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   Chapter 129 Hypocrisy

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After visiting for a while, Johnny really felt the five-star attitude of the staff of Gu Consortium. They would not fawn on the customers just because customers looked very powerful, nor would they despise them just because the customers didn't look so rich. Perhaps it was also this way that Gu Consortium had such a great influence and became a commercial tycoon.

Looking at the man in casual clothes in the distance choosing something, Sally was somewhat absent-minded. Although she had met him last time, it was obvious that she didn't have the feeling when they hadn't broken up before, so they just walked around and didn't talk much. Now she felt threatened by Lois, she decided to ask Johnny for help and let him be a lobbyist.

Everything happened so fast that Sally was caught off guard. She didn't expect to see Johnny again so soon...

But when Sally thought of the relationship between the two of them and the tolerance of Johnny to her, she comforted herself, "Johnny can't be cruel to me all the time. As long as I don't be so tough and I'm gentle, he will be easily led by me."

It turned out that Sally had always treated Johnny in this way. If Johnny could see through Sally clearly, what would he choose? ……

Thinking of that, Sally smiled and walked up to Johnny. "Hello, Johnny."

Hearing the familiar voice of Sally, Johnny nodded to the waiter who was discussing with him. Then he turned around and looked at Sally.

Out of politeness, Johnny smiled and said, "I didn't expect to see you again."

Sally looked at him. In fact, Johnny had a very outstanding temperament. But if he fought for the property of Gu Family and had a little ambition, Sally would be with him.

She looked at him in this way, but when she came to her senses, she saw him looking at her in confusion.

Sally, who was thinking about how to resolve the embarrassment, came to her sens

was confused.

"Johnny, you know what? Do you know what others say about me? They said that I was shameless and tried to destroy other people's feelings. They also said that I seduced you... "

Johnny pursed his lips and kept silent.

Then he said, "Sally, I know it's my fault. I'm sorry."

"Last time in the mall, my friend just said something bad to Lois, but she slapped me and verbal attack me..." Sally didn't hear his apology and cried.

Hearing her words, Johnny thought, "Is Lois really like this?"

"Johnny, could you please help me? I really don't want to live an unclear life like this. Can you help me get them divorced? " Seeing Johnny like this, Sally held his hand and begged, crying pitifully.

"But what can I do for you? After all, it's between you two. I don't want to get involved. " Although Johnny felt sorry for Sally, he was also in a dilemma.

"You can go to see Joey and ask him what he will think in the future. After all, you are brothers, and you can care about him as a brother." Said Sally.

"But I'm not a good brother at all. I not only didn't care about him, but also robbed the woman he loves. Now I use my identity as a brother to blame him. I think it will be not good!" Obviously, Johnny had thought a lot.

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