fixed on her, Lucy quickly shook her head to show that she really knew nothing. LAY smiled gently, which gave people a very comfortable feeling. She just felt that his eyes seemed a little strange, as if he could see through her. She shook her head and thought it was her illusion.

Seeing that Lucy didn't know where she should sit, Luhan pulled her to sit next to him. Lucy was slow in reaction, and her body couldn't help but jump into Luhan's arms.

LAY became jealous. He clenched his fists and looked out of the window.

Lucy feeling the heat from Luhan's chest and listening to his strong heartbeat, her face turned red unconsciously. Noticing her gaffe, she quickly sat up and smoothed her hair. Luhan coughed awkwardly.

"I didn't expect you to be so light. I just pulled you a little bit. I'm sorry!"

"It's okay! It's all my fault! He-he!"

Sitting obediently next to Luhan, Lucy became bashful flustered and didn't know what to do? Clenching her fists tightly, she broke out in a cold sweat. 'Don't find out I am a girl!'

Looking at the pink and shy face of Lucy, Luhan couldn't help but imagine how cute she would be in women's clothes? Luhan couldn't help laughing with sound....

Lucy turned her head and saw that Luhan was looking at her face. She reached out her hand to touch it.

"Is there anything on my face?"

"No, no."

With an unnatural look on his face, Luhan looked out of the window. "Okay," said Lucy.

Sitting in the back seat, TAO looked at the two people in front of him in confusion and whispered in LAY's ear, "There is something odd between them since the beginning. Do you think so? "

LAY took a look at Luhan and Lucy and replied coldly, "What's wrong with them? I think you are strange. Are you jealous that he is more handsome than you? "

"Hey! How can you say that? I'm TAO, the prince who has attracted countless girls. How could I envy a child like him? Are you kidding me? " It seemed that LAY was right about TAO, which made Tao refuted immediately.

LAY didn't say anything. He just sat in the back seat and looked at the back of Lucy.

'Why are you here, Lucy? What for?'

After driving for nearly half an hour, the nanny van slowly stopped at a fancy hotel. Lucy and Luhan got off the car together. When Lucy looked up at the name of the hotel, she was stunned. It was all written in Korean.

After getting out of the car, LAY saw the cute expression on Lucy's face and said with a smile, "This is W hotel of Wark villa in Seoul ."

"Oh, I see! Thank you. " Lucy nodded.

LAY smiled faintly and went into the hotel with TAO. Luhan followed them with her arms around Lucy. It seemed that Lucy had adapted to this posture, so she was no longer nervous.

When LAY saw that Luhan was holding her, he became more and more angry. He didn't want anyone to touch her! But.... 'She is now showing up as a boy. I can't protect her. This guy is really troublesome! Why did she come to Korea all of a sudden without avoiding suspicion? Did she like Luhan! ! LAY's eyes darkened.

It was dreadful with coldness....

She is the most unique existence in the world. She can only be my life. No one deserves her! !


Together with Luhan, LAY and TAO, they went up the staircase. The whole staircase was luxuriously decorated, glittering with gold. Standing by the window, she looked at the increasingly small ground and the slowly rising staircase. She looked further, and the whole Seoul seemed to be in her sight clearly. She tugged at Luhan's clothes excitedly.

"Luhan, look, that is Seoul of Korea. It's so beautiful. It's so clear from here. "

There was no sound behind Lucy. She turned around and saw that Luhan's eyes were closed tightly and his forehead was sweating. She looked at him strangely.

"Senior, are you hot?"

Luhan answered reluctantly. "No."

Seeing that Luhan's eyes were still closed and she was quietly leaning around the staircase, Lucy glanced at LAY and TAO, and saw that TAO made a gesture of "shush!" Seeing that Luhan was sweating, frowning and closing his eyes, Lucy felt bad. Such a perfect senior was elevator sick. He was so pitiful. She wanted to go forward and held Luhan's hand tightly.

LAY's eyes widened! !

"Senior, it's okay. I'm here with you."

Luhan trembled slightly, and his knitted eyebrows slowly relaxed. He didn't sweat a lot, and felt more relaxed. His eyes were no longer tightly closed. Lucy's eyes were full of relief, and a sweet smile appeared at the corners of her mouth.

TAO widened his eyes and looked at the scene in front of him. 'What was Lucy doing? He didn't know that Luhan was afraid of taking the elevator and couldn't speak. But he still comforted Luhan, and Luhan was not afraid at all. This kind of scene made people feel a little strange.'

LAY clenched his fists more and more tightl

y. He didn't look at Lucy, but sulked alone.

Finally, they arrived at the twenty-six floor, the special celebration venue of EXO. The door of the guest elevator just opened. The small firecrackers rang, and all the colorful strips were scattered on the four people. Lucy was shocked. The atmosphere was harmonious. Looking at Luhan who hadn't moved yet behind her, she held his hand and walked out of the elevator. Feeling that there was no hollowed-out feeling, Luhan slowly opened her eyes and looked at the crowd in front of him. The well decorated hall looked interesting. When he was about to go, he realize that Lucy was still holding his hand. Looking at the nnocent girl in front of him, he felt delighted. Luhan smiled gently from the bottom of his heart. Lucy's hand slipped away from Luhan's hand. A trace of loss flashed through Luhan's heart, but he didn't know why, so he shook his hair and joined others with a smile. LAY stood at the elevator, watching the agent take Lucy away.

Looking at the man who pulled her to the hall, Lucy said, "You are the agent of EXO."

The agent turned his head and laughed, "Yes! Have you forgotten me? "

Lucy shook her head. The agent whispered in her ear, "I have something important to talk to you. You can stay aside for a while."

Lucy looked around in a daze. "Me?"

"Yes, it's you. Let's go over there." The agent pointed to a quiet place. Lucy nodded slightly and followed the agent to the window. The agent sat on the sofa and reached out to invite her to sit down. Embarrassed, she scratched her hair and sat down slowly.

"You are Chinese, right? I heard from KRIS that you are here to learn Korean." The agent said seriously. Lucy nodded slightly, and the agent continued, "Then why do you learn Korean? Are you a translator or a graduate? "

Lucy was stupefied. She learned Korean for EXO, but she couldn't say that in front of the EXO agent! Lucy paused for a while and said, "I haven't considered it yet."

"Do you like singing?" The agent continued to ask. Lucy nodded slightly and glanced at the twelve boys who were playing together. The agent's eyes were more joyful and his voice became excited.

"Are you willing to sign a contract with our company and join EXO?"

At this time, Lucy's mind had already been seduced by the twelve handsome men. She didn't know what the agent was talking about, but nodded again. As soon as she nodded, the agent was in high spirits in an instant. He took out a document from his briefcase beside him, opened the first page, pointed at the place where the word of "agree" was, and said, "Lucy, then you just need to sign the contract now. Here is the agreement. "

"Oh," said Lucy in a low voice. She turned around, picked up a pen and signed her name on it. The agent's expression became more exaggerated. He laughed, "EXO is going to be more popular, ha-ha-ha!"

Lucy didn't know that she had signed the contract to join EXO just now, so she just laughed with the agent. The corners of her mouth twitched awkwardly. All the people in the hall heard the laughter of the agent. Looking at Lucy, she slowly stood up, nodded to the manager and walked towards Luhan.

"Senior, I really don't understand why your agent laughed so happily." Lucy said helplessly.

"It doesn't matter. He is just like that. Maybe he is obsessed with you because you are so cute," said Hannah with a smile.

"Luhan, if you say so, SeHun will be jealous!" Chanyeol grinned wickedly and walked up to Luhan.

Luhan's eyes immediately fell on SeHun, and so did Lucy. SeHun's face was indeed full of unhappiness and coldness. Lucy pulled the corner of Luhan's clothes and said, "Senior, he is the youngest baby in your team."

Luhan's eyes were full of affection. He nodded slightly. Seeing that SeHun was unfriendly to her, Lucy gradually distanced herself from Luhan. When Luhan saw that, a sense of loss flashed across his face.

"Brother Lu..." SeHun's sad voice brought Luhan back from his wild thoughts. Luhan walked up to SeHun, put his arms around his neck, and said with a smile, "What's wrong, my dear brother?" SeHun was in a better mood when he heard that Luhan called him, but that girl, Lucy, had become his enemy. When SeHun gave her a cold glance, she couldn't help trembling. Looking at SeHun, Lucy thought, 'he is really childish and jealous of me for Luhan.'.

After the agent made a phone call, he clapped his hands, and everyone's eyes were focused on him. The agent waved at Lucy, and she asked softly, "Me?"

"Yes, you. Alas.... Come here. " The agent was embarrassed. This guy was really slow. Lucy walked slowly to the agent and felt a little uncomfortable when she saw everyone staring at her. She just hoped that the agent could finish the thing as soon as possible, and then she would not be the focus of everyone.

"Let me introduce you to each other. This is Lucy, who is from China. I have just discussed with the senior managers of the S.M. to make her a member of the EXO, and will hold a press conference in the middle of this month. She will show up in the middle of this month, which is the new member of the EXO, and her name will be Foam. This is what we announce today. Well, after today's party, let Luhan lead him to live in the dormitory. You two should get along well with each other... " As soon as the agent finished speaking, he went back to the lively atmosphere. Lucy and all the EXO members were stunned, while LAY smiled.

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