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   Chapter 126 Torture

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After that, Joey dialed a number.

"Buy me a set of women's clothes." ...

It was very quiet in the dark car.

"Yes, Mr. Joey!" ...

The clothes were delivered to Joey in less than five minutes. Even though the person who sent the clothes wanted to ask what happened, he didn't ask out because he saw the cold expression on Joey face.

Joey threw the clothes to Lois and stood outside the car. After Lois got dressed and got out of the car, he started the car and left without saying a word.

Lois squatted down and hugged herself, tears streaming down her cheeks. What Joey had done to her today made her feel more humiliated.

How could he treat her like this? He tortured her with indifference when they got married, and even tortured her physically after they got divorced.

He was really a demon. After what he had done today, Lois was completely discouraged by him. She just wanted to find a lawyer to solve the case as soon as possible. If it couldn't work, she could go to court directly. She really couldn't care so much.

Sitting in her car, Lois started the car and drove alone on the busy road. The owner of a small shop on the street warmly invited guests, the joyful noises of young people walking on the street, the noise of disappointed business men drinking alcohol, and the outside world seemed to be wonderful and noisy. In her eyes, no one belong to her.

Lois clearly realized how much she hoped that she didn't belong to this society, but she was one of this society. She couldn't get the wonders outside, but she couldn't get rid of the social disputes.

Scenes of getting along with Joey kept flashing through her mind. From the night when they had sex by the school to the night when she got married, she gave birth to Maggie. Then, Sally came back and she announced at the 5th anniversary wedding ceremony that she was going to divorce with Joey...

In the past five years, great changes had taken place in her life. It was said that marriage was the most important part of a woman, and for Loi

arrived at your company yesterday. I heard that it's your business. Please take me to see that batch of goods. After that, we can sign the contract." ...

Because the jewelry parts that had just arrived yesterday were very different from those bought by Lois' company, and only R Logistics Company had the source of those parts in the country.

Macy of course knew the value of this batch of jewelry. In the past, her company often provided various jewelry parts to Lois' company, so Lois' company could be regarded as a regular customer to her company. But this time, Lois suddenly wanted to sign such precious jewelry parts, which made Macy keep an eye on Lois and asked.

"Your company has never taken such jewelry parts. Why do you suddenly want them this time?" ...

Lois was puzzled by her question. She had been her company's regular customer for such a long time. Didn't she trust her? Lois spoke out the reason frankly.

"Our project has been successfully cooperated with Ye Group. For a leading company like Ye Group, their requirements are naturally higher. Compared with their previous cooperation, the customer needs are different, and the materials they need are also different. So it is reasonable for us to need this batch of goods from your company." ...

"You mean you are cooperating with Ye Group?" ...

Macy asked angrily.

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