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   Chapter 128 Misunderstanding

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Before the man could finish his words, Fiona interrupted him

"I won't go. You go. I trust you." ...

Then Fiona gave some simple orders,

"Lois, let's go." Fiona said to Lois with a smile.

"Fiona, it's my pleasure." Lois answered naughtily.

Fiona took Lois to a stylish Chinese restaurant.

"I like this restaurant very much. I don't take others here for meals." ...

Hearing what Fiona said about this restaurant, Lois found that Fiona indeed had a good taste. The environment here made Lois feel very comfortablee, making her more eager to eat.

They sat down on the table and chatted with each other while waiting for the dishes to be served. Although Lois was well dressed, she couldn't help showing a tired expression on her face. Fiona asked with concern

"Is there anything bothering you recently? Tell me and let me analyze it for you." ...

"It's not a big deal. It's just some family affairs." ...

Fiona knew that Lois was going to divorce Joey, but Joey didn't agree, but she didn't know the details, because Joey didn't tell her too much at that time.

"I read the newspaper. Have you really decided to divorce? How much harm will it do to your daughter?" ...

Lois didn't know how to answer Fiona's question.

"I didn't make the decision to divorce on impulse. Fiona, you have experienced it. If your husband married you not for love, would you still be with him?" ...

"Now that you are married, it means that you are still development space."

Lois thought, "I've been with him for five years. I've tried my best to win his approval. I've taken good care of the family and taken good care of him. I just want to win his heart, but he has been cold to me for five years, not even a little warmth. When Maggie was born, I thought he would change because of his daughter, but I didn't expect him to be as cold and ruthless as ever..."

At the thought of her daughter, Maggie, Lois was even sadder. She hadn't seen Maggie for

"Mr. Joey, what's the matter?"

Joey's lips curled up and his eyes darkened.

"I heard that some people on the board of directors have been in an uproar recently. We should investigate it carefully and give them a big surprise."

Steve couldn't help praying for them in his heart. After all, something would happen every time Joey smiled like this...

"Yes, Mr. Joey." Steve then left the office.

Johnny had always been a mild person. Although he had no interest in Odom's plan to let him enter Gu Consortium to hold an important position, it was lucky that he had no interest in these so-called wealth, power or ambition. Otherwise, he would suffer a lot in the future

Odom hoped that Johnny could go to work as soon as possible, so even if Johnny didn't want to get involved in the company's affairs, Odom asked him to be the marketing director, so he decided to go to the industries under the Gu Family's name, so that he could give an explanation to Odom and take a look at this place.

But this time, he was still alone...

First of all, Johnny came to the shopping mall under Gu Consortium and made a simple investigation of the market sales. At the same time, he pretended to be difficult to a tricky guest and went shopping to see the service attitude and reaction of these employees.

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