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   Chapter 32 Confrontation

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Steve walked to Joey and reminded her, "boss, Mr. Kent is here. Those women also... "

Steve's shyness made Joey unresponsive. He stubbed out the cigarette and asked, "done?"


"Let's go." Joey walked towards Kent and took a glass of wine from the tray in the waiter's hand.

Raising the glass of wine in his hand, Joey glanced at the hall of the party and said, "Mr. Ken is finally here. You have to punish yourself by drinking three glasses of alcohol today!"

Kent smiled helplessly. His eyes under the gold rimmed glasses were full of apology. "I'm indeed late. Three glasses are not too many."

Joey cast a sidelong glance at Steve, then Steve came to propose a toast to Kent.

Looking at the glass in which was liquor in front of him, the smile in Kent's eyes slowly sank, but the corners of his mouth were still beautiful.

Kent drank three glasses of liquor without any expression on his face. Joey took the lead to applaud for Kent. All the ladies present knew that Joey was deliberately making things difficult for Kent, but he was in a high position!

While belittling Joey in his heart, they also started at Kent with admiration.

"Mr. Kent, you are so readily!" Joey patted Kent's shoulder and showed a trace of admiration. "I'm sure to be your friend!"

Kent just smiled and said nothing.

Joey changed the topic, "I heard that Mr. Kent doesn't have a girlfriend yet?"

Kent paused and smiled, "not yet."

"It's normal that you can't find a girl together abroad. After all, we have different contacts with them since childhood, and when we grow up, we will have different ideas, but..."Joey raised his glass and said, "but there are many good girls in our country. Mr. Kent, you should hurry up!"

Kent replied with a smile, "of course!"

Joey patted Kent on the shoulder and said, "there are so many beautiful women in Gu Consortium. If you like someone, I can give you a clue!"

"Thank you, Mr. Joey." Kent took out a glass of red wine from the tray of the waiter and clinked glasses with Joey.

The two of them laughed out loud and their eyes were filled with killing intent.

Joey raised his glass and took a sip of the wine. The mellow scent of the wine brought his good mood into his heart.


t that if Lois and Kent had been together at the beginning, they would have been much happier than now. At least, they would take good care of each other and even share sweet love that most women pursued.

He couldn't give these to Lois, not only because of Sally, but also because he was a cold faced person. He didn't like to smile or care about others since childhood, and also because he was good at saying something bad.

Depressed, Joey turned the steering wheel and drove into the villa.

Joey stopped the car, but he didn't get off. He thought that except for the fever of Maggie yesterday, Lois hadn't contacted him for a long time. He was a little depressed. She stayed in the hospital all day long, but she didn't even call him. She didn't even have this husband in her heart!

He remembered that when he went to the hospital yesterday, Lois was busy with work on an intravenous drip. He felt sorry for her but also blamed her.

If she wanted a job, she could tell him. He could help her arrange a position. In a big company like Gu Consortium, even if she was only a leader at the medium level or above, she would get more knowledgeable than the boss of a small company like a studio!

Joey sighed in his heart. She was always so stubborn and strong. Even if he had arranged something for her in Gu Consortium, she would probably ignore his kindness.

Maggie had already fallen asleep. Joey went to the study to finish his work and then he went back to his room to rest as well.

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