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   Chapter 54 Being Humiliated

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The sarcasm coming from behind almost drove Sally crazy. Her fingernails pierced into her flesh, tightly suppressing the anger that almost burst out from her lungs. "If you don't want to eat, you can get out. No one asks you to come!"

Finally, Nancy knew why Joey wouldn't let go of Lois after Lois made him unhappy. And he didn't want to marry Sally.

With such patience and intelligence, even if Joey managed to get rid of all difficulties and brought Sally into Gu Family, she would be kicked out sooner or later.

The four girls behind her all looked at Nancy. Seeing that, Nancy sneered, revealing her original unruly smile. "Sally, You have a big face. We have to get out as you like? Humph! "

Seeing that Nancy turned around and left, the crowd was a little confused. On a second thought, Nancy was a famous Playboy in the rich girls' circle, so it was normal for her not to show respect to Sally now. After all, she would take over JF Group in the future.

It was not until Maggie was so sleepy that she yawned continuously that Lois sent the two back to the villa. However, Joey had to figure out a way to get back the car which was parked in the shopping mall by himself.

Lois drove the car into the garage and took out her clothes from the back seat. Thinking of the forced smile on Kent's face when he left, she frowned. Perhaps he had talked with Joey about something unhappy.

Kent was good at adjusting himself. Even if she called him, he probably wouldn't tell her.

Everyone had his or her own privacy. Besides, she and Kent were not friends, but at most acquaintances. Even if he needed to adjust his mood, most men would ask their friends out to drink. She was not a friend who could drink!

Thinking of this, Lois felt a little relieved. She went upstairs with the clothes and the pink box that Maggie hadn't taken back.

Sitting on the sofa and reading the documents in her hands, Lois couldn't calm down. She remembered how happy Maggie was to Kent, and how the little girl looked at her blinking her big eyes in the bathroom. Lois closed her eyes and leaned against the sofa. W

en, you pretended to be me and climbed into Joey's bed. You used that little bastard at all and threatened to enter Gu Family. Don't you think you are shameless? "

Lois couldn't believe what she just heard? Was Sally calling for cursing her?

"Sally Lu..."

"Don't call my name. Not only did you take Joey away, you also used that little bastard to threaten him. Do you think you can keep the marriage if you don't divorce now?"

The ferocious voice still did not stop, but made Lois disgusted. It was only Sally who could curse others as also not let go of their children.

"I won't let you go! Including that little bastard, I will let her know the happiness of being a Cinderella! "

"Enough!" Lois sneered, "you just want to scare me away? Sally Lu, I won't divorce you! "

Lois hung up the phone heavily, but made a big decision in her heart that they must divorce. And the sooner, the better.

With Mrs. Gu's help in Gu Family's villa, she didn't need to worry that Maggie would be wronged in a short time.

Her heart, which had just been wavering, slowly became very firm. She and Joey were over, just because he had cheated her on Sally. There was no turning back, and it was difficult to break the mirror. That was to say, she and Joey were over.

As for Maggie, she would try her best to make up for her and love her even more. When she grew up, she would find her an ideal father.

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