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   Chapter 48 The Project

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Different from Joey who drove back home with holy smell of alcohol, Lois threw her clothes into the washing machine, washed her face and rinsed her mouth, then she lay on the big bed and slowly fell asleep.

Joey rubbed his sore eyes. The excessive drinking of alcohol calmed him down slowly. At the same time, he felt aggrieved and confused. What did he do wrong? If things went on like this, would it still be far from his wife and children left him?

People would only learn to cherish after they lost something. Thinking of Lois's meticulous care for him before, but seeing that the building was empty now, Joey smiled bitterly, turned over and fell asleep.

The night was very quiet. The cold outside the window slowly turned into dewdrops, pouring the late autumn soil. Autumn was about to come to an end. How many people were ready for the cold winter?

On the next day, Lois got up early. After washing up, she took out the documents of last night and continued to work.

Not so common, Tania asked her out for breakfast.

Lois hastily sorted out the documents in her hands and put them into a bag. Then she went downstairs with her handbag.

The air in the morning was still very cold, Lois felt a little cold in a long sleeve suit.

After clocking in and driving out of the community, Lois looked at the broken protective railing on the roadside and said, "oh my God, no one is afraid of death now!"

After thinking for a while, she decided to go out from the south gate next time. It was safe there. She had never seen a car accident before!

After driving around the defense circle circled by the traffic police, Lois went to the restaurant she usually went to.

Tania was reading the morning newspaper. Lois put her handbag on the table and was surprised to see Tania in yellow sportswear. "Are you in love?"

Tania raised her eyebrows, "what?"

Lois picked up the soybean milk in front of her and took a sip. She blinked and said, "tell me the truth. Why do you suddenly become so girlish?"

Tania banged the morning newspaper on the table and said, "you'd better take a look at this!"

Lois took a look at Tania and picked up the newspaper on the table. The striking title was obvious: CEO of Gu Consortium drove drunk at night and

Joey could feel the alienation between Lois and himself more and more. The current situation of the two was not even as good as long before. At the beginning, it was Lois's compromise, and then the endless dispute after the emotional break-up. Until now, there was no dispute at all. Different from his indifference, Lois was simply ruthless!

Joey suddenly thought of Maggie Now, Lois even didn't take Maggie seriously anymore. Normally, when the two of them fought, she would mention the child. But yesterday, it was unusual the she only said as long as she could divorce him.

Thinking that it might be because of Kent, he couldn't be relieved. If Lois abandoned her husband and daughter because of Kent

Joey looked at Steve in front of him and said, "we'll talk about this contract a few days later. Cancel the meeting if I don't come back this afternoon!"

Seeing that Joey picked up the car key and coat and hurried out of the office, Steve was stunned. "What does he mean?"

Lois was sorting out the research project of the B major of Solar energy, and the result was very good this time. If it could be put on the market soon, there would be a good reputation. The target people were mainly around 12 to 35 years old, and girls from 15 to 28 years old would be the main consumers.

Crystal was something that most women would like, and the color of the sun light could be adjusted, so most women would collect or use it as an ornament.

If there was any other design Such as a pendant or...

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