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   Chapter 127 Mistake

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"Is there any problems?" ...

Replied Lois calmly.

"Sorry, we can't provide this batch of goods to your company." ...

Macy said resolutely, which made Lois feel flustered and confused. She wanted to ask Macy why.

"As a leading company, is this your way to treat your clients? And as your regular customer, you can't refuse us without a good reason." ...

Lois raised her voice and said to Macy confidently.

"Please give me an explanation!" ...

"I won't give it to you. Please go back." ...

This batch of goods was very important for the cooperation project with Ye Group. If Lois couldn't get it as soon as possible, the progress of the whole project would be slowed down. Moreover, only R Logistics Company in the country had the resources of this batch of goods. Otherwise, she had to go abroad to purchase, and it would take a lot of time. It was really not a feasible plan, so she had to get this batch of goods.

For Macy, this batch of goods did not work on her, but when she heard that Lois said it was a cooperation with Ye Group, her attitude changed obviously, because of the previous grudge between her and Miss Fiona.

Macy was born in a rich family. Later, she and her husband also worked hard to make a big business. Her wealth had risen to a higher level. Like Fiona, this woman was also a strong woman in work and had her own career.

Fiona and her husband had two sons. They lived a happy life. Fiona and her husband were also an enviable couple in the business world.

But Macy was not as happy as Miss Fiona. Macy and her husband founded the company after going through a lot of difficulties, but her husband was getting colder and colder to her.

Once, Macy went to a banquet with her husband, and Fiona and her husband also came. Macy's husband was attracted by the elegant temperament of Fiona. Although she was almost the same age as Macy's h

r anything related to Fiona to appear by her side, let alone her partners.

Although it was business, Macy was such a selfish person. She would not agree to the deal with Lois. Although she was only the general manager and the chairman was her husband, her husband had left her alone now. This kind of business matter was not very serious and no one would care about it no matter what she did.

Lois felt a headache. She could tell that there must be some special reason why Macy was unwilling to give her the goods. Lois knew that there was no way to reach an agreement, so she was about to take the elevator to leave.

Today, Fiona happened to come to R Logistics Company. As soon as the elevator door opened, Lois looked at Fiona, and Fiona looked at Lois too. Although they had only met once, they quickly recognized each other and greeted enthusiastically:

"Hello, Fiona! I'm so lucky to meet you again today." ...

"Yes, Lois. When I went back yesterday, I thought I would ask you out for a meal some other day. I didn't expect to meet you today. It's almost lunch time. How about having lunch together? ...

Fiona kindly invited Lois for lunch, but the man next to Fiona lowered his head and whispered.

"Miss Fiona, you still need to..."

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