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   Chapter 30 The World Collapsed

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Seeing that Joey turned his head away, Lois didn't argue with him any more. She never quarreled with him in front of the child. It was the first time that she had quarreled with him in front of their child today.

Maggie saw that the two of them had changed from whispers to hostility. She seemed to understand, but it seemed that she didn't.

Maggie looked at Joey, who turned his head away, and then she looked at Lois, who looked helpless. She lowered her head in silence.

In her memory, her mother never quarreled with her father. She always said that her father was a good father, but he was just very busy and tired.

At this moment, her previous impression was overturned in her heart. Perhaps her father was not a good father, and it was not just because he was busy. Otherwise, why did her mother have such a helpless expression?

Noticing Maggie's gaze, Lois smiled gently and asked, "does Maggie like to live with your father or mother?"

Maggie was in a daze when she heard this question, and then lowered her head to think.

After a while, the little girl raised her head and asked carefully, "I love mom, will you be with me forever?"

Lois nodded excitedly. She couldn't restrain her excitement and said, "of course!"

Maggie nodded, "then I'll live with my father."

For a moment, all the surging joy faded away like the tide, and then came the yellow sand all over the ground in reality.

The ecstasy in Lois's eyes slowly turned into disbelief and unacceptable. She wanted to escape, but she was afraid of losing it.

Finally she asked, "why?"

Why don't you want to live with me? Don't you like me?

Lois felt that the whole world was collapsing and overturning. At the same time, Joey's words came to her mind again, "Maggie is about to forget you.".

Maggie didn't notice that Lois was about to lose control of her emotions. She crawled into her mother's arms and acted like a spoiled child, "Maggie loves Mommy. Mommy and Maggie can just follow Daddy!"

Hearing the loud noise, Lois listened to the coquettish voice in her arms and slowly suppressed her negative emotions. She patted on the back of Maggie and said, "Maggie, good girl

When Tania came to visit Lois in the evening, she saw that Lois was depressed and didn't want to talk more.

Looking at the bandage on her left hand, Tania asked, "what's wrong with your hand?"

Lois put down the documents in her hands and said, "I was too excited to see Maggie today."

Tania looked at Lois in surprise, "did you see Maggie today?"


Tania didn't notice that Lois didn't want to say anything more. She sat on the nearby chair and smiled, "this little girl is awesome! I can't believe that he has a way to ask for Joey! "

Lois looked up at Tania. Seeing her confused look, Tania poked her forehead and said angrily, "you're out of your mind! Do you think that Joey would be kind enough to bring the child to see you? "

Lois's eyes lit up. She felt that her heart had come back to life. She knew that Joey wouldn't be so kind. It must be Maggie who insisted on coming!

Tania rolled her eyes and didn't forget to fan her, "I've told you that the child also has the share of Joey. It's impossible for him to see the child suffer. It's the instinct of every parent!"

Lois was so happy that she didn't take Tania's words seriously. But out of gratitude, she nodded fiercely.

After the two finished their meal, Tania stood up and said goodbye. Lois put the unfinished contract on the pillow and planned to make it tomorrow.

She picked up her phone and dialed Joey's number, waiting for the answer nervously.

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