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   Chapter 130 Odom's Warning

Substitute For CEO's Lover By San Lingcai Characters: 6075

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Sally said unhappily, "Do you really have no choice?"

"Well, I can try to help you, but you have to do other things by yourself." Johnny replied bitterly.

"Thank you, Johnny." Sally said to Johnny gratefully.

"Well, you can go back first. I have something else to do. I have to go now."

"Okay, bye!"


After saying that, Johnny left. On the way back, he kept thinking, "If I help Sally, is it right for me to do so? Was it fair to Lois? But since I love Sally, I should help her get her happiness. Moreover, it's my fault to cause such a situation. Alas, I just help her this time. What will happen in the future is none of my business..."

Johnny kept comforting himself like this. After watching him leave, Sally wiped her tears and sneered.

"Johnny, it seems that you still love me! But it's not a waste for you to being used by me. I hope you won't let me down! Lois, just wait and be ready to be abandoned! "

What Sally didn't know was that her petty actions were seen and photographed by the people sent by Odom to protect or monitor Johnny...

After that, the man sent by Odom immediately went back and gave the video to him. He said, "Boss, I saw it when I went to Mr. Johnny of the survey today. I saw that she was very close to Mr. Johnny, so I took this video."

"Okay, you can leave now. Good job." Odom nodded and said.

"Yes, sir." Then he left the office.

Odom at the pitiful woman in the video, Van sneered, "Sally, it seems that you are not an innocent person. You even fooled around my two sons. I really underestimated you."

After leaving Sally, Johnny indeed had something to deal with. He came back to the shopping mall under Gu Consortium, sorted out his thoughts and began to investigate the market. Although he was not interested in these, he still had to

s that she could have the two brothers of Gu Consortium, which was her ability. In the future, she could also help her husband fight for the future. Thinking of this, she was no longer so worried about Odom's warning to her.

It was really difficult for a person to get out of the dead end, and at this time, Sally was in such a position. She was born in poverty, and she only wanted to pursue rich. She didn't know what love was, and she didn't understand.

At the same time, Odom, who had returned to the company, also received the market survey from Johnny. He smiled with satisfaction. He also attached great importance to this son, but what he hoped more was that his two sons could unite and fight for the family business together. And the good thing about Johnny was that he didn't fight for the things what didn't belong to him, so Johnny didn't pay much attention to the business of the company.

So Odom dialed Johnny's number and the phone answered it soon. He said, "Johnny, I've checked the market survey. It's good. You can come to work tomorrow!"

"Yes, father!" Said Johnny calmly.

"Johnny, I hope you can help Joey. You can work together to create a better future for Gu Consortium."

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