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   Chapter 43 Who Was Wearing Infidelity

Substitute For CEO's Lover By San Lingcai Characters: 7609

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As expected, Lois didn't disappoint Joey. On the second day, early in the morning, Steve handed the investigation materials to him and said, "although Mrs. Lois's working ability is..."

Joey raised his hand and interrupted him, "can't I read it myself? I don't need you to tell me! "

'well, ' Steve thought, 'it's none of my business!'!

Joey looked at the report on the document and a sentence caught his attention. "The mysterious partner invested in the company. He is suspected to be Lois's husband, the president of Gu Consortium!"

Damn it!

Joey was angry, but he still read it patiently. The more she read, the more she threw out the investigation materials. "Don't you know if I invested it? Did you do it on purpose to make me sick? "

Lowering his head, Steve kept silent, fearing that he might irritate Joey more.

Joey kicked the black leather rotating chair and said, "I'm afraid that the reserve work you did some time ago is all attributed to others in my wife's eyes! You are afraid that I haven't got a green head, aren't you? "

Steve's head was even lower. It was him who asked him to keep it a secret!

"As for expand the scale of YN Group! Are you afraid that I will know too much if you don't even tell me such a big thing? "

The secretaries stood outside the door, trembling with documents in their hands. One of them said, "Leader has been inside for half an hour. Do we still hand over these work?"

Other one: "how about we postpone it?"

Before they could reach an agreement, Steve opened the door and came out with his head down.

"Group leader..." The secretaries said pitifully.

"Don't you have word?" A cold voice came from the door, and the secretaries ran away.

Sitting in a chair, Joey looked at the words on the last page of the investigation material, "the new star company YN Group is hopeful to surpass the first tier companies like JF Group..."

Joey thought that among the people that Lois was familiar with, the only one who had the ability to do so was Kent. Even if Tania sold all her wealth, she still couldn't support the transition of Lois's company.

Joey called her secretary to find the files with HN Group and asked her to send an invitation to the agent of HN Group to discuss the contract in

Group are sincere in this contract. The quality of the diamonds that Gu Consortium buys from abroad every year is not very good. Our chairman happens to have a diamond source. We will exchange it with you by low-cost high-quality diamonds."

"I do refuse." Leaning against the back of the chair, Joey crossed his hands on her abdomen and said, "Gu Consortium doesn't focus on diamonds, but jade. If your company can find me a pile of ice and glass jade, I can consider this contract."

Hearing that, Kent gasped for air. He was still too anxious. but thinking of Lois, he could not be more anxious!

"Mr. Joey, there are many people who like diamonds, especially beautiful women. In the jewelry industry, we would definitely not like our customers to comment on business trips because they disliked our own diamonds. I suggest Mr. Joey think it over. "

Joey looked at Kent but said nothing.

"Mr. Joey, we HN Group are here with sincerity. We will perfect our own shortcomings, and then..."

"At least 30%." Joey waved his hand and made a concession.

With a hint of joy in his eyes, Kent stood up and stretched out his left hand. "Mr. Joey, wish us a pleasant cooperation!"

Joey also stood up and said with a fake smile, "I'm not very happy. On the one hand, I hope that those diamonds will be real good goods. On the other hand, please Mr. Kent could pay more attention on your company as soon as possible. After all, HN Group doesn't want his own people to live on their own and have Infidelity!"

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