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   Chapter 52 A Trip To The Amusement Park

Substitute For CEO's Lover By San Lingcai Characters: 3336

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Kent's voice was still heard. He looked at Joey with a smile and said, "you think that if there is a kind of wine that particularly fascinates you, but all of a sudden, you will never be able to taste such good wine again. Will you feel sad? "

Looking at the man who was smiling bitterly in front of him, Joey shook his head and said in a cold voice, "No. I will only feel a little regret."

"You don't like alcohol."

Joey: "... ……"

"Do you still remember Sally? Do you still remember her position in your heart? "

"Do you remember how you treated Lois before Sally came back? You still remember your attitude towards Sally after she came back Do you feel like you get her back? "

Joey, who had been a little confused, suddenly came to his senses. He almost walked into a dead end.

Seeing that Joey was unmoved, Kent had no choice but to take the risk. His gentle eyes were still a little melancholy. "Now you look so determined that you won't let go of Lois. It's because your pos

lly? Was he wrong?

After playing enough thrilling and dangerous games, Lois finally couldn't help interrupting the little girl's interest. "The merry go round is also very interesting. Do you want to have a try, Maggie?"

Looking at the slow changing game, Maggie curled her lips. She was disdainful in her heart, but she said seriously, "Maggie has grown up. Those are for children to play!"

Lois sighed. When she just went to the kindergarten, someone said, "Maggie has grown up." since then, every time she had desserts, she would say, "Maggie has grown up." every time she was asked to do homework, the little girl would say, "Maggie is still young.".

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