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   Chapter 55 Stir Up thousands Of Ripples With One Stone

Substitute For CEO's Lover By San Lingcai Characters: 5073

Updated: 2020-07-21 00:03

After Lois had made up her mind with how to develop her company in the future, she began to work harder.

The research on Solar energy at B university had been completed, and the products were sold out as soon as it entered the market, which was a great good news for Lois.

YN Group was developing rapidly, and Lois didn't intend to give up the market on financial filed. She just set up a new department for Aaron, which was mainly responsible for the research and development of crystal sun energy.

As the golden Bachelor of the company, [Aaron unconsciously went to the research building every day, ignoring the beautiful women in the company.

Lois's new project was still developing, the technology and quantity had been improving. Because she had a transition interview in TV station, "YN Group" was attracted by the public.

Some reporters of the entertainment newspaper would occasionally block Lois, but they never got her. Those reporters were never persistent, and if they couldn't block her, they wouldn't pester her. Lois was very grateful to the conscience of the entertainment circle, who could cultivate such a group of entertainment reporters.

Those who couldn't stop Lois all blocked Joey. Although Joey's ability and intelligence were several levels higher than Lois's, he was asked some annoying questions every day.

As soon as Joey walked out of Gu Consortium, he was blocked. "Mr. Joey, did you sponsor YN Group on the transformation capital?"

"Why don't you just give your wife

t, she had no time to discuss it with Lois.

However, Kent didn't pay much attention to the news. After they went out together last time, he had no intention of interfering in the marriage of Lois and Joey anymore.

If Lois finally divorced, he would take her abroad. If Joey didn't let her go and the two got back together, he would leave alone after the cooperation and silently keep this relationship in his heart. This was the only thing he could do for Lois.

The public news was spreading more fiercely than the spreading powder. The photos of Joey and Lois quarreling with each other when Maggie was sick, the video of Joey helped another lover but not his wife in the mall, and the photo of when Lois was sick but couldn't see her daughter in the kindergarten ……

The rumor of divorce became more and more rampant. In the Internet age, the rumors were enough to kill people, but the two of them just "escaped" from the reporters' chase and block. In less than a week, all the detail was dug out.

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