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   Chapter 47 You Make Me Sick

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Lois called a taxi home. She comforted herself not to think about the performance tonight of Kent. Although she couldn't bear the deliberation, her love had been buried in Gu Family, and the man who occupied all her love and dream had already gone away.

After strengthening her psychological construction, Lois took out the cash from her handbag as the taxi stopped slowly. Lois gave the money to the driver, opened the door and got out of the taxi.

When Lois arrived at downstairs of her place, she saw Joey's car parked downstairs. She stopped and felt a little depressed when she thought of the cooperation between Kent and Joey, and the matter that Kent had invested in her company.

She preferred a simple life.

Walking forward in her high heels, Lois saw a tall figure leaning against the side of the car. She sighed and startled Joey, who was smoking and waiting for someone.

Joey turned to look at Lois. It was a little cold in the late autumn. Lois was wearing a white short skirt, a long light brown wool coat with long sleeves outside, her long waist length hair gathered behind her ears, and her legs were bare silk stockings. She looked young, beautiful and upright, and her clean temperament could be seen clearly.

Lois touched her arm and looked at Joey not far away, feeling speechless.

Joey's heart was filled with anger. She was dressed so well that she must go crazy in the middle of the night! Did she have any self-knowledge as a mother!

A fire of nameless rose in Joey's heart. He could hardly control his emotions and he wanted to take this woman back to Gu Family and teach her a good lesson!

Lois thought of what others made fun of her at the classmate reunion. She was so stupid these years. How did Joey take a fancy to her? She was neither Cinderella nor Princess Snow White. How could she be so lucky?

Thinking of this, Lois was a little impatient. She rubbed her shoulders and said gently, "if you have anything to say, just say it. I'm very cold."

Joey glared at her with c

a work to ask her to stay. After talking so much tonight, the woman in his arms only kept silent or retorted. Was she really tired of living with him?

"I'm tired. I still have two meetings tomorrow. You should be able to understand my hard work when you were busy with your work."

Lois pushed away the stiff Joey and said, "good night!"

She left in her high heels without any hesitation.

"Lois Shen!" Joey pulled her body, and the two of them argued at the front of the car, "why do you think you can leave me?"

Lois pulled his arm impatiently, "what are you doing?"

Joey pulled her arm hard, He would want to strangle her. What else she could get if she left Gu Family!

Lois pulled her arm hard, but felt the pain numb. She smiled at him impolitely, "you are more disgusting than how you looked at me before!"

Looking at Lois, Joey said word by word, "say it again!"

Without hesitation, Lois hit him on the head by words, "you make me sick!"

In the end, he didn't get anything. In a rage, Joey shook off Lois's arm, turned around and entered the car. He started the car and drove away.

Lois rolled her eyes in disgust. Just now, when Joey shook off her hand, she almost sprained her ankle. She squatted down and rubbed her ankle, which was a little sore because of the tiredness. Then, Lois stood up and went back home.

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