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   Chapter 60 Nonsuch Relatives

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"Joey, since Sally came back, she has been driving your Bentley. I haven't thanked you yet!" Sally's mother's gentleness made Joey's face even darken.

Keeping a good education, he nodded slightly and said, "nothing."

The girls who were talking enthusiastically suddenly fell silent, looking at Sally's mother.

Sally's aunt also took her daughter's hand and walked up to Joey. "Joey is really from a rich family! Look at your temperament, manners and demeanor, you are not something ordinary people can afford! "

"Sally has a good taste. She can make friends with a man like Mr. Joey!" The girl in grey sleeveless long knitted clothes praised with a charming smile. She did not clarify the relationship between the two, nor did she belittle herself to please others.

Joey kept silent and lost in thought.

But in Sally's eyes, it was because of the marriage that Joey couldn't behave well.

There was a hint of complacency in her eyes, but a gentle smile on her face. She got closer to Joey.

Two boys suddenly appeared in the middle of the hall of a group of girls. They were around eighteen years old, and one of them dyed his hair into chestnut, which made him look clean and cold. He was about 1.75 meter tall, and his amber eyes were cold.

Another was dressed like a ruffian, with diamond earrings, ripped jeans and a fashion suit.

"Is that Bugatti Veyron, Joey?" The young man asked with his hands in his pockets.

Joey nodded casually, which made Sally's uncle excited, who were standing aside in silence, his eyes shine brightly. He looked at Joey as if he was looking at a golden mountain. His hot eyes revealed his desire and desire.

However, Joey lowered his eyes and looked at his watch, pretending not to see it.

Holding the man's arm, Sally suddenly lost her sense of superiority. Her family's words and deeds represented her dignity, but the aura of an ordinary people almost made her faint.

Besides, her best friend who wanted to take a close look at Joey, almost stuck their eyes on him. It was so humiliating for Sally in front of Jo

jured face, Joey couldn't bear it anymore. He said, "you should go back and have a rest. I didn't take what happened today seriously."

Sally pretended to be calm, but in fact, she was ashamed and annoyed. She nodded in panic, opened the door and went back to the villa hall.

Ignoring Sally's anger, Joey turned the car around and left Lu Family.

Only left that Sally clenched her fists as she saw the light fading away.

Joey's upset mood was relieved when he returned to the villa of Gu Family. Looking at Lois's car outside the villa, he couldn't hide his joy. The door of the villa slowly opened, and he drove into the villa.

As soon as he entered the house, Joey saw the car from the main house of Gu Family parked not far from the garden. His lively heart slowly sank. He got out of the car with a cold face.

In the hall of the villa, his parents were sitting on a double sofa in the living room and talking to Lois.

Joey changed his shoes and took off his suit jacket, leaving only the hem of the blue shirt tied up in the black trousers.

Lois stood up. Before divorce, she had to fulfill her duty as a wife in front of the elders of Gu Family.

Putting the suit on the hanger, Joey turned around and saw Lois in a loose sweater and light colored polished jeans. She stood up there and smiled clean and charming, which made people feel at ease inexplicably.

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