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   Chapter 44 Excited Schoolmates.

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Kent looked at Joey in confusion, as if he didn't understand what he meant.

Joey wasn't in the mood to play dumb with him. "I remember that Mr. Kent majored in management at that time, right? Do you have any pursuit of the financial industry? "

Kent was stunned and said, "no!"

After the meeting was over, everyone left the meeting room for some activities.

Joey picked up the coffee in front of him and reminded Kent seemingly unintentionally, "as the general manager of HN Group, I advise you not to ignore the identity of the general manager of HN Group for personal interests."

Kent nodded and said, "of course."

His answer was pretty, but he did deny it in his heart.

Since most of the company's funds had flowed into the research project of B University, Lois had spent most of her time in the research project of B University, because of the advice and help of experts. In addition, Kent had prepared sufficient information, and the early stage of the new project was very smooth.

Looking at the crystal mold in front of her, Lois turned her head and looked at the professional people who were not much older than her. She asked as usual ten times a day, "is that all? Can it be used as a laser lamp? "

"That's it!" The young man was not impatient at all, and there was no doubt in Lois's eyes, but full of interest and curiosity.

"How many can we prepare in the early stage?" Lois asked again.

"Maybe... Twenty thousand or thirty thousand. It will last for more than a month after it is put into the market. "

Lois nodded, "can we apply for a patent?"

The young man turned his head to look at Lois, neither sad nor happy. After a while, he said excitedly, "of course!"

"Why didn't I think of it! Take it all by ourselves! This is the way to make money! " The man held the crystal doll in his hand excitedly and told it his feelings.

Lois touched her nose and wondered if she was invisible?

Luoning turned around and left, but kept the patent in mind.

When Lois returned to the company, she looked at the neat documents on the table which would be needed to be used in the future. She lowered her head and began to deal with them. The excessive documents all day long made her even m

nd HN Group was up again, and more than half of the cooperation had been smoothly negotiated. During this process, the reputation of Kent was greatly heard.. The former schoolmates suddenly became active in the circle. It was unknown who posted the photos of Kent and Joey shaking hands with each other with a smile.

For a moment, the schoolmates' circle was boiling with excitement. This man was the famous Kent!

Several of his classmates who had been famous in the University contacted Kent directly. Kent was surprised but happy. No matter what, the college period was the good memory of all the young people who graduated and worked hard, and Kent was no exception.

Occasionally, he thought of the bitterness when he had a crush on Lois, and the sweetness and sadness when he was alone in his childhood. He felt funny but would miss more or less. What he missed more was the memory with Lois, which was beautiful but bitter, like a cup of coffee.

After discussion with Kent, they finally decided the date of the party. Next Saturday, they could just stay sober!

Of course, Lois also received an invitation to the party. When she set up her company, she didn't change her e-mail, so the invitation was directly sent to her work e-mail.

She didn't pay much attention to the welcome meeting for Kent. She had already had several meals with him, and there were several important projects to be dealt with in the company that day as well, so she didn't have time to attend.

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