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   Chapter 68 Just So So

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Lois felt that she didn't care about anything now. The more she owed, the less she hated.

She forced a smile, but her pale face betrayed her. She was still strong, but she couldn't fight against Gu Family.

Looking at the empty house, Lois endured the pain and went to the bathroom in a bathrobe.

After washing up, Lois asked the hotel waiter to bring a set of women's clothes.

Looking at the stack of money Joey put in the living room, Lois smiled. Taking over the women's clothes, Lois took out some of the money and gave it to the hotel waiter.

She put on the white silk shirt and the tight skirt. Lois didn't protest and put on silk stockings as well. Thinking of what Joey had said, she went downstairs and called a taxi to a pharmacy.

"plan-B pills please, thank you."

The receptionist took out a medicine and put it in front of the counter with quotes.

Ignoring the contempt of the people around her, Lois took two red bills and said, "Keep the change!"

She turned around and left the pharmacy.

She could only pretend to be very calm, ignore everyone's eyes, and pretend not to care about the world.

Her heart was empty and desolate. She didn't feel the same way or feel shy. There was only despair in the end. But she didn't want to look back.

She went out of the pharmacy and bought a bottle of water to drink the contraceptive pills.

Lois hailed a taxi to the company, paid the bill and entered the company.

There was still a slight pain in her lower body, but it was not difficult for her to walk. The Secretary followed her into the company. "Mrs. Lois, the second batch of products have been put into the market, and the market reaction is very good. And the members of the research group are continuing to make the third batch of samples. "

The secretary put the small box in her hand on the table excitedly and said, "the marketing department is also doing this publicity. The second batch may finishing released in half a month after the third batch is listed. At that time..."

"I see." Sitting on the chair, Lois rubbed her forehead.

The secretary looked at the hickey on Lois's neck and suddenly stopped.

"How about the other cooperation cases?" Lois asked casually.

The secretary was a little sho

about the direction of the matter. She smiled. If neither of them could protect her child, she could continue to sue, refute the reasons of everyone and take her child away.

Till the night fell, Lois was still looking out of the window. She didn't feel well without eating anything all day. She almost felt her body weak.

After getting through to the lawyer of the company, Lois said, "come to my office tomorrow morning."

The lawyer looked at the phone in his hand and sighed. If he received a call at this clock, it would be either a conflict of interests of the company's products or a private matter of the boss.

Sighing, the lawyer went to bed early. Who knew when he would have a full sleep next time!

On the morning of the next day, Secretary Lara Liu brought Lois a breakfast from a nearby breakfast shop at Lois's request.

The lawyer came in a hurry and happened to run into Secretary Lara Liu who was going out. "Is Mrs. Lois here?"

"Come in." Lois answered.

The lawyer nodded to the Secretary and entered the office.

Before he could ask, Lois took out the divorce agreement from her bag and said, "go to the court to sue for me. You have handled the divorce case well. I will give you a full bonus at the end of the year."

Lawyer Hank Li pushed his black frame glasses on the bridge of his nose and read the agreement clearly.

He frowned and was about to say more, but he saw that Lois seemed to wake up from a dream. "Remove the custody of the child, I give it up."

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