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   Chapter 31 Dad, I Want Mom

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Seeing the name of Lois on the screen, Joey angrily threw the phone aside.

Maggie had been crying since she left the hospital. Joey thought that she would be better and stop crying so hard without him. However, none of the servants was useful. They made the child cry so hard even passed out.

When he came back and went upstairs, he found that Maggie's face was red and the temperature was so high. He called the family doctor of the old house in a hurry. When Lois called, Joey was looking at the doctor who was giving Maggie an injection.

In particular, the little girl had a high fever and was still in a coma. Her physiological reaction hadn't gone down yet. She twitched two times from time to time, which made people feel sorry for her.

"Mom..."Maggie's hoarse and crying voice almost drove Joey crazy!

Joey looked at the ringing phone irritably again. This woman was so annoying!

"Hello!" His voice was full of disgust.

Noticing his displeasure, Lois cautiously asked, "Joey, where is Maggie?"

"The baby is still little. We have to lower her body temperature at night. And don't delay this kind of thing next time. If it takes too long, the baby will become dull-witted!" The middle-aged doctor put the instrument into the medicine box and told the servant beside him.

The servant noticed the coldness in Joey's' eyes and lowered her head.

Lois was in a daze. The sound from the other end of the phone echoed in the ward, "the child will become dull-witted if it is too long!"!

There was only one child in Gu Family, and that was Maggie.

She asked anxiously, "is Maggie sick? What happened to her? Joey, how is she? "

Hearing her flustered voice and looking at her daughter's red face, Joey was speechless.

After a long while, Lois didn't get any reply. She asked anxiously, "Joey, is this how you be as a father! What happened to Maggie! is she having a fever? "

Different from the pleading at the beginning, the sharp questioning made Joey angry. "How do I be a father? You should see how you being a mother! "

Putting down the phone in his hand, Joey raised his chin with cold eyes, indicating the servan

e girl reached out her hands to hold Joey's big hands, and begged with red eyes, "Dad, I want mom..."

Joey nodded slightly, "okay."

As expected, Maggie finished her meal obediently and waited for her father to keep his promise.

In the past, Gu Consortium would warmly celebrate the arrival of HN Group, and this year was no exception.

It was luxuriously decorated, with various dishes and a partner of handsome men and beautiful women.

Joey was still alone. He walked past the guests casually. Most of them were the employees of the company, and of course, there were also many daughters from rich families he invited.

Joey turned his head and told his secretary to check the trace of Kent. Then he lowered his head and whispered in his ear for a while. Steve looked at his boss awkwardly and reluctantly agreed. Then he turned around to complete the task given by his boss.

Kent arrived late. He was wearing an Armani black suit, which set off his thin body, tall and long, well arranged hair, a gentle smile, and a pair of gold rimmed glasses, making him look more elegant.

All the ladies present looked at him with admiration and infatuation. Kent walked into the hall of the party in silence, as if he didn't notice that he had already made the spring water drunk.

When Kent arrived, Joey was smoking impatiently, leaning against the window. Half of his face was hidden in the wheel of light, kept changing.

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