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   Chapter 42 Keep Going On

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"Kent, I'm afraid my company has no appetite to swallow this plan."

She was telling the truth. If she had to swallow the plan by force, her company would be either heavily damaged or bankrupt.

Kent shook his head and interrupted Lois. "Lois, you don't have to worry about it at all. I can find experts and I also have place for you to expand the company. What I need is only your name and you, an external manager."

Lois was shocked by his words. When she calmed down, she knew that Kent just didn't want to show up. What he was afraid of was HN Group.

The waiter served the steak. Lois put the napkin on her legs and began to eat with the knife and fork.

She didn't return the plan to Kent, nor did she take it. She just put it on the table. Fortunately, the main page of the plan was a white paper, with only three words "plan" written on it.

After the two finished eating, Lois looked at her watch. It was just past one o'clock.

Seeing that Lois didn't express his attitude, Kent waited patiently.

"Kent, this project..."

"Lois," Kent interrupted Lois, pushing his eyes. "Lois, after leaving Gu Family, the child's life depends on you. Do you think you can hold on?"

Lois's face turned pale. She couldn't hold on. If she could, she wouldn't have the thought of leaving this city. She wouldn't hold on just because of the suppression of Gu Consortium!

"Lois, this is a good opportunity. I will invest in it, but I won't pull you down."

"Lois, you will still be the chairman of the board in the future. I just need dividend."

Finally, Lois was moved. She nodded and said, "Kent, I'll think about it."

Kent picked up a napkin and wiped his mouth, "okay."

The two of them found a chess club and went to a private room to discuss the company's current move and subsequent investment in detail.

The two talked in detail. When Lois noticed the time, the little secretary had already called her in a hurry.

Lois answered indifferently, and heard the little secretary's hurried words, "the human resources department and the business affairs department are about to fight!"

"I'm going back to the company right now. Please try to comfort them fo

expand it? "

Lois nodded, "yes. There is no doubt about the expansion, but I will discuss the later bonus system with you. Don't worry about anything else. "

"Yes, Madam." The accountant answered and sat down.

Among all the people, only one serious question was asked by human resources, "where does the money come from? Where did the plan come from? Where does this place come from? "

Lois smiled comfortably, "that's a good question. I found a" trustworthy "partner. He was in charge of the capital, the plan and the territory. All you need to do is to cooperate. "

As expected, the company leaped up. On the day when Lois moved the company to the new territory, she invited the staff of the company to have a good meal and also celebrated with Kent in private.

In this way, her company had entered the first tier. Although it was still a little young, it was enough for many onlookers to take action.

The letters of cooperation came one after another. The company's recent operation was so smooth that Lois thought it was Kent who manipulated it secretly.

The managers of the company had a special feeling for the rich men behind the company, with worship, love, and even fantasy.

Only the managers of the company knew that Lois had a special relationship with this silent partner. And this mysterious man must be very rich and powerful. There was only one man they could match -- Lois's husband, the President of Gu Consortium!

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